Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The computer is about to go out again!! Kelly is getting a new cord tomorrow!!! Talk to you all then!! Blessings, Grams

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!

Karen last year at Halloween as the Joker from Batman!!
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Would you believe that I was given another award from Denise at Shortybearsplace
Thank you Denise who is a sweetheart for sure!! She has a tons of health problems but she is so upbeat with all she has going on! She is an inspiration to all us who daily read her blog!! If you have never been over there just drop in for a visit and you our in for a wonderful time reading her uplifting posts!!! AND it is a very friendly site!! I think all the blogs I visit are really friendly!! This is what is hard !! I will pass this on to Pea , Cynthia, Mary,Anni,and Regina.

Girly glitter comments from

We are home from the Dr. and he said that Nancy is stable No better but No worse. I think that this is good because it no worse!! So I say Praise God!! It is so pretty here today!!
Kelly is baking Halloween cupcakes for my GREAT grand kids who are coming down tomorrow night to trick or treat Grams! She wants to buy carmel apples for us to have for my grandson Jey!! Kelly likes them, too!! She has to be up really early in the morning to go to a training session for the library over at another branch of our library system not to far from here.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Girly glitter comments from Gilrly gltter tags

Kelly has a new post over at her blog this morning! She has been so busy working on her photography shop that is online . She hasn't been able to post like she wants to! To read her post Go Here!

It is chilly in our house this morning!! I haven't turned on our heat yet!! I like to wait until after Halloween if I can! But I might have to turn it on in the morning..... But it is warming up nicely in the afternoons. I like to have a month you don't have AC bills or heating bills either!
Nancy is all excited about Halloween, she may be 45 but she is like she is between 7-12 years old. So she loves the candy that we get to pass out to all the neighborhood kids and anyone else who comes by!!
She has to go to her Pulmonary Specialist tomorrow afternoon. This is easy because it is not far from home. She is using her oxygen only at night. We will see what he has to say about her lungs. Hopefully her lungs are doing good!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Christmas Spirit Award

My dear friend Denise at ShortybearsPlace has honored me with this special award! Thank you so much,Denise I appreciate this a lot!!

Here is what Santa's blog says about this award:"What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask? Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others.Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those who display the "spirit of Christmas".This is the only award that I am releasing that you may pass on to others. I am giving it to five and you should too.Those that have touched your heart with their kind, and giving, and caring nature".
Please go to the Santa blog for more information about this.

Jane at Cozy Reader She is a wonderful giving person with a heart for missions not just at Christmas but all year long!! She and her husband give of their time and money to the country of Venezuela with such love. You can read about this mission here.

Cynthia at Walking On is one of the most giving people you will meet! With 3 blind children she lives with a the spirit of giving all year!!

Kelly at A Care Givers Diary I know Kelly is my daughter but she has a very giving heart!! Taking care of Nancy and me is not an easy task year round! This is a gift for us all year!

Connie at Little Red Hearts For God Connie is a very giving loving hospice nurse who cares deeply for her patients. All the time!! Every Day!

Glo at Young at Heart You can't believe all that Glo does for her church and her community! She has a very giving heart all year, too!!

Going to a Party as a Flapper!!

Karen and Kelly
My granddaughter Sarah



Karen, Kelly. and Sarah all went to a Party last night and they decided this year to go as flappers!! Here are some of the pictures we took last night!! I can hear that twenties music in the back ground....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Photo Hunt -Pink

This was out side a ice cream shop in Mexico Beach, Florida!! The ice cream was Delicious!! The truck was cute and Pink! For more Photo Hunt information Go Here

Friday's Feast #166

Appetizer Name a great website you would recommend to others.
Peggy's Place I have it bookmark somewhere and I can't find it!!

Soup On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how often do you dream at night?
I dream every night! I guess it would be a 10!

Salad Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?
My first dog name was Rover , we lived on a farm in the 40's and he was a collie dog!

