Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on Baby Katie

Hi, It is Friday night and Kelly, Nancy, and me are over at Karen's house. Of course I came right in to her room with the computer the minute we got here!! Karen has a wii as you know but she got a new deal for it and it is a Wii fitness. Nancy did pretty good on it tonight! The girls have more fun on this new fitness deal!!

Here is a update on baby Katie P. She came through the surgery. The Doctors are now trying to wean her off of the oxygen. This is all we have heard so far but she did make it through the surgery. Praise God for this!! Karen will hear more on Monday when she is at work with Katie's Uncle. Thank you so much for praying for her.
I have no idea when we can get the computer fixed or a different one. I will either post every now and then from Karen's house or out at the library! Inside of me I am going Ugh!! I don't like this being without a computer!! But there are to many things that could be worse! Thanks for visiting me and leaving all the sweet comments for me and about baby Katie!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ugh! Computer problems again!

This is Kelly writing to everyone out here is blogdom. The computer is down again and Karen is going to work on it this weekend. So, Grams sent me to find a computer and let all her blogging buddies know that she misses you and will hopefully be back online soon.

We have a prayer request. Our friend's niece is less than a week old and, right now, is undergoing major heart surgery. The ventricles (and other possible veins) to her heart are backwards. The doctors are going in to fix the problem. Please pray for this precious little girl and her family. Her name is Katie Payne. The surgery ends at one O'clock. Thank you so much.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Truffle Shuffle

Karen and Kelly were up at the crack of dawn this morning to be in a 5K race which is 3.1 miles.
Karen Kelly and Debbie.
This is what Karen had to say about the race,
"Picture right after the race. It was a very hilly course...that I was not ready for. I still finished in 46:01 which was a minute more than I wanted to finish in, my goal was to finish in 45 by doing 15 min miles but did 15:20 sec miles, both of which is slow, but since I haven't done a 5K in 19 years, I am happy to have finished and to have not quit. I had to walk at the top of a couple of the hills. "

"The race was called the Truffle Shuffle and there was the promise of Andre's chocolate when you finish. Uhhhm I was highly disappointed when picking up my bib number to find out it was one nickle sized truffle... bummer. "

"Although as I was finishing, Kelly and a friend of hers came running back to me, they had stolen 2 more truffles and bribed me with chocolate to finish strong... go chocolate!!! "
Here's what Kelly had to say, "When Karen and I got our packets and our itsy-bitsy truffles, I said, 'wow, you get a tiny truffle and then shuffle out to go race!' This must be how they came up with the name. I hadn't been training like I should of, actually, I hadn't even run at all this week....I know....slacker.
"Well, during the last part of the race I was pretty much toast too, but my friend came up and ran along side me cheering and encouraging me to go faster. She had snatched some extra chocolate for me, also. She really helped me to finish strong!"
Here's the long sleeved shirt the girls got for running in the race.
The girls have me all excited about this and I would like to go along some time. Kelly could push me in the wheelchair and Karen could push Nancy. I am not able to walk very far at all. Nancy can walk but she can't breathe good for very long. We could do the lupus race. Just a thought!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Little Of This and That Today!!

Girly Comments & Graphics

Praise God! Kelly's SUV has license plates!! She was able to get her plates yesterday. It ended up with a little red tape because who ever filled out the title before spelled the names wrong on the title and the people who owned it before were told they had to spell it just like the title said. BUT they wouldn't! SO some one had to get them to do it the right way and they did!! Every thing is fine now!! She is really enjoying her car!! In fact so am I!!

Yesterday was our pay day! Nancy had saved up her money and it was her Big outing to the Dollar General store. She has talked of nothing else for over a month. Things like, "I can hardly wait until the 3rd". This is what she said many times a day "It is almost here"!! You may wonder why we wait to take her.... well, she was making Easter Eggs deals with stickers the day after Christmas. Ready to give them out!!

She was getting toys for our neighbor boy's Birthday which isn't until the middle of March. When she gets them she is ready to give them away! So I have to hold her back a little. She had a blast buying the dog a bag of the chewy bones, Easter stuff(it is only 6 weeks away)! Birthday cards for Karen who's Birthday is the last March. She had three bags of all kind of things she was able to get at the Dollar store.

Today is Glo's Birthday!! Glo's blog is over at Young at Heart.She has had a bunch of health issues and trying so hard to get better!! I know she would love to hear from you all!! Happy Happy Birthday dear Glo!