Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Busy Saturday!!

Wow! What a busy Saturday! Kelly worked today so I thought, I am going to do my awards page!! I was over at Shorty Bears's Place and she had her's all up and posted to her side bar with out making a page for it. She used a new post and put her awards up on it and I thought I can do that!!! Well, I did but not as good as she did!!! So when Karen came over she and Kelly fixed it for me!!

Let me tell you Karen didn't want to do it this way she wanted to put three awards across the page!! I said I can't do that and every one knows that I can't do them like that!! I want them like I would do them!!!
I think I left one of them out! I just found 4 I had left out and when I put these in it made some of them far apart again! So Kelly or Karen will fix this for me later!!
To every one who gave me an AWARD in 2007 a BIG THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your kindness out here in blog land!!

In the middle of all this my grand son called and he said Grandma I am on my way down to fix your gutter that blew off the back of the house in the Big wind storm!! I was tickled pink and said come on down!! When he got to looking at everything the gutter was shot!! Jey and Karen had to go to the Home Depot in Blue Springs and get 15 feet of new gutter!! He was able to get it on the house and it looks good! But he said Grandma you really need new gutters for the entire house!! I kinda of knew this!!
Karen and Kelly have gone up to their house with the Wii for the kids to play with and for the big kids too!! Super Mario !!


Denise said...

Bless your heart, you have been busy. It looks nice, great job. Glad you got your gutters fixed. I love you.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grams,

You sure have had a busy Saturday. Glad your gutters got fixed. I am late with my posts because I have been busy for the past month.

Have a blessed Sunday!



Mary said...

I love your awards and left you a comment on that page. You did a fantastic job.

I'm so glad your grandson came to fix your gutter. They seem to wear out after a few years. I need new sofit and facia for the entire house and that is a costly repair, but it is going to have to be done.

Speaking of Mario, the boys and Grandpa are playing Mario Baseball on the Game Cube. They all love that game. They love it when they beat Grandpa.

Take care, my friend. I haven't had time to get Nancy's stickers yet, but will. I will let you know when they're mailed.


Hootin' Anni said...

Y' at our house we don't have gutters. Nor did we have them in Tucson. But personally, I guess after I grew up with them when I was a kid and helping dad each Fall cleaning them out, I think they're pretty darn nifty. You wouldn't believe the water that flows into our patio door because of the lack of a gutter! But boy howdy, how I hated 'em when I was a kid. Figures, huh?

It's good to have your grandson close by to have him do that for you......wish our G S was here that close for us. rofl

Hope your Sunday has treated you well.

PEA said...

We had our gutters replaced a few years ago so they'll be fine for years yet...glad your grandson was able to come put new ones up for you:-)

Love your award page and all the awards you were given...isn't it such a wonderful feeling knowing that you are so loved:-)

Such wonderful news that the Pulmonary Function test Nancy had showed that she was doing better than 6 months ago..yeahhhhh!! I can well imagine all the care she needs so don't you worry about trying to visit everyone. I didn't blog all weekend because I wanted to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather we're finally having:-) Love you! xoxo

Love Bears All Things said...

While I was in Alabama this time, I finally agreed for them to make me a player on the Wii. I like the Mario game best but only got so far each time before bumming out. It is fun to play some times but certainly takes over your mind so you shut everything else out.
Mama Bear