Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I spent the afternoon in the computer room working again!! Never could get the Mac to work right! To tell you the truth I think I like PC's better!! Kelly has a laptop and I love hers! Kelly said the Mac is old and if it were newer I would love it,too.
She said it has Microsoft Word on it and she said it is better then Works that I have on the old computer!

I am glad we have computers we can do all our stuff on!! A few years ago we got along just fine with out them, but I would hate to not have one now!!

I didn't think I wanted a Cell phone either but low and behold I love mine!!
It is so cool when you are out at Wal-Mart ( I am on the motorized carts driving all over) You can grab your phone and find your loved ones in a heartbeat!!

I digress here but, man did I have a time when I first learned to drive one of those around Wal-Mart!! I ran into displays and knocked over two that I know of!! It didn't take to long before I got the hang of it and I was everywhere all over the store!! I sure love it when the stores have the Carts for you to drive!!

Monday, July 30, 2007


I haven't been able to blog for a day or two!! Karen, Kelly, and my grand daughter Sarah were all able to go to church on Sunday. After church they took off off to see an exhibit at the Nelson Art Gallery! Since it is almost on the Country Club Plaza, that was their next stop! Our Country Club Plaza is suppose to be famous!! For the Christmas Lights every year on display,

Meanwhile back at my house the lights went out for almost an hour! But the house never had time to get heated up, thanks Goodness! All these outages caused my Internet to go haywire and I didn't have any Internet until late Sunday afternoon!

Then there was Nancy!! She had one of her difficult days! They aren't easy by any means,so when Karen called and found out things were hard she came on over.

Sarah called she had just bought a new Jeep on Saturday and wanted Kelly and Nancy to go for a spin around our town. This was a real big help for me!! It helped Nancy to calm down and things went better the rest of the evening. Thank you, Sarah!!

Kelly got up early this morning and went to a town near here and got the cutest hair cut!! She looks really good!!
This was my day to go get a perm!! It is a little short but it will grow out before you know it!!
I do work for my daughter Carrie's missionary organization so I had a ton of stuff to catch up on this afternoon.

But now I am ready to GO out and read my favorite Blogs!! I look forward to this everyday!

And I wrote something in my blog today! There are members of my family who read my post every day who don't like for Grams to post cute little icons!!! They want a real post! Nancy is doing much better today! Any of you who have added Nancy to your prayer list, a great big Thank You!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007


Nancy with Donnie Edwards and Tony Richardson June 2005

The Chiefs have arrived at training Camp. Yea!! That means they are getting ready for a new season!! I LOVE the Chiefs!! Our family watches the Chiefs together and we really get into the game!! I always call my son Bill on game day and say, Do you have the Chiefs on, Honey! and he always says, of course, Mom! Then we discuss what going on during the game and what he thinks about it.

I know a lot of you don't care for sports and that is ok too!! We just happened to love football over here at my house!! My dear friend Jackie sometimes makes me bonkers when I tell her something real important that is going on with the Chiefs and she has NO idea on earth what I am talking about!! She did know (because her son in law John told her)that Donnie Edwards was coming back to the Chiefs!! I know she will lol as she reads this!!

I had written Donnie when he was here before, for my special needs daughter Nancy. He wrote back and this began the nicest friendship with a very nice football player!

So much has been written about all the bad sport figures lately. We all hear about some of the movie stars and the messes they get into all the time. As if that all we want to know!! That another blog for some other time!

So it is really great to write about someone who is a real role model for sure!

Donnie came to our house in 2005 when Nancy was going through all her chemo. He called me, and Yes, I almost passed out, and he said he would be coming back to the KC area for a golf tournament. He said he would like to come and see Nancy and bring her gifts and I said, the 25th is her Birthday!

He brought his wife and Tony Richardson with him. At the time Donnie played for the San Diego Chargers. He brought all kinds of gifts for Nancy and she just loved this!!

I think the two sweetest things about this was; No reporter and no TV camera were going! No one knew, he did this from his heart!
The other thing he did that I thought was so nice was he pulled out his billfold and he had Nancy's picture in it! What he said was, "Look Nancy, I have your Picture in my billfold and I can tell all of my friends I know Nancy!!
Nancy had pictures in her purse she took out for every body to see of Donnie!

You should have seen her when we got the pictures back we took while they here. When we made the rounds to all the Dr.s she had a whole bunch to show to all of them!!

