Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday and its Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! When I saw Charlie Brown and the gang's icon, this is the one I wanted to use. It was on TV the other night and it is one of Nancy's favorite Holiday Specials.

I am always amazed when they still show Charlie Brown's Christmas Special with the real Christmas Story!

Nancy and I will be passing out candy tonight. We always have a bunch of kids at our house and I love to see the little ones! I think the Great Grand kids will be going out to their church for a big Fall Festival! I told them to bring the kids over on the way!

The Baptist are having a Treat or Trunk and pulling there cars and pickup in their parking driveway and decorating the trunks and then passing out candy to the kids who come by for a safe place for them to go.

When my son live near he always brought my grand kids over for treats and that was so fun. They are all grown up now!! The time went way to fast!!

I babysit tons of kids through the years and they used to come by too! But they are all teenagers or older now!!!

Carrie has lived in Mexico all the years the other grand kids were growing up so I don't remember a Halloween with them!!! That is why I so enjoy seeing the Great Grand kids!!!

It is really pretty here! The temp. was 73 degrees today! We have leaves all over the yard and I love the sound of the kids walking through them and the crunch crunch sound!


Denise said...

Have fun sweetie, love you.

Sweetie said...

I stopped by from someone else's blog. We had Trick or Treat last night. Have a great time. I enjoyed my visit.

Mary said...


I only saw the kids on Halloween when they were little. The year Jordan was born, Barry & Michelle moved on Halloween and I took Brandon out and then watched the boys until the moving was done at midnight. I will never forget it. Jordan cried most of the entire evening.

Time does go fast. Brandon doesn't go far anymore. He goes up the block and then returns home to help Michelle hand out the candy. He'd rather do that than trick or treat. I think it's the social aspect.

Take care, my friend and Happy Halloween to you. I hope Nancy has a ball.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Carolyn, wishing you and Nancy a "happy Halloween"...we get plenty of kids in my neighborhood....have fun tonight... hugs, Baba

Sandi said...

I've baby sat for 24 years now. I am even on second generations now. It is funny baby sitting for the children of kids I baby sat for. I ussally have kids ages 3-8 but this year I have 3 babies but only 3 days a week.. I am tired at the end of the day.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grams,

No kids in my neighborhood in the boonies, but I opened the window before, and heard some coyotes way up in the woods. Spooky!!!!

My kids and grandkids live 700 miles away. My daughter sends me pictures of them in their costumes. Oh, and they always loved the Charlie Brown Halloween special. Now the grandkids watch it.

Happy Halloween!

Boo Hugs,