Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Friday !

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We have to take Nancy to get her flu shot in the morning. By the time I have my insulin shot and she has hers and we eat breakfast and get ready,I won't have time to get the Friday Feast done,and get down to the Doctor's office.
My friend Lilly called and asked me if Nancy and I would like to go watch the Homecoming parade down at Karen and Kelly's photo studio and I said Yes! Wow! Two days in a row to get out and about!!

There is a bench on the front porch where we can all sit on and enjoy the parade!! Nancy likes to run out and get the candy that the people on the floats throw out as they go by!! We have finally got through to her she has to let the little ones run out first and get their candy!! I hope she remembers. If any body on the floats recognizes her they send candy her way, so it all works out!! Kelly has to work to tomorrow afternoon or she would be taking us and helping her!!
It is always fun to see the Marching Band, the football boys, and the little league sports teams dressed up in their uniforms and all the floats!!

Nancy did pretty good today on her big shopping spree!! Thanks for your prayers for this!!


Denise said...

Praying for you to have a very fun day today sweetie, love you.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Grams, hope the parade was fun. Sounds like you are getting out and as always, enjoying life. Miss you.

Hootin'Anni said...

Ahhhhh, shucks. Nancy deserves the candy too. [I understand what you're trying to teach her, but life on earth only goes around once] It's super that you get to view the parade!!! Autumn is such a glorious season!! Enjoy.

Linda said...

Hope you all enjoyed the parade.

I haven't had my computer on for a couple days and I thought I need to go around and visit first. You are my first stop. When I was reading your post, it dawned on me it's Friday. OMG!! I thought it was Thursday!! See what happens when you get old!!!

Julie said...

I called mom this am and he was just going to surgery. Was to take about 4-6 hrs. haven't heard from them yet this afternoon, but she said she would email me and let me know how he is doing.
Will let you know when I find out anything. Thank you sooooo much for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated!!!

Melanie said...

Hope you enjoyed your day!