I don't think the pictures are on this computer but we will have to find them so Kelly can put them on here for all of you to see!!
This was a really special day for Nancy. I think we all loved it as much as Nancy!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

5 Things meme !

I was tagged by Julie over at Jules Journal for this !!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

In 1997 we got ready for Kelly to graduate from High School! I had Kids in school from 1962 until Kelly graduated from college in 2001 !!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Not having half the fun I am now that I have discovered Blogging!!

Five Snacks You Enjoy
Pumpkin bread
chocolate anything!!

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics
Blessed Assurance
Amazing Grace
Silent Night
Oh, come all Ye Faithful
Ittsy Bittsy Spider

Five Things You Would Do If You were a Millionaire
Pay off all my and my children's' bills
Buy a new house
Go to China, Africa. and Europe
Buy my own laptop
Help my grandson who feeds the kids in the slums down in MEX

Five Bad Habits
Too much time on the computer!
I eat to much!
Once I get to reading a good book I have a hard time laying it down!
I forget to write down the name next to a phone #

Five Things You Like To Do
Blog, I love blogging!!
Read good books and read a good devotional
Spend time with my kids and grand kids
I always read Blondie and Dagwood everyday!

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
a bathing suit
white bucks shoes
horned rimmed glasses
I can't think of any thing else

Five Favorite Toys
My cell phone with Mickey and Minnie pictures inside!
My computer
My new refrigerator
My new stove
My camera, I love pictures

I tag Denise at Shortybears Place and Melanie at our Happy Happenings Have fun!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July must be Awards Month !

My dear friend Denise at Shortybear's Place has bestowed me with the Bloggin Princess Award! Here are the kind words that she said about me, "My new dear friend Grams, over at talk to grams...deserves to wear a crown daily, she is so sweet. She loves God, her family, and her friends with a beautiful love. I really enjoy her blog, it makes my heart smile, and so does she."

Thank you Denise! This is really a sweet award I must bestow this on 3 other sweet ladies!!

Romans 8: 16-17
The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God

I Timothy 6:15
He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

Here are the Rules:
Pass it on to any 3 people who you think is a bloggin' princess!
Tell why you think that person is a bloggin' princess and make sure you let them

I bestow this award to:

1.Carolyn over at Quiet Time with Carolyn
Carolyn and I became blogging friends just recently and I have found her to be a very dear person! She could wear a tiara very easily because she wears many hats as a wife, Mother, working wife, secretary at her church, Paid blogger, blogging just for fun,in fact she has 4 blogs I think!! Well, she is a blogging Princess for sure!! She loves God and is a kind person and I find her very nice indeed. I am glad she is my friend! She will be a great Princess with style and grace!

2.Cindy over at Notes in the Key of Life
Cindy is a Princess who knows her Lord and Savior! She also know her books and then some! Any questions about books just navigate over to her blog and she will be glad to help you with any new Christian book to read!! She is a very nice lady and I think she will wear a tiara with style and grace! I am glad she is my friend!

3. Sandy over at Flip Flop Floozie
Sandy will also be a wonderful Princess!! Sandy is a lovely Christian lady who loves God and is very devoted to her family and her friends! and to all her Bloogging friends, too!! I count her as one of my friends and if you are around her very long you will, too! I think she can wear a tiara with style and grace, also!

A Geat place to visit !

I was over at Connie's "Little Red Hearts For God" blog this morning and she has a wonderful slide show she has made using Ecc.3 What Season are You In? I was so blessed by this I wanted everyone to know about it! Maybe you could go see it,too!! I loved it!!

I do have her blog site on my side bar so you can go from there! I don't quite have the linking stuff down,Yet! But I am working on it....... and working on it!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Nice Award!!

The Reason for these Awards are listed below.

For those who answer blog comments, emails and make their visitors feel at home on their blog. For the people who take others people's feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous. Also for all those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping other bloggers design, improve and fix there sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.

Thank you Melanie!!

Now it is time for me to give out this award to 5 of my blogging friends! I find this hard because you all should be given this award!! I must say before I pick out 5 blogging friends that I have had help on my blog from Karen and Kelly!!
If any one ever would need some help I will just tell either Karen or Kelly and they will do what they can to help you!! Karen is the one who has made my blog look so happy and inviting!! So here goes!

