Saturday, July 21, 2007

Carrie's trip home!!

Carrie called me from outside of Monterrey Mexico yesterday afternoon! She was so glad everything had been going so great until they tried to cross the border!!

The ATM machine spit out her debit card saying NO funds available!! To get across the border you have to have funds on your debit card available right now!! Well Thank God she has another bank and it went through on this debit card and she was on her way home!!!
I called our local bank and asked why it said what it did. Debbie, from the bank who takes care to this kind of thing called me back. She said she called the banks debit card headquarters. They told her when Carrie went into Mexico it put a fraud alert on the card!!

Debbie said she told them Carrie and Aaron live in Guadalajara,Mexico will be going across the border from time to time!! The card company said they are putting a note in the file, it says they cross the border, it is Okay!! Well, we shall see!!

Carrie has her friend Eva and Eva's 15 year old daughter with her! Carrie has been driving from Guadalajara to Missouri for years but I always try to keep her prayed up on these journeys!!
It started out with Aaron and Carrie and the three boys traveling all together up here. Then as the boys grew up and got there drivers license they were jumping at the bit to get behind the wheel!! There are long stretches of roads with miles and miles of noting, no town etc. So they let the boys drive! So before the boys got married they would help drive!

When Aaron has to be in another country or busy with outreaches for the church, Carrie brings friends from Guadalajara to help her drive!!!

We always welcome her friends and try to learn a little Spanish while visiting but good heavens, they know more English then we do Spanish!!! Kelly and Karen took Spanish in school and can speak some and Kelly understands a whole bunch!!
I will be listening for the phone this afternoon! Telling me she made it home safe and sound!!

The phone just rang a few minutes ago and it was my daughter Carrie telling me she had arrived home about an hour ago! So glad to hear she is back home safely!

When you read this blog Carrie, I sure did enjoy your visit. I still wish you had got the call from God on your life to go to Grain Valley!!!! (This is a town 4 miles from here!) I have been telling her this for 25 or so years! She knows I am kidding!
But I know God has you where he needs you!!

I am so thrilled about John going out to the slums and working with the kids there! He is really developing a ministry helping these kids by feeding them and then giving out the word of God!!


the night owl said...

Hi Grams, I do not know any spanish but my 4 year old and 1 year old granddaughters who live in Atlanta,Ga. can speak a good number of words.They have a nanny who comes to their house 2 days a week and she teaches them.Also my 4 year old grand was taking lessons at pre-school last year.She can speak and understand it.Kids are amazing....Hope Carrie's bank card is ok, can't mess around with this stuff. Have a good week-end. Baba

Denise said...

Praying that Carrie has a safe trip home.

Connie Barris said...

wow, what a story...

I can say in spanish... pass the butter and the bread too please.. so we wouldn't go hungry... and I can ask where the bathroom is.. but oh my, we'd be in trouble...after that.

I'm happy about your daughters new beloved cat coming into the picture... they are wonderful companions--but you know that...I'm so sorry about her loss of the precious previous beloved

BTW.. your countenance is beautiful..

Look forward to getting to know you...

PS.. I LOVE Tom and Jerry

Connie Barris said...


my hubby and son are coming to Illinois this week for a trip... He said somewhere close to you....Springfield, Ill

for a family reunion... I have to work so I won't make it...

Jane said...

So glad Carrie arrived home safely. I am also glad she had another bank card. That could have been a difficult situation.
Being a missionary in a foreign country is not easy. You are separated from your nuclear family, you have a new language to learn and sometimes it can be dangerous. I admire them greatly.

Jon said...

I enjoyed your neat blog and the post about Carrie. Great news that it turned out O.K. and I know what a sigh of relief you gave when
her adventure was over.

Thanks for sharing nice news of your family.
Jon on 7-22-07

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Wow I am glad Carrie was able to get that straightened out and get home.

Thanks for always sharing from your heart I love reading your blog.

Angel ():)