Main Course If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise? I would tell how good Sugar Free chocolate nuggets by R. Stovers ! They are almost like the real thing!! Like oh so yummy!

Dessert What is your favorite kind of hard candy
I love Butterscotch's disk!!

A Sweet Treat from Mary !

I was just given this Sweet Treat Award from Mary at Mary's Writing Nook Isn't this the cutest icon!! I love it!! Thank you so much, Mary for thinking of me!! I am so pleased that she likes to read my blog!! How neat is that!! I will pass this out a little later!! It is past mid-night and I really need to go to bed! Not for any beauty rest I am just tired!!!
It is Sunday and I am rested up and ready to pass out these lovely awards! Thanks again Mary for such a nice award.

1. Tasha at Life is a Journey Tasha is new to me! I have enjoyed the times I have been over to her blog. She is a aspiring photographer. I think you will find her a sweet treat to read.

2.Reginia at Reginia's Family Seasons Reginia is new to me too!! I really like her blog and will be going there and seeing what she is up to often!! She is going to be a sweet treat to read!

3.Glo at Young at Heart Glo has a wonderful blog and is a wonderful person and yes she is my dear friend!! She is a treat to read!

4. Anni at Hootin'Anni's I love reading what Anni is up to and who know what that is going to be!! That why I go over every day just to find out what on earth she has been doing in the last 24 hours! You never know! A very fun and sometimes serious read.

5. Melanie at Our Happy Happenings Melanie is a Sweet Treat is read for sure!! She has a sense of humor that is great!! If you haven't read her post on I am a blogaholic you have missed a treat!! This is so funny! Just scroll down on her left sidebar and you can find it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful today for my family who came to my rescue when the hot water heater went kaput!! I always think of the one down in the basement as my new hot water heater!! It is 15 years old! Not so new! My goodness the prices have really soared on water heaters and installing one in 15 years! But Praise God it is to be installed tomorrow and we will have hot water again. Thank you Father for blessing me with a new hot water heater and a wonderful family!!

I am Thankful for the cool weather that finally came to us in Western Missouri! It is so nice to wake up to cool days!! Kelly had every door and window open today!!

I feel so bad for all the folks out in California who are suffering from the fires. My heart goes out to them, losing your home would be devastating . It is a blessing that not more people have lost their lives,but for the ones who have lost their life our hearts go out to their families

I am so thankful for the free gift of salvation from our Savior!! Praise God for this!!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Kelly's dog Molly!
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The book case and the pin oak

Here are the pictures of my new bookcase and of the tree I posted about on Monday! Thank you Kelly for running out doors and taking a pictures for me!! I sure do like my new bookcase. Now it will be fun to see what I can get to put on the top shelf! The flowers on there go in the living room part of the year but in the fall and winter I put them away. The lamp and candle holder belong to Kelly so we will have to get me something that looks as nice as her stuff!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Girly glitter comments from Glitter Girls tags

I am posting tonight because I have access to the computer!! Kelly has a photography shop on line and she is always busy taking pictures and has to down load them on to the computer and get them ready to sell on line and trust me that is a Big job!!

So when I don't come over and visit sometimes it because she is really busy doing her job!! She works at the library and does the photo shop and take care of most of the house work!! I try to keep up with the dishes for her and fold clothes. It is lot for her with all the Dr's. appointments it gets a little harry over here ( is that even a popular word these days) but you know what I mean....... She can't always post as often as she would like to. We had a busy day here.... Kelly put together my new bookcase I got for my bedroom but, wow!! It was so much bigger then I thought that we took down the mirror that as hung on the hall wall for years and put our new book case there.

It looks really good, too! We have books everywhere and this will be so great to get them all picked up from all over the house and put in one place!! Kelly brought up a beautiful lamp from her room and a candle holder that I thought was a lamp in Photo Hunt one Saturday. It made it look really nice but I had to promise her I would give them back after I get my own things to put on the top shelf!!