All the ladies below have great graphics on their blog site!!

1.Shortybears blog
Denise, makes anyone who visits her blog a welcome visitor and you will want to stay and read every thing she writes!! This lady could be writing her own devotional booklets!! I find her writing inspiring everyday! She leaves comments that our always kind and uplifting!!

2.Flip Flop Floozie
Sandy has made me feel welcome from Day one! She is still helping me learn! She always encourages me to not give up, I will learn! She has a lovely blog site it is very welcoming. You will want to stay there, it is very inviting and she always leaves great comments for a host of bloggers everyday!

3.Cozy Reader
Jane, has a wonderful blogging site! She is up for a huge award for this year!! I know if I ever needed help she would jump right in and tell me how! She leaves kind and encouraging comments! I love visiting her blog everyday!! She too has a welcoming blog with great graphics!

4.Lazy Daisy
Daisy has a very warm and wonderful blog! She always leaves me very kind comments! She too would help anyone who needed help with their blog if they needed her, too! She makes you feel very welcome over at her blog. Great graphics, too!

5.Prevailing Insanity
Melli, has a very welcoming blog site and I have heard over at Daisy's blog she will help out people in distress over their lack of computer skills! She leaves the best comments you will ever read! They are so funny! They can be uplifting,too!! She is always posting a lot of wonderful pictures for all of us to enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2007

it's a beary good day!

Bill, Becky, Sarah, and Jacob !

I heard from my son Bill and our family was so glad that he got the job as a chaplain at a veterans hospital about 30 minutes from his home! Bill is a Baptist pastor at a small church. It isn't quite large enough to support his family full time so he needs something else to help out!!

He did work at a factory with out AC and lifting heavy stuff but the factory cut back on their productions and Bill was out of a job for a while!

Becky, Bill's wife works at a bank and she also is a big help at their church, they just completed a week of Vacation Bible School. They hold their VBS at night time so all the ladies who work in the day time can help out!!

Bill and Becky have two grown children. Sarah will graduate in December from Missouri State U. She is living in my home town at her other Grandma's since school let out in the spring. She is going to be a school teacher, and we were all thrilled when she got the word, she will be students teaching at our local school!! First and second quarter!!

Kelly is only 6 years older then Sarah so they have always been really close, with Sarah living close by Kelly just loves it !! They love watching movies together, they both have a Myspace page,sending each other cute little icons, writing stuff to each other, and then their is Shopping!!

Karen loves having her here, too!! Karen loves to go Geocaching and I will blog on that a another day!! We have a ton of pictures of the girls and the rest of the family out geocaching!! In fact my profile picture is one when we were out and about at a really really easy geocahe place!! I digress again!! Sarah likes going with them, too!!

Jacob will be a sophomore at Central Missouri State U. this fall. He is interning to be a coach. He likes college and is doing good!! Grams worries because he got a motorcycle!! Bill said he is careful on it!! Bill Becky Sarah and Jacob!!! Grams loves you all!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Carrie's trip home!!

Carrie called me from outside of Monterrey Mexico yesterday afternoon! She was so glad everything had been going so great until they tried to cross the border!!

The ATM machine spit out her debit card saying NO funds available!! To get across the border you have to have funds on your debit card available right now!! Well Thank God she has another bank and it went through on this debit card and she was on her way home!!!
I called our local bank and asked why it said what it did. Debbie, from the bank who takes care to this kind of thing called me back. She said she called the banks debit card headquarters. They told her when Carrie went into Mexico it put a fraud alert on the card!!

Debbie said she told them Carrie and Aaron live in Guadalajara,Mexico will be going across the border from time to time!! The card company said they are putting a note in the file, it says they cross the border, it is Okay!! Well, we shall see!!

Carrie has her friend Eva and Eva's 15 year old daughter with her! Carrie has been driving from Guadalajara to Missouri for years but I always try to keep her prayed up on these journeys!!
It started out with Aaron and Carrie and the three boys traveling all together up here. Then as the boys grew up and got there drivers license they were jumping at the bit to get behind the wheel!! There are long stretches of roads with miles and miles of noting, no town etc. So they let the boys drive! So before the boys got married they would help drive!

When Aaron has to be in another country or busy with outreaches for the church, Carrie brings friends from Guadalajara to help her drive!!!

