Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks for the Awards!!

I have received some very nice awards that I need to pass out to my blogging friends!

This award is from Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook Thank you Mary for a lovely award! I appreciate your thoughtfulness! If you have never been over there please take time to visit her blog. She is a dear lady who has a wonderful gift of writing her thoughts down .It is easy to read and interesting too!!She is very good about taking photos for us to enjoy.

This award is from Nancy over at Nancy's Nonsense ! I have just recently become acquainted with Nancy! She is a delight! She is a animal lover for sure! Please visit her blog and see her beautiful Cats!! Thank you Nancy for these two great awards!This award is from my friend Renie from Renie Burghardt's World and from Nancy too!
Thank you ladies so much for thinking of me! Renie lives in Missouri down in the Ozarks and has a wonderful blog! She has beautiful pictures of the wild life in her area.
I would like for all of you who read my blog to please feel free to take these awards and put them on your side bar!! I just can't choose a few bloggers any more so I am giving this to all of you!!!

Our weather man said that all of down pour last night and today is from the remnants of Dolly!! It has rained and rained here!!! The weather is to turn really hot by the weekend!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Day Trip to HA HA Tonka State Park

Karen Called yesterday morning and as she was talking to Kelly I heard Kelly say "That not to far of a drive" I was on that like a duck on June bug!!! I said "Where are you going" "Who is going"? Can Nancy and me go too!!! The answer to this was Yes!! After this past month or so with Nancy health so poor we were all ready for a day or FUN!! So we took off for a day down in the Ozarks!! I have a bunch of pictures here but none of Karen who doesn't want any of her put on my blog until she loses 12 more pounds and we can publish a before and after picture. She has lost 88 pounds so far!!! I am so proud of her.
It was a very fun day but very very HOT! We drove through Osage Beach after our picnic. which has a huge outlet mall and then on to Bagnell Dam. We were home by 10:00.

Kelly on the trail

Grams and Nancy on the trail which by the
way was very handicap assessable!
The trail was paved and easy to walk on!! It was uphill to the
castle but comming down was a lot easier!!

Grams entering the trail to the castle

Nancy entering the trail to the castle

The view on the trail !

Oops! The tower after we saw the castle

The castle ruins

A gentleman from Kansas City built this years ago for
a place to come and relax from the strains of his business!
Karen said the sign said they used mule packs to bring up the stone

Kelly climbing at one of the sites

Looking down into it

Kelly at the bottom

At our picnic site at the Lake of the Ozark State Park

The girls took this photo of a buzzard in the tree!

Kelly and Grams

Nancy and Grams before our picnic! We were starting to cool off

Kelly grilling for us!

Yum! We had a great Day!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More good news!

More good news! I heard from the lab yesterday afternoon and Nancy's report was good. The blood count was up again! Praise God! She is starting to feel much better.

I hope everyone along the gulf coast is safe and sound after taking a beating from Dolly. I just heard on the news that up by San Antonia and around there it was bringing in much needed rain for their area. But down by Brownsville's and that area it is flooding. Our grass is still growing and it is green! By the end of July and the first of August most years it is starting to turn brown. Kelly was able to get it mowed yesterday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

No more trips to KU Medical Center!!

Girly Comments & Graphics

I was so pleased to hear from KU this morning. Nancy's nurse said that she had the lab report back from the day we were there on the 14th. Good news! Nancy's B cells have replenished their selves and this means the study is over and no more trips over to KU Med Center!! What a blessing this will be!!

We started this in Oct. of 2006! We have gone over to KU every month for 18 months except when we went every other week while she was getting the chemo.

This is so great that her B cells have come back! I am so Thankful for this!! Thanks for your prayers!!

We do have lab work over at the Kansas City Cancer Center this week to see if her blood count is still going up. All of her other Dr.'s are not more then 25 minutes away at the most so we think this is great!! In fact they are all in a row on Hwy 291 except for two of them who are just a couple of blocks off of the Hwy. They are several miles apart, but nothing like driving way over to KU.

It is very hot here today! I think it is where most of us live! Good "ole" summer time!! I am also thankful for our AC!! This is turning into a Thankful Thursday list!! But I am so thankful every day for God's Blessings!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Nice Award and the Sun Glasses test

Thanks to Mary and Anni for a nice award! If you haven't been over to their blogs you have missed a treat!!
If you gave me an award and I didn't post it, please forgive me! I got behind on all of this while Nancy's has been so ill. OR could it be that I don't remember as good as I used too!!

If you would like to have this award please feel free to take it and put it on your side bar!

What your sunglasses say about you

You are spontaneous, open minded, and optimistic.
You are very youthful and free wheeling, no matter what your age happens to be.

You need to be shaded from the darker, more depressing aspects of life.
You feel sunniest when everyone around you is up for a good time.

THE Sunglasses Test

I thought this one looked fun!! So I did it!! Always love doing these!

I hope everyone is staying cool and your AC is working ! Not much going on today! Maybe that is a good thing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KU day again! Glo said Hello!