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone is having a good Monday!! My team won yesterday! Go Chiefs!! Win or Lose I do good anymore!! If we lose I say Bummer! and just keep on going...
It is starting to look a little more like fall around here!! The leaves are starting to get a tinge of the changing colors in them. It is getting a little cooler, too! I love that!!
The picture above doesn't look like fall and when my family sees this they will say this looks like what Mom likes in flowers and pictures!! I love soft romantic pastel colors like these!
I do like all the pretty fall colors, too!! We have a beautiful pin oak in our front yard that we planted when we moved here 17 years ago. It looked like a stick,everybody told me it was dead! To pull it up or dig it up and throw it away!! For two years it looked like a stick in the ground and every one was having a fit that I kept it.
But I said No, we are NOT pulling it up!! I am going to pray over this tree and ask God to breathe life into it and it will live and be beautiful!! I prayed all the time over this poor little looking stick and nothing happened for the longest time!! Everyone was saying plant a new tree!!
But in the third spring there were little buds on the stick and they turned into a few leaves and each and every year it grew and grew and now it it taller then my house and SO beautiful!!
I will have Kelly take a picture of it this week and post it so you can see, too!! This really built my faith up!! If God can do this for us, on a little dried out stick of a tree think what He can do to change Hearts and Lives to serve Him!! He can be our Redeemer, Savior, and Healer ! He is just wating to change your life!! If you are all dried up and need a touch from Him today, He is ready to breathe new life into you!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Melanie Birthday!

Girly glitter comments from

This is Melanie Birthday today over at Our Happy Happenings If you get a chance run on over and tell her Happy Birthday!! We love you here in Blogland Melanie!!

The "You Blessed Me" Award

Tanya, The Dairy Wife created this special award yesterday. She said:
This is a brand new never been used before award. I created it yesterday because I have read a few blogs lately that touched my heart and won't let go.It's about reading someone's story that grabs hold of your heart, and after you've moved on .... you remember, and are reminded that you've been blessed. It's about faith, and love and hope for ourselves, our future, our families and those we love. It's about empowering women and standing strong together. It's about the fight we have in us to survive relationships, abuse, cancer and loss of loved ones. It's about overcoming struggles that make us stronger and who we are today. Simply, it's about love. Loving one another.

I was so honored by Cynthia at Walking On giving me this very special award! Thank you so much for this lovely award!! Here are the kind words she had to say about me:

Carolyn, who's heart is so filled with love for others and who struggles through daily with the challenges life brings having a special needs child, having the strength to go on after her own trials (read about When Gramma Fell) and facing the sorrow of sickness (her daughter has Lupus.

I am so humbled to be chosen for this very special award. I am passing this "YOU BLESSED ME" AWARD on to:

Debbie at Chocolate and Coffee Debbie has a blog that is a ministry to women! Like I have said before she could write the books they use at Sunday School or for the Women Devotional Booklets! She has been an inspiration to me helping me get through another day with hope in my heart knowing that God will see me through any difficultly I might face! Thank you for your wonderful help, Debbie!

Connie at Little Red Hearts from God Connie is a hospice nurse and a wonderful person!! She to can write like a pro!! Her post will touch your heart and bring you to tears almost every time you read it!! Some of these post are the most moving I have ever read. She has a ministry going on her blog! Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Connie!

This must be the month for awards!!

Donetta over at A Life Uncommon has passed on this sweet award to me!! Thank you so much Donetta you have just made my day!! The award she gave me was the Blogging Friend Forever Award, which is "presented to awesome BLOG owners who keep their readers excited about their posts. Their blog posts are interesting (NOT spammy) and worth reading and keep their subscribers looking forward to each and every posts"
She said
Care o' lyn as I love to think of her is so full of compassion and consideration for others. Thus I think her great secrete to overcome her own challenges. She battles through looking outside of herself toward the son rise of encouragement for others!
I just read today Oct 27th that Jane at Cozy Reader has also given me this award!! She said a lot of nice things about me, too!! Thanks, So much Jane!! I really appreciate Jane and her blog so much!