We always welcome her friends and try to learn a little Spanish while visiting but good heavens, they know more English then we do Spanish!!! Kelly and Karen took Spanish in school and can speak some and Kelly understands a whole bunch!!
I will be listening for the phone this afternoon! Telling me she made it home safe and sound!!

The phone just rang a few minutes ago and it was my daughter Carrie telling me she had arrived home about an hour ago! So glad to hear she is back home safely!

When you read this blog Carrie, I sure did enjoy your visit. I still wish you had got the call from God on your life to go to Grain Valley!!!! (This is a town 4 miles from here!) I have been telling her this for 25 or so years! She knows I am kidding!
But I know God has you where he needs you!!

I am so thrilled about John going out to the slums and working with the kids there! He is really developing a ministry helping these kids by feeding them and then giving out the word of God!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Restful weekend!!

Karen's tooth broke in pieces under the crown. She went to the dentist yesterday and they couldn't fix it. It had to be pulled out and sometime in the future, Karen's dentist will put in another tooth! It was in the back so it doesn't show a missing tooth when she smiles!! Of course she was glad for that!

She spent the day over at my house sleeping and feeling terrible for a while, she did plan on going to work today.

Kelly is off work until Monday at 5:00PM, she said last night she would like to get the laundry all caught up!!

I am afraid this is not a very interesting post, but some days are just mundane and you know I am good with that!!! I like peaceful days, they can be busy but peace is good.

We are planning a trip for around labor day weekend, so Nancy has this on her mind!!
She is asking the same question about buying postcards over and over, the answer is
Yes, you can get some Post cards!! I have told her she could send a Few of the cards but most of them we will bring back and we will hand them out!!! She promised her lupus Doctor and all of his nurses we would send them one. She goes to our Doctor in town in August. He has a big staff and she will tell each one of the nurses that she is sending them a postcard, so we will buy a bunch and just pass them out!!!

Getting ready for a trip is half the fun and we haven't tried to go very far since Nancy and I have been not able to travel so easily. We have to have oxygen,one wheelchair, my walker, insulin for Nancy,and insulin for me for a week and keeping it cool! Karen and Kelly are working on all the details and I will be posting more about our trip as it gets closer!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Grams fell in 2003!

Carrie left this morning at 7:30! We had a wonderful visit! We both enjoyed being with her grand babies Valerie and new born Kevin! She said when she kissed them Good-Bye she broke down and sobbed and felt so bad!! I told her when she kissed me good bye, "Lets not cry, you will be back, before too long"!

I have always been able, before I fell, to jump in and clean and get over the feelings of sadness. I would put everything back in order after she left, and this always made me feel better -- being busy!! But since I fell in 2003 I am not able to do this any more!

I haven't blogged about my fall before so here goes!

Karen and Kelly went to the same University and Karen graduated In 1990, Kelly in 2001. Both of them received tickets to the alumni dinner and to the basketball game afterwards. We made a afternoon out of it and drove all over Kansas City ending up at Hale arena and having a great dinner, Karen and Kelly visiting with old friends!! After dinner Nancy and I were sitting in the lounge waiting on them to go to the game I remember thinking, this has been a Wonderful Day!!

The girls came and we took off down the stairs to the game and when I had to climb up the stairs to our seats My life as I knew it changed for ever in a heartbeat!!!

Some man said to me. Ma'am, You don't have to walk up any more steps! They are not going by what the tickets say, You can sit anywhere! I said Thanks!!! and DID NOT pay any attention to where I was going! I did not see you had to step down to get to my seat!! They were wooden benches and I flew into the the bench and my knee stuck in the wood! Somehow I got it out and OH did it hurt!! They said I was gray!!! well,they carried me out and I being stubborn said No, no, I don't need an ambulance, no, no, not the closest hospital,take me to the hospital with my records!! Not a wise choice!!

The hospital sent me home after saying they were not set up to do surgery on something so difficult!! I had to go to another hospital on Tuesday!! This was Saturday night.
By the time I got to the hospital on Tuesday I was in a mess! That is too long to go into but trust me I was so sick by the following Tuesday! It was freezing out, and the girl's had to try to wheel me in through the sliding glass door in the back of the house. They couldn't get anyone to help us and had to call 911 to have them send out the ambulance to carry me into the house!!

This was not a good weekend!!

