Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on Jay our friend who had the stroke.

Girly Comments & Graphics

We got 6 inches of snow in the night and this morning! This is the most snow we have had so far this year. Our next door neighbor and his brothers came over and shoveled our steps while my neighbor brought over his snow blower to use on the drive way. This was a blessing.

I have an update on Jay who I asked for prayer not to long ago. He had a massive stroke about two weeks ago. Even the first of this week he had some issue that were making everyone think things were not going well. I think on Wednesday or Thursday they moved him to the Physical Therapy hospital and he was able to walk around the room with a walker and do some other things that made the physical therapist pleased. When Jay's wife Brenda came to see him that night he said, "I am going home in two days!" All of his family caution him and said don't get ahead of your self. The Doctors have said you will probably be in this place for about 3 months and won't be able to work for a year. He said "No, I will be able to go home in a couple of days!! When the neurolist came in to see him later, He said, "Jay, if you can walk with out a cane, walker, or crutches and take a shower or bath all by your self you can go home tomorrow."
Well the next morning the family got a phone call from the hospital and they said " He DID it"!! The Doctor said he can go home! He can return several times a week for therapy!! WOW! Thanks for your prayers!! He says he won't be off work for a year either!!

When I opened my E-mail this morning I had this beautiful button/icon from Denise!! Isn't it pretty!!! Thanks Denise!! I have a small one on my side bar. Mary taught me how to make them smaller!! Thanks Mary!! So if you would like this,Please feel!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!

This is Thankful Thursday and I haven't done one of these forever!! But I think it is time to write down all of the Blessing from God! Go here to join in with a Thankful heart.

I am so thankful that Nancy and I are feeling so much better!!
I am so Thankful for losing weight!! Yes! I have lost weight!!! I have lost 25 pounds since November when I had the stents put in my kidneys. Really it is 15 pounds since 10 of it was fluid.I lost 10 pounds in two or three days the first week.I have not counted calories but eating smaller portions and and watching my salt intake like a hawk!!
When snacking I eat fruits and veggies.

I am so thankful that Nancy's health issues are better. Since June we traveled 20 miles twice a month for her lab work at the KC CancerCenter for her lupus needs up until the last of January!! We still need prayer for her metal health issues.
We now only have to see this specialist every 6 months!!

I am so Thankful that Kelly was able to get herself a used SUV and it runs real good! It is so wonderful to be able to come and go when we want to!! It has room for canes, walkers, or wheel chairs!!

I am so Thankful for Jesus!!! As the old hymn says "With out HIM how lost I would be"

This is so sweet! Denise, Shorty Bear sent this to me and I think it is so neat I wanted to share it with you all!! If you would like this feel free to make a copy. I don't know how to make it smaller to put on my side bar.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello on Tuesday!

I love this little bear and have used it before but since I like him so much I am using him again!!

I had a nice phone call from Glo,who has a blog over at Young At Heart. Glo is feeling so much better that she was able to do a new post. I was so glad to hear from her and she sounds wonderful! She said she hasn't felt this good for a year!! Great news!!

We both are enjoying the beautiful weather in our part of Missouri! Glo lives about 30 miles from me.She is ready to go fishing!! No kidding!! It is 63 degree's!!

Not much going on here today but I wanted to let you know she has a new post so you can read about about her health.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Blogthing ! Cozy Mysterys! A lovely Button for You

The Sunset Test

You Crave an Important Life

Your dream is to life a live a life that leaves a mark.

You'd like to have a mission or journey to complete, even if it takes years.

You want your life to be meaningful, and having a final goal brings you meaning.

You'd like to accomplish something big, if only to inspire others to believe it can be done.

We are having one day that is so cold and the next day is nice and warm!
Do any of you all love Cozy Mystery's.I have found a web page with listing for all kinds of cozy Mystery's. I like the cozy's because they aren't as gory or horror mystery's. Here is the link Cozy Mysterys List I know my friend Jane over Cozy Reader likes Cozy Mystery's as much as I do!

This sweet button was sent in an E-mail to me from Shorty Bear! Thank you!! I think this is so neat that I want to share it with you! I love my blogging Friends!!

I am so happy to feel a little better and to be able to post a little more often!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prayer Request for a Friend

Are you Coffee or Tea
You are Tea
You are mellow and reflective. You don't allow yourself to feel in a rush and frenzied.
You're likely to appreciated the ideas or connections that come up over a warm cup of tea.

While you do enjoy the energy of a caffeine boost, you love that it allows you to take a break.
You're not in a rush to do anything. You're content with your life, and in no rush to change it.

Are You Coffee or Tea?

I saw this and thought this one looks fun!! I love doing these !! It was over fifty degrees yesterday and now it is 27! Brr!!

I have a prayer request for one of my friends. Linda's brother Jay had a stroke last week. He is only 50. This is what his sister Linda wrote to me:

He is a miracle! He was only hours from dying with the amount of fluid that was pooling around his brain when they successfully got the shunt in his head to drain the fluid. He is able to speak, comprehend, moves both arms and legs! With our experience with our dad, this was such a huge relief to all of us.

His stroke is in the back portion of his brain and was very large. That part of his brain controls balance, equilibrium, and vision. Those are the areas he will need therapy to restore. His short term memory is also pretty fuzzy right now.

