Sunday, November 30, 2008

Needing More Prayer!!

It is snowing here today! Not a lot but enough to feel like Christmas!
Well, since I wrote my last post things got hard!! I don't think I told you all that the kidney specialist told me to drink more water.
SO I did!! Oh My!! Each evening my feet were a little more swollen until Friday night and they were so swollen that in a couple places they cracked and bled. Not good! Karen and Kelly cleaned them up and propped them up with pillows.
I called my Doctor and they told me he said to call the kidney specialist. The Kidney special is out of his office until Monday morning.

I have labs this week so Please keep praying that the creatine will go down! THANKS!! IF they don't that means you have permanent kidney damage and will have to be on dialysis in time.
I have one more deal..... My body must be making insulin! This week my blood sugar has fell to 40 twice and the worst was the night before Thanksgiving when it dropped to 31 and everything was going dark. My Doctor has decreased my insulin but it is still falling but not as bad.
I hate to make this into a medical post but I need your prayers so much!! I must get well!!
I was able to go and visit some of you a little on Wednesday but I had to stop because of the swelling in my feet.
So I need to get well for many reasons but one reason IS I love to blog!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!! I sure hope you have a lovely time with family and friends tomorrow.

We will go down to my son Bill's home. They fix the turkey, gravy, dressing, mashed potato's. We bring the sweet potato's green bean casserole and the corn pudding and I make a fluff salad. Kelly will make pumpkin pies!

I saw the kidney specialist yesterday and he said my creatine were still not were they should be but I am getting better. Praise God!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good News on Friday!

Hello!! Well it is Friday and I see the family or me have been posting every Friday since I have been sick. I am feeling so much better! I was at the Dr's office on Tuesday and my blood pressure was better but my creatine are still not were the Dr. wants them. I see the kidney specialist next week. But I am so much better!!

Maybe really soon I can get out and visit and leave some comments!! Boy, oh Boy have I ever missed you!!!

But as Hootin Anni told me in no uncertain terms MY Health comes first!!! So this time I didn't want a set back.

Thank you SO very much for your prayers for me!! And for all the lovely comments! How can I ever thank you for all this concern and caring!!!
I have been in for so long there isn't a lot of news about my family! Well,as I think about it Karen flew down and visited her friends in Austin, TX. last weekend and had a really good time! They went to Houston on Thursday and San Antonio on Saturday and saw the River Walk.
She brought me back the cutest Ginger Bread Boy who is a Texas Cowboy!!
Nancy loved her tee shirt from the Alamo!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello All My Sweet Blogging Friends!

Since I have been under the weather Kelly has got a new do!! She has lost 3 dress sizes!! This is Kelly and her great-nephew Marcello.
Well, I don't know if I am suppose to be on here yet or not!!! But I just couldn't stand seeing my side bar with all the Halloween stuff still on it so I had to do a little house keeping on it!! While I was doing that I thought I would do a quick post!!!
I am feeling a lot better but my blood pressure is still to high. Nancy and I had labs this morning. This is to see if creatine levels have gone back to normal. I will be seeing the Dr for a visit next week and then we will know how every thing is comming along!
I sure want to Thank everyone for their many prayers on my behalf!
This turned out to be pretty rough! But I think I have turned the corner now and things are looking up!! I will post when I find out what the Dr. has to say!!
Nancy wants everyone to know she got a new hair cut, too!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Update on mom

It's Friday night and I'm taking dictation from mom over the phone...... Here goes....

Thanks to everyone who's been praying, I appreciate it soooo much. I got to come home late on Wednesday night by promising to have lab work done first thing on Thursday morning at my primary caregiver. Which I did and found out my kidney's still haven't bounced back, the creatine level is still high, like at the hospital. Waiting to get direction from the doctor. But drinking LOTS of WATER in the meantime...

Still don't feel like myself, but getting better everyday.

Will post when I can, but wanted everyone to be updated.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom's In the Hospital

Mom went in the other day for a second round of angioplasty. They did the stint thing, 2 places in her hips, both kidneys, and couldn't do the right leg, it was too hardened. She can have a bypass done, in the future, if she chooses to, but isn't an emergency since there's ancellory flow around the blockage.

She also had complications because her creatin level was high and her kidneys weren't through putting so they've decided to keep her overnight -- again.

She (we) would like your prayers.