I ended up with a shattered knee! I had surgery a week later, it took that long to nurse me back to health! The Dr. put in 6 screws, a plate, and filler!

I wasn't allowed to walk on it until May and this was February!! Somewhere in the process I had ruptured a disc and it is leaning on a nerve.

Kelly became my care giver! Lots of friends and people from the church sent over meals etc and the VFW lets us use a hospital bed!
My son Bill came up to my house and built a ramp for the girls to use to push me into the house!! During this process I had to start on Insulin and I knew you had to be careful about weight gain but somehow I let that go right over my head! I gained about 35lbs! Not so easy to push someone in a wheel chair!! Thank goodness I can use a 4 prong cane now! Or my walker, that a dear friend bought for me!!

In the fall Nancy was diagnosed with Lupus and on the side bar is her Lupus story.

Kelly is now both of our caregivers and does the verry best job in the world!!

I can walk, but not very far! I can get around in my house ! I can help by washing dishes, folding clothes, making my bed, I can even go down the basement stairs, and back up them if I take off my shoes! We found out in the winter when it was snowy,if I took off my shoes then I was able to get up the stairs so much easier. I still have to have help on the last step at the top of the stairs!!

I didn't discover the bulging disk in my back until MUCH later...My Doctor sent me to a specialist and I had shots in my back and That didn't work out!! Grams is old-timey and I hate writing about stuff like what happened to me (but I will!)

This is what happened when I had a full shot!! I had period and I was 67 years old at that time!!! It was just like one when you are in your prime of life! I just about flipped out!!

Of course I had to go to specialist to see why this would happen and it all ended up being from the shots!!

So if the Dr tells you younger ladies to take calcium and stuff for strong bones,Listen to them! One fall can really change your life!!

I have been blessed by a loving family and friends that really cares for both Nancy and me deeply, and takes great care of us!! God has been with me every day through it all!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Time to go to KU again!

It is time to drive over to KU Medical Center again! With Carrie being here she said she would be glad for us to use her car to drive over there!! Our AC is out in our car. It is in the ninety's out!! Whew!! Nancy doesn't have to have oxygen in the day time, but if is hot in the car, I thought we might have to take it with!! Not to worry this time!!

I have had a busy day getting all the receipts out for my daughters missionary organization and writing a "Thank You" letters to all of their supporters!! My son-in law Aaron and my grandson John just got back from Ecuador! Sounds like they were able to share the gospel!

The time is drawing close for Carrie to go back to her home in Mexico and I always hate having to say Good-Bye after a good visit!! But now that I am blogging she goes out and reads what is going on and is keeping up really good!!

We have the phone, too!! One of her supporters paid for us to talk for 500 minutes!! We still have 230 left!! I really enjoy my grown kids a lot!! They all have been a blessing to me in so many ways.

Carrie brought us BBQ from a small place called Bodacious BBQ here in town... now you should know that we are PICKY about our bbq in these parts, being so near Kansas City.. and this guy's from TEXAS... but it was awesome!

Thanks Carrie, we loved it!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I just left Shortybear's blog and her post says it all!! I love what she wrote about our loving Heavenly Father!

I haven't learned how to link up to another post yet, that is the next thing up for me to learn!! Kelly just did this for me and we will be having more lessons on this!! It would have been easy to give up on the copy and paste but no one would let me and now I can! I have learned how to add to the side bar and didn't give up!

So now I am Not going to give up on linking!!! I love reading every body's blogs and would love to link you back to mine and tell the other bloggers if there is something I really love on your blog, what others might have missed!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

Learning about copy and paste again! and side bars

Sandy is gone this weekend and she will not believe that I have learned for real to copy and paste!! (We thought I did know how, but No I didn't!) I was able to link other blogs to my side bar! All by my self!! WHOOHOO! A week or so ago I didn't even know what you called the sidebar!! I wrote in someones comments, "look at the column to your right!"

But my daughters kept after me to not give up and Sandy,too! So I kept trying and trying, driving everybody nuts in the process, but now I can add your blog to my side bar!!!

You know Grams is called Grams for a reason! I will be 69 next month, so sometimes this stuff doesn't come quite so easy to me, but I am ready to learn!!

I have really loved going out and reading all the different blogs and meeting so many new friends who are so lovely! Everyone has made me feel so welcome! Sandy told me to start with, that I landed smacked dab in the middle of the Best of the Best of blogdom...and I believe her!!!