Thank you for your kind words!! This is a lovely award and I will gladly pass this on to my blogging friends!!

1. Sandy at Flip Flop Floozie Sandy has a great blog and your will love going over there and visiting her! If you are new to blogging she will take you under her care and show you how to do this until to GET it!!! I thank her so much for all the wonderful help and hints she has given to me!!

2.Barb at Baba's Blog Barb has a great blog and I am very thankful that I found her blogging site!! She has really great post and pictures!! I love going over there! She did so good while she went through a difficult knee replacement!! She came shinning through, too!! Now she is Dancing in the streets!! Just kidding!! But she is dancing!

3. Melanie at Our Happy Happenings Melanie has a great blog! She has a wonderful sense of humor and love for her family! I go over to her blog every single day to see what she is up to on that day!!

4. Glo at Young at Heart has a great new look to her blog and you will love getting to know her!! She to has a great sense of humor and writes about all kinds of things that I find really interesting!! She also lives 25 miles from me!! So we even know some of the same people!!

5. Courtney at Beside My Soldier I am new to Courtney's blog. She is a solider wife and Mother. She has good post and leads a very busy life!! She is a good friend of Glo's and was one of the army's wives to help Glo start her blog Page!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Photo Hunt # 80 Practical

A Bridge to the huge battle ship we saw on our vacation is practical for sure!! Go here for more information on Photo Hunt

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Winnie the Pooh

I saw this over at Our Happy Happenings, Melanie's Blog! It turned out I was Pooh Bear! It says that....... I am lovable and kind! Well, I try to be!! and I like good food! Right on there!! Love my friends! Love to have fun!! Ok, I am Pooh Bear!! Well maybe not!! But this was fun! If you take this test leave me a comment so I'll know which one they say you are!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday and I am Thankful!

It is time for us to take Nancy back over to Kansas University Medical Center for her follow up from Chemo in the spring. Tomorrow they will be doing a fasting blood sugar and she can't eat after midnight! We could not get a appointment until 11:00 in the morning ! Oh Boy! I am thankful she can drink water so this will help....

I will do Thankful Thursday next week. I know we will be gone until in the afternoon. I do have so many wonderful things to be Thankful for every day!

My great grandson's dedication on Sunday was so moving!
All my lovely blogging friends who visit with me every day and it gives me an outlet from being in the house so much!! One of our friends said, "Carolyn, gets out without getting out"!! This is what blogging has done for me!! It has helped me so much!!

You don't know how much this means to me. When Nancy tells me the same thing a hundred times in one day it can sometimes wear you down! Whew! But God is Good!! All the Time!! We are Blessed for sure!

The Wonder Woman Award

I have just found out that I have received the Wonder Woman Award!! I received this award from Cynthia at Walking On. I am so humbled to receive this from her!! She truly is a wonder women!! Cynthia is a Mother to eight children. Two of these lovely kids are blind. She said one more of her children could benefit from the White Cane program. I would say she is truly a Wonder Woman!!!!

So I do accept this award with a humble heart and Thank You so much,Cynthia!! I am not going to give this out today but in a day or two I will. I am still overwhelmed by receiving this wonderful award. Just when things seems rather hard at my house last night, with Nancy, I received this! Wow! What a wonderful uplifting award this is!!!
I am ready today to pass this award to some neat Wonder Women!! All my blogging friends are Wonder Women!

1. Bridget at ...."and Miles to Go Before We Sleep".... Bridget has two sons who have Autism. She does a fantastic job of taking care of her sons and the rest of her family! She is always putting the most delicious recipes on her blog!! She is truly a Wonder Woman !

2. Julie at Jules Journal Julie has 3 teenage daughters and a 7 year old son! I think any one trying to raise teenagers in this day and age should get some kind of a neat award!
She has nice girls so she is doing a good job!!

