Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday and I posting at home!!!!

Hi on Friday and I am not over at Karen's house using her computer!! What a blessing to be able to post from your own computer in your own home!! I am so Thankful to have my own computer!! So thanks to Karen for letting use her computer while our was out, when ever I needed it!

It was a perfect day yesterday weather wise. So beautiful! The day before yesterday was so stormy with tornado's up in in North East Missouri. Today we are to have stormy weather again for this afternoon.

Since I began this post we are now under a tornado watch. This is just plain old spring weather for Missouri!! I am able to go down stairs with Nancy's help to be in the basement!

I better go study my lesson and do my homework for Monday Bible study!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Great!! You have a bible study!! What are you studying? We are just finishing up Daniel. We have two weeks to go and will be done until Fall. I just love precepts class. I have been in it for 7 years now and love it..
My parents are here with us for the summer now!! Doing fine..Sandy

Love Bears All Things said...

This is tornado season here in North Alabama also. The weather radio goes off whenever there is a thunderstorm or tornado warning in the coverage area for our local TV station. Sometimes it is annoying because the actual storm may be 30 or more miles away. I've actually had to get into the hallway two times already.
You be careful going up and down the stairs.
I never did the last Esther lesson. We missed it because it was our Habitat for Humanity work day. I did enjoy the study. I'll be looking for another one come Fall. I love Beth Mooore's studies so very much.
Take care my friend,
Mama Bear

Melli said...

Praying for your safety. I know you are LOVIN' havin' that new computer! You were without one for a LONG time! We bloggers don't like to be out of touch for ... more than a minute! LOL! You withstood it with honor Grams! You're a good ol' egg!

Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad you have access to a computer at home now, too! Funny how I didn't have one 15 years ago but now feel at a loss without it!

Hope your storms aren't too bad!

Denise said...

I love you sweetie, praying for you.

Hootin' Anni said...

I saw on the news about all the tornado activities near you and thought of you all.

Hey.....guess what? We in blogland are thankful that you have a computer at home've been terribly missed.

Prairierose said...

Whoo hoo. Glad to hear you have an easy accessible computer again. I can only imagine how frustrating it was not to have one at your fingertips.

We've been having tornado weather here in Kansas as well. There was one spotted just a few miles from here on Wednesday. We had the TV on and everything, but didn't know about it until the next morning when it was on the news. Course, in my case, not knowing was probably a good thing.

Have had some computer problems, bth internal and external. At any rate, have set up "shop" at a new domain -- hopefully the last time. I have built it around a website format, and the blog is just one part of it. New link: (is the domain -- if you go there, you can pick where you want to go. In yr case, it would be the "blog" tab:)

Ethan graduates this weekend. Whoo hoo! My baby is ... not a baby anymore :(

Have a great weekend.