Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Myrtle on the front door!

This is Karen's Kitty Cat Myrtle who loves to get on the divider and jump up on top of the front door!! She may be Karen's kitty but she lives with us! The first time she did this Kelly ran and got the camera and got these shots of her!! She likes to sit up there and watch out the door at the birdies in the trees!! This is my blue front door!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Couple More Fun Meme's!!

What Your Front Door Says

You are intriguing and charming.

People are naturally drawn to you, even if they don't know you.

You are calm and wise. You are a true leader.

You never feel isolated in a group. Somehow, you always belong.

My front door is Blue!! My house is white trimmed in blue!! You know me I see these things and I have to do them!! I just hope I am friendly and give my guests a good welcome.

You Are Granola

You are creative and inventive.

You don't do much the ordinary or normal way.

You like to explore new ideas and lifestyles.

Something isn't for you just because other people do it.

Quick breakfast fixes are definitely not your style.

You're the type most likely to cook yourself an amazing homemade breakfast.

Are they kidding I don't ever cook a big homemade breakfast!! Now Kelly does fix from time to time at supper time a wonderful home cooked breakfast!! We all love this!! But right now Karen and Kelly have been losing weight!! Since December Karen has lost 70 pounds and Kelly has lost some but mostly inches!!! When they get done with this I will post before and after pictures for you all to see!! The last time I talked to my son Bill he had lost 40 pounds!! I talked to my oldest daughter who is a missionary in Mexico and she had lost 23 pounds! Nancy has lost 5 pounds and Grams has lost zip 0 nata none!! I am so proud of all of them!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

City Wide Garage Sale Saturday !

I had a great day yesterday! It was our City wide garage sale day!! I don't need to go out and find stuff like I used to when Kelly was a little girl. I just like to get out and about!! Karen drove up at 9:00 and we were off to see what we could find!!
Nancy, my special needs daughter had told me "Find me Christmas things"!! I know they have some Christmas things out but usually large decorations she wouldn't care about. At the first place I hit the jack pot!!
Not before I scarred Karen!! She had given me money to have fun with and I had it in my slacks pocket and move it to my hand and then I am talking ( some would say Well, that's a stretch ) LOL I said I can't find my money!!! Karen looked where I had been standing and it wasn't there. She said, "Did you look in your pocket"? Yes! Yes! I have, it is not there!! I looked it my jacket and it was at the top almost falling out and I was so relived and happy! By the way Karen took the money like I might lose it!! LOL
The lady at this place had a box of ornaments that were just right for Nancy to sit and go through! She just Loved them!! They are so cute !
Karen stopped at a church where they were selling goodies and I had a brat and it was very good!! More garage sales and then at the top the hill where I lived when I was married, we went around the corner and I said I wonder if my friend Jackie is out going to garage sales this morning! Karen said ,"No she is having one!! I got out of the truck and would you believe a bunch of ladies from the church and prayer groups we all went to over 30 years ago were sitting in lawn chairs visiting and had put stuff in her garage sale!! They got another lawn chair for me and I sit and visited with my friends for quite a while and WOW what fun this was for me!! I think we all enjoyed this because we all have gone through a long winter and what a beautiful day and beautiful friends to be with!!
I felt so blessed to see every one!! Catching up on every one news it always fun!! I told them" Oh, I wish we had Karen's camera and I would take a picture and you all would be in my blog!"!! Then Karen said, No one is safe with Mom blogging!!!! I said, "You know my family tells me "MOM don't blog about that" !! In fact my daughter in Mexico has even said "Now,Mom that not for your blog!! By this time every one is laughing and teasing me!!
Karen took me out to Wal-Mart,out to her house and then home!!! In the evening we had our friend Linda over and she fixed supper for all of us!! It was so good!! All in all we had a great Saturday!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mathias!!

myspace comments
MySpace Happy Birthday Comments

Today is my GREAT Grandson Mathias 7th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday,Honey!! He lives in Guadalajara Mexico. I think he and his folks will be able to come on up here in August! I will be so happy to see him! They celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago.