3. Mel's Mom at Mel's Mom I am going to have to find out her first name!! She is doing a wonderful job helping her daughter Mel through a very tough time after losing her financee in Iraq this February. She is one very supportive Mom!

4. Mary at Mary'sWriting Nook Mary has a grandson is on the Autism Spectrum and he has Asperger's Syndrome. Mary has written a really good article on this branch of autism which will benefit anyone looking for this information. She has a deep love for her family! I love reading her post!

5. Donetta at A Life Uncommon has two adopted children from Russia who are Special Needs. Let me tell you one child that is special needs is a handful!! She does a great job with these kids! She is one of the most loving Mom's around here!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!

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The Community Blogger Award

The Community Blogger Award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogging community a better one. I have been awarded this lovely award by Linda at This and That Diary She told me this award was created by Cellobella's over at Sultana Blog, where you can read why she created this award.
Linda, thank you so much for thinking my blog makes you feel welcome!! I sure hope everyone who stops by get a feeling that he or she is most welcome to come by and enjoy my blog and feel at home ! I was given this award by Tammy over at My Gentle Retreat too! Thanks!!
I am going to pass this award on to some blogger who make me feel so welcome at their blog! There are tons and tons of lovely blogs so I have to limit this to a few!

2. Denise at Shortybears Place

3. Glo at Young at Heart

4.Pea at PEA's Corner

5.Anni at Hootin 'Anni

6. Barb at Baba's Blog

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuesday Thoughts!

Girly glitter comments from

I know this is Monday night, but we have to take Nancy to see the Doctor in the morning. I have worked all day on my daughter Carrie's missionary supporter"Thank You"letters. I have these ready to mail out and I am so thankful these are finished!

Last night I read a wonderful post over at Mary's Writing Nook She wrote about "Autumn on the Farm" I really enjoyed reading this post! It brought back so many memories of my childhood on the farm. Not every thing was the same but there was a enough that it brought back happy fall days on the farm for me too!! You will have to scroll down to find it but it sure is worth reading!

Denise, over at Shortybears Place has written a neat post today.She has written it for Faith Lifts.It is a very sweet post!

It also is Cindy Swanson at Notes in the Key of Life 4th blogging Birthday and it would be nice if you could run over there and say Congrats. to her!! She has a very neat blog!

We sure had a blessed time yesterday with Jeremy, Sofia,Valerie, and baby Kevin! I would have loved it if my daughter Carrie and her husband Aaron could have been there to see their grandson's dedication!
I posted pictures as fast as I could!!! I thought this icon was so cute I could not resist putting on my post!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kevin's Dedication

Pastor Tim and my Great- Grandson Kevin
Kelvin Sofia Jeremy and Valerie

Kevin Sofia Jeremy and Valerie

This Sunday my great-grandson Kevin was dedicated at the morning service. Pastor Tim 's sermon was good,too! He said we have a destiny in God to be anointed to share God's love to the world! He prayed a lovely prayer over baby Kevin, Jeremy , Sofia, and Valerie .He exhorted them to raise Kevin in God's love and teach him right from wrong. For health, long life. safety,wisdom.and to know Jesus as his Savior when he is older! After church we went out for dinner, we had the best time!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Photo Hunt # 79 Smelly

K- douglas photography
These fish could be really smelly in a few days! Kelly took this picture on a dock in Florida!
More information on Photo Hunt Go Here

Friday's Feast !

Appetizer... When was the last time you were surprised?

Karen came over with new clothes for me to have for our vacation!

Soup... Fill in the blanks: My eyes are brown________, but I wish they were I would love to be able to see better!!_________

Salad...If you were a Beanie Baby, what would you look like and what would your name be?

A little grandma lady! Rollie Pollie

Main Course...Name two things you consistently do that you consider to be healthy habits.

I have started drinking "More" water!! I have cut down on my caffeine intake!

Dessert...What brand of toothpaste are you using these days? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Since I have dentures I use what ever kind of tooth paste Kelly or Nancy has on hand! Usually Crest!

