Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Night

Happy Birthday!!
Here it is Saturday Night and I should do a post. I was able to get out and visit a few post today. I am feeling better. I go see the Dr next week for a follow up from the hospital. My blood pressure has been pretty good......some days almost normal and once in while high. My Doctor has a nurse coming to the house once a week to check my vitals and etc! I will be fine!!
Yesterday was my oldest daughter Carrie's Birthday! I didn't get an icon up on here but I did talk to her twice!!
It is also my great grandson Marcello's very first Birthday yesterday too!! They had a party at Carrie's house for them both!! When I called they were singing Happy Birthday to little Marcello and he was grabbing cake and icing! Little Kevin who will be 2 in June was trying to get the cake! and my daring little great grand daughter Valerie was saying when is it my Birthday!!!! She will be 4 in August.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!

I am back home from the hospital! I came home on Friday, after being there for a almost a week!! I am so happy to be home!!

My blood pressure went nuts, and went so high. The Dr's got it under control with two new medicines. While I was in the hospital my Dr scheduled me for a colonoscopy and a upper GI. Wow! Getting ready for for of these is something else!!

I had 5 little polyps and one has been sent off for a biopsy. I had my ulcers fixed too! Which I didn't even know I had!!I knew my stomach had some pain but didn't even think of it being that.

While I was getting ready for the upper and lower GI my blood sugar fell to the 40's twice and that was a mess. I really don't remember a lot about that day I was so sick. One of my dear friends was visiting,and she said I was so out of it I went to sleep while she was talking to me! That was a first! I usually talk her leg off!! She knew I was sick, when I wasn't talking!!

I want to Thank you all for your many prayers for me. This was a real blessing. Thanks to my Bible study group too!! Joan, the teacher reads my blog I sure want her to know how much I appreciate all the prayers. My son's church prayed and my daughter in Mexico had all her ladies groups and church praying too!! Kelly put it on her facebook and tons of people at church came up to the girls yesterday and wanted to know how things were going! I stayed home and slept!!

It is a blessing to have friends who care and pray! Thanks for all the kind comments you all left for me,too!! I read them and had tears in my eyes reading them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still in the hospital

Hi all,
Grams is still in the hospital, but in stable condition. Her blood pressure is down. She is still tired, but that may be from just being in the hospital. She says, "once you get to sleep they come in and wake you up for this or that." She has been seen by a few different "ologists" and everything has come back negative. That's a blessing. She has a couple more tests tomorow. We still don't know what has been causing the high blood pressure. Looks like she should be out of the hospital by the end of the week. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday and I posting at home!!!!

Hi on Friday and I am not over at Karen's house using her computer!! What a blessing to be able to post from your own computer in your own home!! I am so Thankful to have my own computer!! So thanks to Karen for letting use her computer while our was out, when ever I needed it!

It was a perfect day yesterday weather wise. So beautiful! The day before yesterday was so stormy with tornado's up in in North East Missouri. Today we are to have stormy weather again for this afternoon.

Since I began this post we are now under a tornado watch. This is just plain old spring weather for Missouri!! I am able to go down stairs with Nancy's help to be in the basement!

I better go study my lesson and do my homework for Monday Bible study!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Tuesday!!

It has been a busy Day!! We took Nancy to see her rheumatologist today. She is doing so much better! Praise God! We stopped at Culver's for lunch, no ice cream today! Then stopped and made an appointment for her to have a breathing test,to the bank,Kelly had an appointment for a hair cut so we stopped with her. Then on down to Blue Springs to Pay Less for Nancy's new shoes!We stopped at the gas station and got some gasoline which has gone up to 2.05 a gallon! On to home and Kelly stopped at the grocery store, another stop, then to the post office to pick up the mail!! It was almost 3:00 before we drove in to our drive way!!
I am really tired tonight.
Kelly is working all day tomorrow so no leaving home tomorrow. I can do some visiting!! Thanks for all your visits!!!!
It is so nice to have a computer again!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Praise God!! I have a New Computer!!!!

Hello Hello Hello!!

I have a brand new computer! I am so thrilled!!! Now I can go out and visit with you all again!!!

We went to church this morning and out to eat then to Best Buy!!

Yesterday we went down to my Grand daughters for her 24Th Birthday Party which turned out to be an engagement Party! Congrats to Sarah and Kyle!! They are so cute together!!

OK I am going to visit a few blogs! It might take all week but I will get there!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Grilling out again!

Here it is Friday evening and we are grilling out over at Karen's house! It is chicken tonight.

I haven't told you all that Kelly was in a 4 mile run a couple of weeks ago.It is called the Trolley run. She did pretty good. It is at the Country Club Plaza with 7000 runners!! It was early morning and she was able to get the run in and get over to church for second service.She practiced Volley Ball in the afternoon! She was really tired by night time!!

I am sure enjoying the Bible study in Esther! What a blessing this turned out to be for all of us!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Garage Sales

Here I am again over at Karen's house on a Friday evening!
I told you all that I wasn't going to the garage sales last Saturday. Karen came by for Nancy and me on Saturday morning. We went to a few sales and she stopped and got us some food and away we went again. My friend Cinda, was having a sale at her folks home. Her parents passed a aways a few years ago. Cinda gave Nancy some nice Christmas decorations and some Precious Moments figurines. She gave me some too that belong to her Mother. I treasure these
Cinda's Mom was one of my dear friend.
We stopped again at a church bake sale and Nancy was just buzzing! She had a hamburger and I had a hot dog! I don't think I am suppose to have them. I have lost 18 pounds!
On to some more sales and then stopped at a friends sale who I went to school with, back in the fifty's. They were having a bake sale with the VFW. Karen got us cookies there! When we got home, Kelly was home for lunch, she had to work Saturday! When she heard all the places we had stopped to get goodies at she just cracked up!!
You all didn't go to garage sales you went to all the bake sales!!! Well it just made Nancy so happy!!

I am sure praying Psalms 91 over my family in Mexico! My daughter, son-in law, 3 grandsons, two grand daughter in laws, and 4 great-grand children live down there. Karen had an E-mail from my grand-daughter and there is no hand sanitizer to be found any where.

I am sure hoping some time this month I get a computer!!!