Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Sweet Treat !

I have been given a very sweet treat by Hootin'Anni's! Thank you,Anni! I love it! I think you are the one who is very sweet and it is a treat to read your blog!
This is the idea behind this treat..... Pick someone who you think is deserving of a special treat for the season. Kinda like "Pay it Forward"Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

Wow! This is going to be fun going out and finding some new friends to treat!! OK here we Go!! I have 5 lovely sweet treats for.........
All these blogger have been to my blog but I don't know them as well as I would like to so this is great way to get acquainted!

1. Lauren at Baseballs and Bows

2.Courtney at Beside My Soldier

3. Mel's Mom over at Mel's Mom

4. Rachel at Heart of Rachel

5. Glo at Young at Heart Ok , I know!! this is my friend Glo ! Who lives 25 miles from me !!

Thanks again Anni this really kicked off the fall season for me!! Now where did you put the candied Apples??


Nonna said...

Thats a cute and sweet idea!!

Hootin'Anni said...

Oh glad you like the idea. Hope a few others will join in and we could have a virtual Halloween. *giggles*

Well now,....Chiefs lost you say? Ha...Not laughing at their loss, just laughing in disgust with the Broncos....they were losing so badly, the station dropped that game and went to another game.

Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That was very nice of you, and the button is so cute! Thankfully, I think my daughter is on the mend. I will try to get this posted in the next day or two. Thanks again!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey Carolyn, thanks for stopping by. We are on our way home now. It is late tonight and we are tired but made it to Tennessee!! Tomorrow will be another long day of driving. Sonny is having some hard times now!! He was out and we could not tell him goodbye. He has a long road ahead of him now..Sandy

Denise said...

What a nice idea, love you grams.

Glo said...

THANKs Carolyn Your a sweetheart.
Love and prayers,

Melanie said...

What a neat idea! Congrats your award!!

Irishcoda said...

What a sweet idea! I may just nick it from Hootin' Anni! One of my fondest memories was a candied apple way back when!

Stargazer said...

Hello, nice blog you have :)

Courtney said...

Awww! Thank you so much!
You are such a sweetheart♥

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you very much for this sweet surprise. It's always a pleasure to meet wonderful people through blogging.

I'll post about this soon. Enjoy the rest of the week. God bless.

.:mar said...

How cute and what fun!!!
Thanks so much for your kind bday wishes!!! I truly appreciate that :)

Linda said...

Sorry to hear the Chiefs lost, but am happy dancing to WVU's victory!!

Annie has such clever ideas around Halloween. Congrats on your award!!

Donetta said...

Congratulation. Yummy!
Hat, Thank you for your sweet support. I have been a little drippy with frustration. Yuk!
Your kindness pulls me over to the lighter side.
Thank you

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I love pay it forward ideas.. I loved that movie..
if only the world lived that way...

Grams.. you are so precious... I just love you


Mel's Mom said...

Aaaaw THANKS Grams! YOU are surely deserving of this one!! Love you!