He did not have a good night last night. As his nurse was taking him down for a CT scan, they ran his bed into a wall and now his head hurts again. The CT scan showed a great improvement in fluid draining, but the doctor is leaving it in for 2-3 more days. They are also concerned that he doesn't have a lot of output from his kidneys.

The doctor took Brenda into the hall to speak to her. He told her Jay will be in ICU through the end of the week and in the hospital/rehab. facility for around 3 months and not back to work for probably a year. Jay and Brenda, like most people, survive on both of their salaries. Finances are a huge concern for them right now.

I know Linda's family would really appreciate your prayers for Jay. I had another update from Karen who talked to Linda and he did really well in Physical therapy today. In fact Karen left on Friday and went down to Texas to be with the family. She is home and very tired!! Their Dad had a stoke 10 years ago this month. Their Dad lived for several years after his stoke but his stroke effected his speech and his movement with is arms and legs. He is with Jesus now. Thanks for your prayers!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Grandson and other news on Monday

Happy 30th Birthday to my dear Grandson Brandon!! We just got this new photo of his wife Ale' and their only child, my great- grand son Mathias. He is 7 years old.They live in Guadalajara, MEX.They are missionaries. I haven't seen Mathias or Ale' for a couple of years. I would dearly love to see all of them again soon.

I had a wonderful phone call on Friday from my friend Mary from Mary's Writing Nook
I really do enjoy hearing from her. She is so easy to visit with you would think we have known each other for years!!

Kelly is enjoying her SUV! She wrote someone an e-mail today telling them this car is up to date!! She told them this vehicle had wind shield wipers, the passenger side, door opens from the inside, it has heat and an AC and it doesn't leak oil and other fluids!!! This is what the car we had was like!!!
She was being funny!! But it was true about our old Car!!

Nancy received a lot of Valentines and she loved them all! Some of her Dr's took the time to send her a Valentine!! She sent out Valentine also!! If she has said Hello to you, she says what ever Holiday is next, I will send you a card. Of course I have to filter though this or we would go broke sending out cards!!! If you sent her a card, Thanks!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amost time for Valentines!!

Just in case I don't get to post on Saturday, Happy Valentine's Day to every one!!! Speaking of Valentine's Day when I was a little girl growing up on a farm in Iowa, my folks decided to sell the farm and go west for my Mother's and my health. We ended up in Hot Springs, New Mexico. The town changed it's name a few years later to Truth or Consequences for the radio program named that, with Ralph Edwards. But I digress! Which is not hard for me to do!!

When we moved there in February of 1946 I was in the second grade. On Valentine's Day I remember I got one Valentine from a little girl named Bonnie. We were so new that I wasn't on the list the teacher handed out for the parents. I remember that my Mother got me a huge Valentine with a fuzzy material all over it. I think I still have it somewhere in the house put away in a box.Many Valentines Days have come and gone since that one and I have received a ton of Valentines since then!!! It is the one that comes to mind!

On Sunday Kelly came home from church and said, "Mom" would you and Nancy like to go down and see Sarah. I said,"Yes"!!! Sarah is my son Bill's daughter who is teaching in her first school. She lives about 30 minutes from her parents! It was farther then I thought!!It is an hour and a half from our house to hers!! When we were almost there I looked up at the road sign and it said 85 miles to Springfield MO and I about flipped out!! But we turned off and drove 12 more miles West and we were at her home! She has an adorable apartment!! It is so nice and roomy and brand new almost!! It was so much fun to see her and how she has decorated her apt.

Nancy loved going along too, she likes to watch for deer, (bobcats! Yes, once Karen saw one!)turkeys,geese,groundhogs, raccoons, and hawks!! We saw geese flying, many hawks in the trees, even one flying down to get a field mouse. This was a nice outing for us!! It was a beautiful day on Sunday! Our weather is changing with wintry mix forecasted for Saturday.

The weather South of us was terrible yesterday with tornadoes in Oklahoma and TX. Several people lost there lives in this storm. My heart goes out to these folks who are left to pick up the pieces and who have lost loved ones.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Girly Comments & Graphics

This is how I'm feeling today!! Give me the chocolate and no one will get hurt!! I can't have sugar or salt so I am starting to crave both!!!

Our big news is Kelly has found the SUV that she was looking for these past few weeks. We have been with out a car for about 3 weeks!! It is not a brand new SUV just new to us!! Everybody has been so kind and given Kelly rides to and from work! My friends Jackie and Lilly have taken us to Doctors appointments!
Boy, do we appreciate their kindness!!!Wow!
Thanks so much!! She is getting a SUV because she can put wheel chairs and walkers into the back. She works in our home town, so she will have good gas mileage and her insurance won't be as expensive as if she worked in Kansas City. It is black and very pretty.
They brought it down today with the owner to see if I can get in and out of it with out a lot of trouble! I could get into it fine, but will need a small step stool to get out of it. I am used to getting out of Karen's truck which is a girly truck and easy to get in and out of it!

I will be so Thankful to have a way to get around in again and not have to bother our friends!! It is a beautiful day today with the temperature near 55 degrees!!