It has cooled down here a lot from yesterday! I think I saw on the news at noon it was down to 47 degrees. I had thought about turning on the AC yesterday when it was 81 indoors and we were all getting cranky!! Well, me anyways!! But I didn't, because I like to have a month that we have a smaller bill and in the fall the same thing.
Thanks for your prayer for Kelly! She said to thank you all and she is studying very hard.
My friend Sandi over at Did you ever think about? lost her Dad this week after an illness. He did come to the Lord and she is thrilled about this. If you have a minute please go over and give her some love. This is a hard time for her and her family.
I have a few more prayer request, my friend Cinda's husband needs a job. He worked for years for a company then got sent to another one and it went out of business. Cinda's health isn't very good either. Linda is Cinda 's sister and she needs prayer for doors to open up for her!! Thanks for your prayers!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back from KU! Prayer for the GRE!

We went over to Kansas University Medical Center with Nancy yesterday to see her Dr. over there. He had the same good news about Nancy lungs that her other Dr. had already told us. He said that Nancy's lungs have stabilized!! This is sure good news. Nancy's lupus attacked her lungs back in 2004 and we have been working on getting this under control since then!! He said she could exercise by walking up and down the hall way or on Kelly's tread mill but not on an incline. Very slow at first. Their is scar tissue on her lungs which still making her out of breath.
She did have a bladder infection which we are getting medicine filled for her.

The next big thing will be her trip to the dentist in May. She has so much infection in her teeth.
Thanks for all your prayer for her!! It would be great for prayers that the lupus stops attacking her other organs! Lupus attacks it good cells. It thinks it is protecting them!

I won't be able to get out to many blogs today. I have worked in the computer room on Carrie's stuff all afternoon!! Tomorrow! I hope!!

Kelly has a prayer request. She is going to take her GRE test next week to be able to go back to college and get a Master degree in Library Science. Please pray she can retain what she is studying and that she will score well on her GRE! Thanks!! I know your prayer will be a really big help!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Chocolate Oracle !

What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied.

You don't like anything too intense and dramatic.

Deep down, you're a kid at heart... and you're nostalgic for the past.

You are emotionally expressive and sensitive.

You're effected by everything around you.

Your friends appreciate your open heart, but they are afraid of hurting your feelings.

You love being by yourself and thinking. Developing your own theories and ideas is fun.

You feel lost when you're forced to be social. Being with other people can be lonely for you.

You know me I love doing these things!! I think they are fun!! Of course I love Chocolate a lot! But with my diabetes it is something I can't have very often!! I do buy Sugar free Chocolate goodies from time to time!! I think it is Russell Stover's who have a bag of sugar free bars that taste like snicker bars!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Busy Saturday!!

Wow! What a busy Saturday! Kelly worked today so I thought, I am going to do my awards page!! I was over at Shorty Bears's Place and she had her's all up and posted to her side bar with out making a page for it. She used a new post and put her awards up on it and I thought I can do that!!! Well, I did but not as good as she did!!! So when Karen came over she and Kelly fixed it for me!!

Let me tell you Karen didn't want to do it this way she wanted to put three awards across the page!! I said I can't do that and every one knows that I can't do them like that!! I want them like I would do them!!!
I think I left one of them out! I just found 4 I had left out and when I put these in it made some of them far apart again! So Kelly or Karen will fix this for me later!!
To every one who gave me an AWARD in 2007 a BIG THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your kindness out here in blog land!!

In the middle of all this my grand son called and he said Grandma I am on my way down to fix your gutter that blew off the back of the house in the Big wind storm!! I was tickled pink and said come on down!! When he got to looking at everything the gutter was shot!! Jey and Karen had to go to the Home Depot in Blue Springs and get 15 feet of new gutter!! He was able to get it on the house and it looks good! But he said Grandma you really need new gutters for the entire house!! I kinda of knew this!!
Karen and Kelly have gone up to their house with the Wii for the kids to play with and for the big kids too!! Super Mario !!

link to award page

here's the link to my awards page: my awards.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home from the Doctor!