For more Friday Feast information Go Here!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

Here it is Thankful Thursday!! I am so thankful my eye is looking normal again!! I am thankful Kelly has been able to have more days to work this week. This is always good! Our kitty cat Myrtle is feeling good again running all over the house!

I am thankful that Nancy is feeling a little better and doesn't need her oxygen in the day time. We still have to turn on old puff (the concentrator) at night and she uses oxygen all night.

I know this next one sounds a little different to be thankful for but I have Praised God ever since it happened. Nancy wanted pictures and cards from one of our neighbors. The children ran over here a day or two ago with their school pictures and all kinds of little gifts and a card for her. She was beside her self with joy!
She had asked me over and over if they were going to give her a picture and a card and now she has it!

And they didn't wait until Halloween. So this was a blessings because she stopped asking this 20 times days!! When she gets on a roll and starts asking something she can't stop sometimes!!
The Doctor said her brain gets stuck on a word or phrase.

I am so thankful that God worked this out! He is so wonderful this way! It touches your heart when the small things get worked out! That He cares about our small things is so precious! Don't get me wrong I love it when the big stuff gets worked out, too! I am so Thankful for His Love!

For more Thankful Hearts Go Here

The "You Lift Me Up" Award Scroll down for WW

I was given this lovely award by Denise at Shortybears Place. and Melanie from Our Happy Happenings Thank you so much Denise and Melanie! It is an honor to be given this award from Denise who is struggling so hard with many health issues and still is able to write the most up lifting posts,that warm your heart daily! and from Melanie who is a busy wife and Mother raising her one year old daughter! Melanie always has a fun uplifting post! I love her sense of humor,she can be so funny!!
Here are some of the posts that also warm my heart and give me a lift daily!

1. Debbie at Chocolate and Coffee Debbie writes the most inspirational post .The post bless me daily and help me grow in my Christian walk! I tell her almost daily she should be writing a book!!

2. Sandy at Flip Flop Flooize Sandy posts are fun, sometimes serious, and I find them uplifting with her thoughts on life and how to get through each day! You will love reading her blog!!

3. Glo at Young at Heart Glo always gives me a lift!! Thank you for being my friend!!
She is a retired army wife who is a wonderful person to a bunch of younger army wives!

4. Linda at This and That Linda posts are so interesting and she will make you laugh and cry some days! I love reading about her life and her family. She has a great blog that is uplifting.

5. Anni at Hootin Anni's Anni gives me a lift every day!! She is a very creative writers and her posts can be funny, warm, with lots of information on all kinds of stuff that is always very interesting!

6. Barbara H. at Stray Thoughts I am new to reading her blog but I have read her comments for a while on other blogs and I liked what she had to say so much that I went over to her blog to see what she was about!! And I loved her post!! Very uplifting!

7.Barb at Baba's Blog Barb has such a fun blog! I love going over there every day and seeing what she is up to next!! She has just gone through a hard time with a knee replacement that was not easy! She has sure given me a lift reading how she has come through this so good!!

All these dear ladies post are very uplifting and my goodness there are tons more out there that are just as uplifting,too!! Thank you, again Denise for thinking of me!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wordless Wednesday.......almost!

Just Beautiful
A beauty all of it own!

So Tall
I can not believe how different the trees are in the South compared to the mid- west!
I have never seen trees this tall in all my life!!
Check out more infromation on Wordless Wednesday Here

Monday, October 8, 2007


Girly glitter comments from

Does any one remember when Tuesday was the day you were suppose to iron! Monday was wash day and Tuesday was ironing and I can't remember what we were suppose to do the rest of the week!! I know I was always busy!

This is over 50 years ago! I do know my Mom went by all the days of the week what you were suppose to accomplish on each day. I think when we all started using washers and dryers in the 60 's is when this started fading out some.....

When I married the kids' Dad in the fifty's we starched everything. We would buy a box of faultless starch and stir it and cook it and then dip the clothes in it, rinse them and hang them up to dry outdoors which wasn't so bad in the spring and summer or fall but winter it was a mess!

