Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandma Carrie here's your adorable tick-or-treaters!!!

When I talked to my missionary daughter tonight on the phone,she told me she had not seen a picture of her new grandson Baby Marcello since the one that was posted on my Birthday blog!! She asked (begged) me to Please post some more picture of him!! So I have a ton of picture here for Grandma Carrie!! We had a lot of trick or treaters tonight!

Karen brought over these for Nancy!

Grams as a Hawaiian Princess!

Great Grandma and Valerie as Princesses

I was enjoying the kids a lot!

Nancy was Bat Woman!

Baby Marcello! He is 5 months old


I don't know who gave him a doughnut!!

He seems to like it!

Valerie and her doughnut!

Our little princess!

The kids over at Gramps house

Valerie and Kevin, back at my house


Sofia and Kelly

Our fireman Kevin

Gramps and Kevin

Kevin got a hold of the Candy bucket!

Kelly and Kevin

Kelly and Kevin

Fireman Kevin

Kelly and Kevin



My Grandson, Jeremy

Baby Marcello over at Gramps house

Valerie Kevin and Daddy at the neighbor's house.

Valerie, walking up the street with daddy
Ready for a night of trick-or-treating!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday and its Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! When I saw Charlie Brown and the gang's icon, this is the one I wanted to use. It was on TV the other night and it is one of Nancy's favorite Holiday Specials.

I am always amazed when they still show Charlie Brown's Christmas Special with the real Christmas Story!

Nancy and I will be passing out candy tonight. We always have a bunch of kids at our house and I love to see the little ones! I think the Great Grand kids will be going out to their church for a big Fall Festival! I told them to bring the kids over on the way!

The Baptist are having a Treat or Trunk and pulling there cars and pickup in their parking driveway and decorating the trunks and then passing out candy to the kids who come by for a safe place for them to go.

When my son live near he always brought my grand kids over for treats and that was so fun. They are all grown up now!! The time went way to fast!!

I babysit tons of kids through the years and they used to come by too! But they are all teenagers or older now!!!

Carrie has lived in Mexico all the years the other grand kids were growing up so I don't remember a Halloween with them!!! That is why I so enjoy seeing the Great Grand kids!!!

It is really pretty here! The temp. was 73 degrees today! We have leaves all over the yard and I love the sound of the kids walking through them and the crunch crunch sound!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Karen as Paula Dean Kelly as Rachel Ray!!

What Your Love of Snickers Says About You

You are a very popular person. People can always find something about you to like.

You are friendly and approachable. It's easy to feel comfortable around you.

You are lively, playful, and sweet. But you are also substantial too.

No matter what the situation is, you are good company... and the ideal best friend.

I did one of these Deals you take to find out silly stuff about you! If you choose Snickers it says really good things about you!!! I love Snickers!! I just can't have them anymore!!
We had lab work for Nancy this morning and seeing the Dr. She doesn't have to see this Dr.again until January!! I love this! We still have lab work twice a month but that only takes a few minutes.

Karen and Kelly went to the annual Halloween Party. I shared their pictures last year but after all the weight loss they are really looking great! Karen was Miss Paula Dean! Kelly was Rachel Ray!

Karen and Myrtle


Thanks to Karen for changing my header!!! Yeah!!! This made me so happy!!! It looks good!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Super Sunday Scene Song Scripture

Jer. 30: 7 For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord,

"Restore" means to take back to the original intended design, plan, purpose, and function.
This scripture was sent to me this week by a friend and it has been a blessing to me! So I am sharing it with you too. There are so many out there suffering with one thing or another and I think this is a very good Bible Verse to hide in your heart and to hang on to!! Go Here to join in for the Super Sunday post.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have awards for You!!!

My dear friend Denise has passed these lovely awards on to me! Thank you so much Denise! I am going to passed them to all the people who read my blog,if you on my side bar this is your too! If you follow my blog these are yours too! Please pass the friendship around.Thank you again Denise for thinking of me! I think I covered all the bases on this one!!!!I just hate leaving any one out!!

Thank you for your kind words in my last post! I sure appreciate you all!! The above award says it all! You all have lent me a hand with all your prayers and caring for me and for Nancy too!
I overdid on Tuesday so now I am taking it easy! I have to be ready for my next procedure, so I am thinking I had better rest up a bit! I did get a flu shot today. Maybe by next week I can get out and about and do some more visiting!! I will be reading your blogs for now, just not leaving a comment.
I talked to Glo on Friday and she is doing ok! She said to tell everyone Hello!! She misses everyone a lot!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A lovely gift from Pea's Birthday Give a Way!!! Up date on my procedure

When Kelly came home from work she had this package with her. I was thrilled because it was from Canada and from my dear friend Pea from over at Pea's Corner and I knew that this was the give- a- way prize I had won for Pea's Birthday Tea!!! I was so excited I could hardly wait to get it opened!

Pea had enclosed an adorable card with this cute kitty!

Also a beautiful lei

Two beautiful Tea Cups

With a package of Tea!

Napkins too!

With a tiara and a lei and a lovely tea cups I

am ready for you all to come join me!!

I looked up at my hutch and there is my swan. I think it would

match my new tea cups perfectly !

Won't the tea cups and my swan look so beautiful together!!

Thank you Dear Pea for all the lovely gifts!! I love them!!!!

What a wonderful Birthday Tea you had for us!!!

Thanks for all your Sweet comments and prayers while I have been getting over this procedure. It turned out a little rougher then I thought it would be!! Understatement! I was so sick when I woke up on Friday morning with fever, chills, and nausea. The Doctor had put long stents from my hips to my knees which made my arteries go, what is that flowing through us!! SO I ached! and ached! He had to put a lot more stents in my left leg then he thought he would at first. But this is Monday and I am so much better and feeling better every day.

I will be going back the first week of November to get my right leg done and the arteries by my kidneys! The Doctor said I would be on dialysis in a year or so if we didn't take care of the arteries there!
So we will!! Thanks again!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mom's home

Mom's procedure is finished and she is home, now. The artery in her left leg, starting from her hip and running down to her knee, was 98% blocked. The doctor only put stints in this leg. The arteries in her other leg and kidneys has to have stints, too, but she has to go back to the hospital during the first week of November to have the procedure done. She is doing well and thanks everyone for all your prayers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little this and that on Wednesday!

It is almost time for me to have my Angioplasty procedure.I have to drink some medicine the Dr. prescribed for me to protect my kidneys. This stuff taste terrible!!
I knew I was in trouble when I talked to the nurse on the phone this morning and she said, "You might want to take this with juice or soda pop to get the bad taste out of your mouth!!! I have had one dose! She wasn't kidding! Pretty bad! I just drank it down fast!

I don't know about you all but I'm ready for the election to be over! All the adds on TV,continually, whew! Missouri is a swing state, so we get a extra dose of these!!! If you listen to both sides you wouldn't think any one was fit to govern!! From local election to the national one!! They make each other sound so bad!! I wish they didn't do negative adds. But I will be exercising my privilege to vote come November 4th.

After reading about the delicious food our Canadian friends were serving for their Thanksgiving over the weekend, I saw this icon and thought wow! I am ready for this holiday! I think Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays going! No pressure just fun to be with family and friends!

Here is a nice award from Denise at Shortybears Place. Thank you so much! I have passed this out before but I want you to have it too! If you are on my side bar Please grab this and be my friend!