Girly Comments & Graphics

Thank you so much for all the prayers for Nancy!! We went to the pulmonary specialist today for her check up and to find out the results from the Pulmonary Function test she took on Monday.

The results are in: AND she is doing better then 6 months ago!! I was so happy!!

The only thing was that I didn't eat enough before we went and I ran errands with Kelly and walked more then usual and I had a insulin reaction at the Dr's office and this time it was a bad one!! The nurse gave me a cookie and Kelly got some stuff for me but I had gone to far and I was in cold sweats and very clammy and my clothes were wet! We stopped at Mc Donald's and had lunch but when I got home I was chilling and sick and sooo weak. I slept the rest of the afternoon. I am feeling much better !!!

Ok, we go back to the pulmonary specialist in Oct. Next week we go see her Dr of Rheumatology over at KU Med Center. In May she has her blood drawn because her thyroid was out of whack. She also goes to the Special Needs Dentist in May. The last of May we see her Dr. of Gastroenterology for her stomach problems. In June we go see the the Psychiatric for her other problems and our local Dr for her diabetic condition!! I am telling you all this so you can put her on your prayer list!!!! Thanks!!

So, if I don't get to your blog as often as I would like to you know why!!!! She is a lot of care!! So again I am saying a Big Thank You for your love, support, and Prayers!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

No results until Thursday!!

We are back from Nancy's Pulmonary Function test. She was so nervous before she took it and had worried about it last night. She did good!! The lady who gave it to her was so kind. She gave her paper towels she had put under water to put on Nancy neck when she was so hot from taking the test and couldn't breathe very good.

We don't have the results back but the nurse did call and said we needed a chest ex-ray for when we go back on Thursday. The Doctor will tell us the results on Thursday. OK,the Doctors office called and we have to take her to St. Mary's hospital and get the ex-rays taken up there tomorrow!

Kelly has written a poem for Mother's Day. It was published at associated content! If you click on the link below you can read it!! I loved it!! I want it for Mother's Day!! It's calledLittle Things

Saturday, April 12, 2008

He won't forsake Us!!

I want to share this beautiful icon I found that says: I will never leave thee nor forsake thee! Hebrews 13:5

If you are on my side bar, feel free to take this or if you read my blog take it!!

It is so wonderful to know that HE will never leave us! How powerful is this! What ever we face this week HE is with us!! Praise God!! When everyone else has forsaken us He won't! You can trust Him !

Isaiah 33:6 And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure.

When we search for wisdom and knowledge in His word, we become more stable in our walk! Let’s aim to spend more time in the Word and gain more stability in our lives!

I read this in my devotions this week from Worthy Ministries and I wanted to share it with you. I don't know anyone who doesn't need more wisdom and knowledge and stability!
Faith and stability are linked one to another. How do we become more stable and settled despite the circumstances surrounding our lives? By gaining faith! "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

In this day and age there doesn't seems to be much stability in any thing !! This is why I love this verse HE will never leave US nor forsake us!!
I hope you all have a great Sunday!! If for some reason you aren't able to get to church tomorrow here are some wonderful blogs that have the best devotionals in their post! Nancy isn't always able to go so Grams loves reading their devo's!!

You can go over to Chocolate and Coffee and Debbie writes wonderful devo's and so does Denise at Shorty Bears Place another blog with great devo's is Little Red Hearts From God and Denise at Samaritan Women! All these lovely women have a deep faith in GOD and are able to write it down!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I am Blubblegum Flavored Gum!

You Are Bubblegum Flavored Gum
You are friendly, outgoing, and energetic.
You love life, and you can always find some reason to smile.

You are a bit hyper, and you're always looking for your next challenge.
You love getting things done - and you are usually on the go.

Your confidence and positive attitude makes you a very attractive person.
You can be a little flaky at times, but people are able to overlook that - because you're so fun!
What Flavor Gum Are You?

I had not seen this one so of course I had to see what kind of Gum I was suppose to be!! You all probably took this one while our computer was in the shop!! I am Bubble Gum! Well, there you GO!