I remember hanging every thing in a bed room up stairs that we had nailed lines to the walls. This was in the 60's ! I for one was so tickled when Niagara came out with there easy cold water starch!! Then it was spray starch and I thought this was out of this world!!

By the late 60's I had a washer and a dryer and life got a little easier. I had a wringer washer before then and we were limited on the water we could use from our indoor source, so I had to pump the water from a well outdoors and heat the water then wash all the clothes and hang them out to dry!!

I for one was tickled pink when we moved to town and had a washer and dryer and some where along the way we stopped all the starching etc!! I don't do much ironing any more!! I just make sure every thing new doesn't have to have ironing done!

Okay, my grand kids think I am from the olden days! Mother's now days have it harder in a different way trying to work, take care of their homes and children and their husbands! Or it can even get harder and some women are single parents and whoa, that's hard too!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Sweet Treat !

I have been given a very sweet treat by Hootin'Anni's! Thank you,Anni! I love it! I think you are the one who is very sweet and it is a treat to read your blog!
This is the idea behind this treat..... Pick someone who you think is deserving of a special treat for the season. Kinda like "Pay it Forward"Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

Wow! This is going to be fun going out and finding some new friends to treat!! OK here we Go!! I have 5 lovely sweet treats for.........
All these blogger have been to my blog but I don't know them as well as I would like to so this is great way to get acquainted!

1. Lauren at Baseballs and Bows

2.Courtney at Beside My Soldier

3. Mel's Mom over at Mel's Mom

4. Rachel at Heart of Rachel

5. Glo at Young at Heart Ok , I know!! this is my friend Glo ! Who lives 25 miles from me !!

Thanks again Anni this really kicked off the fall season for me!! Now where did you put the candied Apples??

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Girly glitter comments

I just read a sweet story that moved me to tears over at Little Red Hearts from God
Connie is a hospice nurse who is also a very anointed writer.She is a very caring person . I think you will like her post for today " A taste of Heaven" Once you have read her posts you will be back for more.

Here is an update on the homecoming parade. Nancy said, I am to old to run out and get candy!! But it all worked out because one of the football boys jumped off the float and ran up to the porch where we sitting and had tons of candy for her!! Other people gave her candy too, so she was happy and this all went really good! The only problem was the heat! She came home and put on her oxygen and took a nap!! I could have ,too!! I can hardly wait for cooler weather..... I just love fall it is my favorite time of the year.

I pray every one will have a great Sunday and you are Blessed today by all your family and friends. We have so much to give thanks for every day!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Photo Hunt Curvy

This is a curvy lamp in Kelly room!! What will I do when I run out of photo's of Kelly's neat stuff!!
Go here for more information on Photo Hunt

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Friday !

Girly glitter comments from

We have to take Nancy to get her flu shot in the morning. By the time I have my insulin shot and she has hers and we eat breakfast and get ready,I won't have time to get the Friday Feast done,and get down to the Doctor's office.
My friend Lilly called and asked me if Nancy and I would like to go watch the Homecoming parade down at Karen and Kelly's photo studio and I said Yes! Wow! Two days in a row to get out and about!!

There is a bench on the front porch where we can all sit on and enjoy the parade!! Nancy likes to run out and get the candy that the people on the floats throw out as they go by!! We have finally got through to her she has to let the little ones run out first and get their candy!! I hope she remembers. If any body on the floats recognizes her they send candy her way, so it all works out!! Kelly has to work to tomorrow afternoon or she would be taking us and helping her!!
It is always fun to see the Marching Band, the football boys, and the little league sports teams dressed up in their uniforms and all the floats!!

Nancy did pretty good today on her big shopping spree!! Thanks for your prayers for this!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday
I am so thankful for all the blessing this week from my blogging friends!! You help keep me uplifted by your writings in your blogs. Some are serious and some not so serious but all of them me help me each week!

