Friday, January 30, 2009

Awards and a new update on Glo!

I have been given so many awards while I have been ill. One problem with this is that I can't remember who gave them to me except for this first one!! I am so embarrassed!! I should have written the name in the script when I copied and pasted these!! The first one was given to me from Nancy over at Nancy's Nonsense Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!
If you gave me any of the other ones please let me know and I will put your names on them!! I think I thanked you for them, I HOPE!!! Be sure and take any one of these awards if you would like one!!!

I am going to call Glo today and see how she is doing. She came home one day this week. So that is good news!!OK, I have given her a call this afternoon and she is still weak. She still has her sense of humor!! She said she is still kicking!! She is waiting on her lab report about her blood work. She said to tell all her blogging friends "Thanks" for their many prayers and Please pray for her sister who slipped in the water and they think she may have broken her knee again!!

I am so sorry to hear about all the people down south of me who are iced in with out heat. My son-in law's sister lives in Mountain View AR and she will not have power until Sunday or Monday!

From Nancy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Night!

We are to get snow tomorrow and the next day. It has been so cold!! It was 21 degrees today but felt like 6 degrees!! Brr!! But it is winter and January!!

I talked on the phone to Glo last night and she is still in the North Kansas City hospital. Her heart rate the first of the week was 122 but now it is 46 so the Doctors are still watching her and she still is getting a IV. Thanks for your prayers for her! She sure does appreciate you all.

She was watching the Miss America Pageant last night and she told me Miss Missouri was from her home town! She didn't make the cut but I thought she was pretty. Glo said she watched her grow up. I lived in Glo's home town from June of 1953 to December of 1954. We move there on Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Day. I listened to it on the radio.

My Daddy didn't get us a TV until 1955!! I went next door and watched TV with our neighbors from time to time. I was so happy to get a TV when we did, and my Dad just loved it, I don't remember when Gunsmoke first came on but he loved that show. I was to old for the old Mickey Mouse show but I watched it any way!!!I remember watching Dick Clark and American Bandstand when it was new!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on Glo!

I just got off the phone with Glo and she had her procedure yesterday. The surgeon took out a 10 millimeter stone. It was dark black. She said she is not in pain now and feels so much better!! Now they are working on getting her heart adjusted and the correct medicines. She said to tell everyone "Thanks" for your prayers!!!

It is a beautiful day and the temperature is 60 degrees!! It is suppose to cool off by tomorrow and have snow by the week end!! Boy, oh Boy, I am ready for some warmer weather!!

Nancy and I got out this morning to go to the Dr's office. She had a shot and I had lab work for my kidneys. I see the kidney specialist next week. I am hoping for a good report!! We both are feeling much better!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please Pray for our dear blogger, Glo

I just had a phone call from Glo. Glo has a blog at Young at Heart. She is in the North Kansas City hospital.Over the week end she became ill and started vomiting up blood. The Dr. said she has a gall stone stuck in her bile duct by her liver. She had her gall bladder taken out 30 years ago. They were going to try to get rid of the gall stone today but her pulse went up to 122 and they weren't able to get it down so she had to go back to her room. She asked me to asked you all to pray for her recovery. I know how much I appreciated your prayers this fall and winter for me!! Thanks already, for praying for Glo!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Girly Comments & Graphics

This is how I felt this afternoon while trying to get to a bunch of your blogs to say Thanks!! I just didn't make it around to all of them today but I am going to try again tomorrow!!
Since I have not been able to get out and about Wow!!! You all have spruced up your blogs!! Every body's looks so nice!!
The weather is beautiful today, it is 45 degrees here !!! I love it!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning!!

Girly Comments & Graphics

Thank you all so much for your prayers!! My hand is much better! I am able to use it again!! Praise God!
It is time to get out all the yearly receipts for my missionary daughters mission organization! For a while a I wondered how that was going to go!! But I am able to use the computer better and I can do this!!

I had a checkup last week and my stents were all opened and working! My kidneys are still needing baby-ed and so I am trying to eat right and drink plenty of fluids! I just wish I like water better!!
Thank you for all your kind comments!!They mean so much when you are feeling not up to what you would like to be feeling!! But Praise God Iam so much better then I was!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

This is what I have been doing for the past week! Resting! This is a cute icon that Denise sent me a while back.Thank you!
I got my splint off last Wednesday and the Dr. said He wasn't putting a cast on it because my fingers were starting to freeze and not bend and they would end up like sticks if he did. I have had to soak my hand 2 or 3 times a day to keep it pliable. I just have to be careful not to knock my hand against anything!
I still have a goose egg on my hand but not so big now.
Thank you for your wonderful comments and well wishes for me and your precious comments for Kelly! She felt so bad about this!! But it was just one of those freaky things that happens!!
When I signed in tonight I see where Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook has been really sick. I am sorry to hear this I have to get all caught up again and see how all of you are getting along!
This week I go and see about the stents in my kidneys and how all that is doing.
Thanks again for all your wonderful prayers for me and my family!! I appreicate you all!!
I want to wish you all a very Blessed New Year!!!