Yesterday was Nancy's day to go over to K.U. Med Center for her 3 month check up. Carrie was able to take us up to Kansas City and over to KU. When we got there the parking garage was packed out and it took her a long time to find parking! It would have helped I am sure if I had given her our wheel chair tag!!! She had let us off at the door and I discovered we had the tag after we sat down to wait on her!! She said it was such a mess it wouldn't have helped one bit!
We won't know for a few days if Nancy's B cells have replenished their selves. If they have we are finished with this study if not we go back in Oct.
After we were finished with the Dr's visit Carrie took Nancy and me out to eat at the Cracker Barrel. It is one of my favorite places to eat! Their cooked down green beans are just like my Mother made!
Carrie had to leave for home this morning and it always sad to say Good-Bye. But it is not nearly as hard as it was 30 years ago!! With E-mails and special prices on phone plans it is so much easier!!!

I had an E-mail today from our friend Glo. She said to tell you all that her computer is still very sick! It sounds horrible! She is wanting to be able to visit every one and leave a comment. I think she can read your blog but can't leave comments.
Sister Linda does have a broken bone in her knee. She said her pet name for her sister is Tissy Lou and Glo's pet name is Tissy Mae!! This is what Glo had to say about Tissy Lou.

The good news is that she doesn't have to have surgery, but will be off work until the middle of Sept. If she doesn't get back then, she will lose her job & seniority(rules of the nursing home where she works.) Good has come out of all this Tissy is learning patience's and being a very good patient. I'm so proud of her!

I can tell you for sure that Glo would love for you to add Linda to your prayer list! Thanks!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blogthings time again!

Last year we were able to take a road trip to the Smoky's mountains and to the beach. I am so happy we were able to do this while Nancy was feeling better! and gas was Not 4.00 a gallon!
The picture below is one taken at Destin Fl! It has most beautiful sand! It looked like sugar.
I have done one of the blogthing again! You all know I love doing these!! I got behind on them in the past few weeks! Today Nancy has gone back to bed, Karen is working from home, Kelly is at work and Carrie will be down later in the afternoon! So I took advantage of a few minute to post!!

The Road Trip of Your Life
You see life as precious and special. Heritage and family are very important to you.

You live life at a fairly leisurely pace. You take time to enjoy the sweeter parts of life, even when you're busy.

You're willing to take a few risks in life. You may not take the road no one travels, but you're happy to take the road less traveled.

You are able to find a fairly healthy balance between work and play. You work when you need to, but you never let yourself burn out.

In another life, you could have been a professional athlete. You have a natural knack for competitions.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Happy Birthday to my Grandson, Jacob!! This picture was taken at Christmas. Jake will be a junior at Central Missouri State U. this fall. He is studying to be a coach.
In the fall Karen and Kelly go down to his school on game day and watch the game and watch Jake standing on the sidelines with the rest of the coaches!! Bill and Becky and Sarah come up from where they live and they have a fun Day!!
I would love to get to go to one of these college games! When he was in High School and Nancy was not so sick we were able to go to his games at his High School from time to time. Karen and Kelly went to almost every one of them.

Today Carrie and some friends are going to the Nelson Art Gallery for the afternoon. Carrie 's Mother in law, Lorita is in the area for a wedding and she was able to see her.

Lorita is leaving Tuesday for Africa for her 10 or 11th missions trip! Lorita is 73 and still going strong!!! She stays for about 3 or 4 months and helps out with the orphans, and all the others kids. She needs prayer for safety while she is travels from one place to the other.

I hope you have a very nice Birthday Jake!! Love you Bunches!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nancy's report good and Glo's computer crashes!!!

Glo just called me and wanted me to let you know that the last time she got on her computer it Crashed! One of their friends is going to work on it but he is moving this week. So it will be a little while before he can get to it. Glo is my dear friend who only lives about 30 miles from me! She has a great blog over at Young at Heart. She is concerned about her sister Linda who got up on a chair to fix a light and then climbed on the table and the table fell over and she was hurt! They will know next Monday if she needs surgery. She said her sister is always telling her to be very careful and then her sister wasn't!! Please remember her in prayer.
Speaking of prayer!!! Thanks to all of you for your many prayers for Nancy! We were over at the lab yesterday and the report came back that her blood count is looking good! Praise God! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your prayers for her.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day after the Fourth!

I have a minute before every one comes over to my house this afternoon. Nancy's pleurisy is a little better, she is using her oxygen each night and this should help a lot.She also is using her device for breathing into every day. It hurts so she doesn't like doing it much!
She sat in the car last night while we were at the park watching the fireworks. She did fine. She has never liked hearing the big booms of the fireworks. Even when she was just little I had to sit in the house with her on my lap and we watched them out the window together. She got a little better about this as she grew older and would love to do sparklers and parachutes! She likes the picnicking part the best and who can blame her for that!!!
Carrie drove in just after the last big boom of the grand finale!! We were all so tickled to see her!!
We went over to Jeremy (Jey) and Sofia house,they have moved down to our town and she got to see her new grandson!! Oh, how sweet that was! She thought the other two grandkids has grown up so much since Christmas!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I have a new post Just scroll Down!

I have a new post but I had put some of it in a draft and it published under my last post and I don't know how to get it on top of the old one!! SO please scroll on down to read the new one!! Thanks