We are taking Nancy shopping tomorrow and this is always an adventure for sure! I am so thankful I have Kelly to help me with her at the store! I know this sound odd but she is a handful when shopping! She wants everything she sees and we have to talk fast and furious to talk her out of half of what she wants!! Kelly can do this really good so I am so thankful she will be on hand to do this !! If you are new to my blog Nancy is my 45 years old special needs daughter.

She has had a list for over a month for all the items she wants and she has gone over and over the list a million times! She loves to send cards so we will be buying stamps and I am thankful she has money to buy them and most of the things she is needing!

I am so thankful that my eye is better and feeling okay again, my daughters threaten to take the computer from me if it didn't look better yesterday and that was a scary thought!

Thankful for our home a place to be!! Corrie Ten Boom has written in one of her books we should always be thankful for a place to be!! I am so thankful for my home!
I am Thankful for God's love, His Grace, and His Mercy! Without this how lost I would be!

Have you seen this yet?

This is so funny!!!! Scroll down for wordless Wednesday.

LOL William Tell Overture

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!!

This is on Kelly's shelf.

The Mathetes Award - Excellence in Discipleship

This amazing award was given to me by Debbie at Chocolate and Coffee and I am so honored. Thank you so, much, Debbie!! It is exciting to know that God is using my blog to touch the lives of other women. I will pass this award to five ladies who encourage others each week. I love reading their blogs. Bless you ladies! Check out Dan King at Management by God to learn more about this award.

1. Glo at Young at Heart

3. Jane at Cozy Reader

4. Melanie at Our Happy Happenings

This is a lovely award and I will treasure it for sure!! Thanks again, Debbie!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Totally Fabulous Award !

I received this Totally Fabulous award from Denise over at Shortybears Place I was thrilled to think she thought my blog and me too, was fabulous!! and fun and cool too!! How about this!! Thanks Denise!!

This award was designed by Mike At Ordinary Folk and was originally offered by Christy of Totally Fabulous. She says the award is for “bloggers who are fun, cool, and of course Totally Fabulous!”. I wish to pass it along to: You all know I really think all of you are Fabulous!!

1. Julie at Jules Journal

2.Linda at This and That Diary

3.Bridget at "and Miles to Go Before we Sleep...

4. Anni at Hootin' Anni '

5. Sandy at Flip-Flop Flooize

Well, there you are 5 Fabulous bloggers who are fun cool and have great blogs! There are dozens of you out there who are great bloggers and I love your blogs, too!!


Girly glitter comments from

Just wanted to see if I could do it again!! You can see I did! I found out that I don't have to do any thing with folders unless I want to save the icon. This is where I got confused! Ok I can do this!! Not hard at all....

I asked Karen yesterday why my labels would not go over to the left side like every body else's?? She said, it was my template. What it was set on and she would have to go in and change it for me.... There is so much I don't know about computers.... But I am learning as I go along!

I have something wrong with my eye today.... in fact it started last night when Kelly got home and Karen came over to visit. My left eye is all blood shot. It doesn't hurt today and Kelly said it looks better so I am not going to the Doctor unless it looks worse tomorrow. I have been reading a lot lately and this could have had something to do with it!

Hey, the Chiefs won yesterday!! How about that! We were not suppose, too! Some body forgot to tell our defense that!! They won the game for us!

Nancy is all excited because it is almost Pay day for her on the 3rd! She is planning on all the Halloween candy and stuff she wants to get and give out!!

We have a big time over here doing this, I babysat for years and the Mothers would brings by theirs ghosts and goblins until they got to big........ One of the boys I watched is 15 now so I am sure he won't be here this year.... I love to see all the little ones when they come by and are all dressed up!!

Karen Nancy and Kelly get dressed up and help pass out candy! That was always my job until I hurt myself... Now I sit in a chair close to the door so I can see how cute everybody is!! We used to have over 100 kids come by but not that many any more ....... Maybe 40 or 50 tops now!! But we still enjoy the kids!!