Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Grams fell in 2003!

Carrie left this morning at 7:30! We had a wonderful visit! We both enjoyed being with her grand babies Valerie and new born Kevin! She said when she kissed them Good-Bye she broke down and sobbed and felt so bad!! I told her when she kissed me good bye, "Lets not cry, you will be back, before too long"!

I have always been able, before I fell, to jump in and clean and get over the feelings of sadness. I would put everything back in order after she left, and this always made me feel better -- being busy!! But since I fell in 2003 I am not able to do this any more!

I haven't blogged about my fall before so here goes!

Karen and Kelly went to the same University and Karen graduated In 1990, Kelly in 2001. Both of them received tickets to the alumni dinner and to the basketball game afterwards. We made a afternoon out of it and drove all over Kansas City ending up at Hale arena and having a great dinner, Karen and Kelly visiting with old friends!! After dinner Nancy and I were sitting in the lounge waiting on them to go to the game I remember thinking, this has been a Wonderful Day!!

The girls came and we took off down the stairs to the game and when I had to climb up the stairs to our seats My life as I knew it changed for ever in a heartbeat!!!

Some man said to me. Ma'am, You don't have to walk up any more steps! They are not going by what the tickets say, You can sit anywhere! I said Thanks!!! and DID NOT pay any attention to where I was going! I did not see you had to step down to get to my seat!! They were wooden benches and I flew into the the bench and my knee stuck in the wood! Somehow I got it out and OH did it hurt!! They said I was gray!!! well,they carried me out and I being stubborn said No, no, I don't need an ambulance, no, no, not the closest hospital,take me to the hospital with my records!! Not a wise choice!!

The hospital sent me home after saying they were not set up to do surgery on something so difficult!! I had to go to another hospital on Tuesday!! This was Saturday night.
By the time I got to the hospital on Tuesday I was in a mess! That is too long to go into but trust me I was so sick by the following Tuesday! It was freezing out, and the girl's had to try to wheel me in through the sliding glass door in the back of the house. They couldn't get anyone to help us and had to call 911 to have them send out the ambulance to carry me into the house!!

This was not a good weekend!!

I ended up with a shattered knee! I had surgery a week later, it took that long to nurse me back to health! The Dr. put in 6 screws, a plate, and filler!

I wasn't allowed to walk on it until May and this was February!! Somewhere in the process I had ruptured a disc and it is leaning on a nerve.

Kelly became my care giver! Lots of friends and people from the church sent over meals etc and the VFW lets us use a hospital bed!
My son Bill came up to my house and built a ramp for the girls to use to push me into the house!! During this process I had to start on Insulin and I knew you had to be careful about weight gain but somehow I let that go right over my head! I gained about 35lbs! Not so easy to push someone in a wheel chair!! Thank goodness I can use a 4 prong cane now! Or my walker, that a dear friend bought for me!!

In the fall Nancy was diagnosed with Lupus and on the side bar is her Lupus story.

Kelly is now both of our caregivers and does the verry best job in the world!!

I can walk, but not very far! I can get around in my house ! I can help by washing dishes, folding clothes, making my bed, I can even go down the basement stairs, and back up them if I take off my shoes! We found out in the winter when it was snowy,if I took off my shoes then I was able to get up the stairs so much easier. I still have to have help on the last step at the top of the stairs!!

I didn't discover the bulging disk in my back until MUCH later...My Doctor sent me to a specialist and I had shots in my back and That didn't work out!! Grams is old-timey and I hate writing about stuff like what happened to me (but I will!)

This is what happened when I had a full shot!! I had period and I was 67 years old at that time!!! It was just like one when you are in your prime of life! I just about flipped out!!

Of course I had to go to specialist to see why this would happen and it all ended up being from the shots!!

So if the Dr tells you younger ladies to take calcium and stuff for strong bones,Listen to them! One fall can really change your life!!

I have been blessed by a loving family and friends that really cares for both Nancy and me deeply, and takes great care of us!! God has been with me every day through it all!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Oh Wow, Grams that is quite a story honey. So glad you have wonderful friends and family. It can happen so quickly. Hugs coming your way from a one legged ballerina that's trying to learn patience.

Linda said...

Oh, what a tragic story. You are so right that your life can take a big turn in the blink of an eye. Glad you are to get around better now. ((((HUGS)))

Denise said...

Bless you dear one, so sorry that this happened to you. If I lived close to you, I would help you all I could. Take care.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

That is awful!! You just never know what is going to happen to you!! I read Daisy's column and then came over here because I had read you were going to write about falling too. It is something that we have to be careful about BUT I think if we think about it too much then we WILL fall. I just keep going and try not to think about it. Thanks for sharing your story. It helps us all to get to know you better SAndy

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh that is so sad and tragic. I am so sorry that happened to you. I so wish we loved close I would love to visit in person and would help you too. I am so glad you can get around better now. Hugs to you.

Angel ():)

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

wow- so sorry you have gone through such an ordeal. You are blessed to have helpers nearby!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey Carolyn, NIce to hear from you. I put an explanation on my blog about Apples of Gold but here is what it is:
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Hootin'Anni said...

Hey?! I've been meaning to tell you [and keep forgetting] --our daughter lives in Missouri with her two sons. Small world

Then, wow. What a shame this all happened. Yep, indeed, life can change with the blink of an eye. And life is so precious...we need to appreciate what we have.

Melli said...

Good Heavens! What a spill that was! You just never know when you wake up in the morning what is in store for your day! Thankfully there is a loving God to help us get through ALL the catastrophes!!! (and a loving family helps too!)

Melanie said...

Wow Grams, what a story! I sure do wish that had never happened to you. It's amazing how one little thing can change your life forever. I'm glad that you have great family and friends to help you.

Melanie said...

I had to come back to tell you that I just love the graphics you've added to your blog! It has a country feel that I love. I'm going to go check out Country Heart Designs!

Barbara said...

Grams, I definitely know what you mean when you say a fall can change your life. I had a horrible fall in 2001 (Sept 29th) in a Shoney's in Arkansas. I went into the air and came down on my left hip on concrete. Broke my hip socket and all. I have a full hip replacement. I have no problem walking, doing most things, but it definitely changed some things for me.

Yours sounds like you had lots more trouble than me. I only had to use a walker for 8 days when I got out of the hospital. The Dr said he'd never seen anyone do that before - gave it up the day I got the staples out. I just thank God for that.