It is so cold here for April! I can't believe it! The weather man is calling for snow flurries for in the morning!! But before long it will be HOT and I don't like hot at all!!
Carrie lives in Guadalajara MX and I talked to her on the phone this afternoon and she said it was 95 degrees there!! They are getting their May weather in April!!

Nancy goes on Monday for her Pulmonary Function test. She hates doing this because she has to breathe into tubes and it is hard for her. Please remember her in prayer on Monday at 1:30 . Thanks!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Memoir in six words!!

I have been Tagged by Linda

Linda over at This and That Diary has tagged me for this Meme!!

The Rules:
1. Write your own six-word memoir about yourself.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you'd like.
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4. Tag five more blogs with links.
5. And don't forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

God is love & he loves Me
Ok,Karen said the & doesn't count as a word! I sure hope so!!! I am going to tag the following:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Doing one of these fun Quizes again!!!

Wow, You're a Bulldog!
The Comedian
You may look like the troublemaker of the pack, but it turns out your tough guy mug is worse than its bite. You're really a softie, loyal to your friends and family and A-OK with meeting new pooches but you prefer to do so with a high-five instead of a paw-shake. Proud of your great sense of humor, you've got a whole litter of jokes you draw from to keep the mood playful and the positive energy alive. A perfect afternoon for you involves a leisurely stroll with a pal, followed by a little downtime in an easy chair with a frosty can of brew, Or in my case a Diet Coke and a remote control within easy fetching distance. You shed accusations of being lazy, knowing perfectly well that you're kenneling the energy you might need for... well... something. Learn more »
FAMOUS BULLDOGS: Ellen DeGeneres, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Black, George W. Bush
LIKELY PROFESSIONS: Comedian, Firefighter, Racecar Driver, Bartenders

I saw this over at Mary's Writing Nook and You all know me ,I love taking these things!! So I had to take it!! Was I a sweet Labrador ??? Oh No!! Grams is Bull Dog!!! I Can't believe it!! Tee Hee!! OK, I need to get out and get a little visiting done!! Kelly had to work on the computer all day yesterday and get a bunch of work finished. So I am a little behind!! Hey, how about the Jayhawks!!! Wow!! What a game!! They were 9 points down in the last 2 minutes!!! Mario C. thew up a 3 pointer and the game went into overtime and the rest is History!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

KU at the Final Four! Awards and a meme I almost posted!!

Tonight is the Champion Ship Game for the Final Four!! One of the Big Twelve teams is in this game!! The Kansas Jayhawks!! Nancy has two specialist who our KU graduates and they are Big Time fans!! KU will be playing against Memphis! We will be watching for sure!!!

Karen over at Karen's Korner has given me two lovely awards!! Thanks Karen!! These are really neat!! If you haven't visited her you have missed a treat!! She is a down home down to earth lady and I love reading her post!! I am sure you will too!!

Karen over at Karen's Korner has given me this nice award!! Thanks so much!!

What a nice award from Barbara over at Stay Thoughts . Thank you so much of thinking of me !! She always has a great post!! She also tagged me for a fun meme and I did it!!!! I had just finished it up and I clicked some button and everything was gone!!! So maybe I won't do it!! I had answered 25 questions!! But Thank so much for a nice award!!

I will just passed these on to all the bloggers on my side bar! Please feel free to take any one of these!!
Mary just told me to look in my drafts and see if my Meme was in there and sure enough it was!!! So it is just below!!! Thanks Mary!!

Thanks Mary!!!!!! She found my Meme

Barbara over at Stray Thoughts has tagged me for this Meme!
1. The rules are posted at the beginning.2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Back in 1998 Kelly was in her second year at college. My grandson Brandon was married in July and my brother Ray who was so ill with cancer said he wanted to come down for his wedding, and he did!! Ray and his wife and his grandson were able to drive down and this was the last time I saw him. He died on Sept 4th and as we were leaving for the funeral my nephew Doug called and he told me the sad news that my sister had just passed away. This was a very sad time for me to say the least.

Five things on my to do list for today:

Call about Nancy's bill from one of her Dr's
Call about and see about an Appointment for Nancy
Take care of some work for Carrie Wash the dishes
Watch the THE BIG Game tonight!! KU and Memphis!!
BLOG twice in one Day!!

Snacks that I

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ice Cream

Potato Chips

Pop Corn

Carmel pop corn

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Give money to my church

Pay all my debt

Pay all my family's debt

Give money to the lupus foundation

Build a new home Well that was fun day dreaming!!

Three of my bad habit

See Snacks I love

When writing down a phone # I never remember to write who it is for and then later I have no idea!!!

Of course staying on the computer toooooo much!!

Five places I have lived:

Stratford Iowa

Boone Iowa

Hot Springs New Mexico now it is T OR C

Chillicothe MO

Richmond MO

Five jobs I have had:

Nurses Aid

House keeper


and mostly Home maker

Five people I want to know more about (A nice way to say TAG!)…






Guess what Mary over at Mary's Writting Nook told me to look in my drafts and see if it was in there and It was!! Thanks Mary!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Bonnie Tartan Day!

Nancy and Grams
Click on picture to make it bigger

Guess what these guys are talking about!!!! Not days of lore!! Who will win the game tonight KU or North Carolina!!!! You can see my head in the corner of the picture and I got a kick out of this!!!

Karen,Nancy and I had a great time at the Scottish Highlands deal today!!! It was a little chilly to start with but we put our chairs in the sun for a little while hoping Nancy wouldn't get to much sun! I have more pictures to post but wanted you all to see these!

You all who know my last name know I have a Scottish last name!! For 52 years!! But I am Swedish! In fact I am half Swedish!!!

Ok, tonight is the big game!! The Final Four!! Around in this part of the country they are in a frenzy about Kansas playing against their old coach Roy Williams! He left KU after saying he would never leave. This was 5 years ago, so Grams thinks it time for KU fans to get over it!! and go on!! They have a great coach now, Bill Self!! But that is just my opinion!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Fun Saturday for Nancy and me!!

Join us for the annual Tartan Day celebration on Saturday, April 5, 2008. A full day of Scottish activities and events will stir your ancestral roots, so come savor the flavor of Scotland in greater Kansas City. Bring the family, meet new friends and greet old ones at E.H. Young Riverfront Park, Riverside, Missouri. Everyone is welcome!

A Parade of Tartans, pipes and drums, highland dancing, clans, Celtic music, demonstrations by Scottish heavy athletics, Games merchandise for sale -- all happening at the site of the Kansas City Scottish Highland Games.

Lunch is available from the Oz Highland Farm concession, serving Scotsfare Haggis Pups™, Oz Highland beef patties and franks, cookies, chips and soft drinks, or feel free to bring a picnic lunch of your own.

Sponsored jointly by the Kansas City St. Andrew Society and the Kansas City Scottish Highland Games, the event honors the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, declaring Scotland as a sovereign and independent state.

What: A Parade of Tartans, led by the St. Andrew Pipes and Drums, followed by highland dancing, Celtic music, demonstrations by Scottish heavy athletics, clans, Games merchandise for sale.

When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, April 5, 2008.

This is where Karen is taking Nancy and me tomorrow!! Looks like fun to me!!! Karen is taking folding chairs for us and will help us. Kelly has to work tomorrow so Karen is doing this. Since my kids on their Dads side are Scottish I think they will love this!! We will have to find a place that is not to sunny for Nancy because of some of her medicine's she takes says, Do not get in the Sun!

I tried to get out today and visit each one of you but if I didn't make it to your blog I will a little later!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Computer is home again!!

Karen came by the house tonight and she had the laptop which is suppose to be all fixed!!! I sure hope this time it is for sure!!! I have missed you all and I just gave up trying to use the Wii this past week!!
On Monday we had a wind storm and the lights were out for just a few minutes but it knock out the Internet ! Karen and Kelly were able to get it going tonight! In the morning Kelly and I have to take Nancy down to the Dr. office and get the stitches out of her leg. She had a mole that we had to have taken off last week and the Dr.'s office called and said it was not cancer! So I will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to go visiting! I am so behind on all your news!! I feel like I am out in never never land!! BUT I will catch up again!!