Okay, I think I have mentioned Sandy a few times in this post!!!
But she would not let me give up when I felt sooooo dumb! Told me I would learn! So thank you Karen, Kelly, and Sandy!!

By the way it helps to have a techy for a daughter. Karen's had fun sprucing up the look.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Night!

This has been a very busy day for me! My daughter Carrie is here visiting her new grandson. Of course she is nuts over him and making all the Grandma sounds we all make over the grand kids!! Since he my great- grandson I will say he is cute as a button!

Carrie is so grateful to her younger sister Kelly for being a caregiver for Nancy and me. When she is in the states she tries to help her out any way she can!

My bedroom needed some organising for sure! So she jumped in this afternoon and organized like crazy! My room looks a lot better and it will be easier for Kelly and me to keep it neat! I appreciate everything my family does for me!!

Wishing Jake a Happy Birthday yesterday I realized I haven't blogged about my son and his family! I think I have mentioned Sarah, my son Bill's daughter but nothing about Bill, Becky, or Jacob! So soon I will have to write all about that family!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My Grandson Jacob is 20 years old today!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Jacob. Happy Birthday to you! :)

Grams, #1 Anut, and the rest of the fam!!

When Jacob was a little he sent a card to his Aunt Karen and wrote To my # 1 Anut! We are still giving him a hard time about this! Even if he will be in his second year of college in the fall! He is a fine young man and we love you, Jake!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I, too, was out surfing and reading my favorite blogs and I found that Jane over at, Cozy Reader, had nominated me for the "Blogger Reflection Award". I was struck speechless! Which doesn't happen very often. Being a new blogger, I feel so humbled and honored to have been nominated for this award. I know I don't deserve this, but I sure thank Jane for all the kind things she had to say about me.

This award was originated by a teenage girl and here are her guidelines:
As for my award, it is called The Blogger Reflection Award. Why? The reason for the title is because this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them. This award is for the best-of-the-best so consider who you pick, carefully. This award should not be given to just anyone. If you're going to do the award don't just write a few words and slap it on your blog. Write real thoughts about these bloggers and what they've been to you, and if the bloggers you pick have already been given the award, don't be afraid to give to them again. They deserve it as many times as it's given.

It is very difficult for me to make my choice, but I'll give it a try. I nominate

Melanie at Our Happy Happenings

Melanie is a lovely young Christian woman, who loves and cares for her family deeply.
She is a encouragement to me every day. Her Christian values shine through all of her writings. She always has something kind to say on all of her comments to everyone! She loves her little girl with so much love, that you wish all the little girls everywhere had a Mommy like her! She also tries very hard to be a wife that her husband is proud of everyday! She is one sweet lady!! I am glad she is my friend!

Melli at Prevailing Insanity

Melli has recently joined the Lutheran Church and has committed her life to Christ.
I could write a page about her but I will try to keep this to a paragraph! She is one of the funnest ladies I know anywhere, and that has to be a gift from God! She too is a real encourager and she can lift your spirits in a heartbeat!! Even her comments to other people are a joy to read. She has been a help to me by her understanding about people who repeat themselves again and again! She needs more then this award for caring for her Mother who had Alzheimer's. I will leave that reward for her to our Heavenly Father! She is also has a caring heart and the gift of helping other folks,too! I am glad she is my friend!!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Cindy is lovely Christian lady! Her love for God shines through all the pages she writes. She suggests Christian books to read and reviews many of them so we can read and enjoy the ones she has chosen. She always is a encouragement to her friends and lifts up our spirit by just reading her blog. She is someone you would love to live close by and be able to share lunch with and talk for hours with, about all the authors she knows and the books you have both read. You really would love having her for a friend!

Daisy at Lazy Daisy log

I know, I know, Daisy has been nominated over at Jane's too! But the rules say you can nominated the same person many times they probably deserve it! NO probably here she does! If you look in the dictionary under "Daisy" it would say Christ Like! She has gone through so much of late and been so Good about it! She lives a Christian life daily and set an example for all of us!! She is a wonderful wife and Mother and a Friend to all!I would not have started blogging with out reading her blogs and Sandy's! I wanted to join in the fun and they have both given me a wonderful Welcome!
Daisy, we sure do love you!!

Sandy at Flip Flop Floozie

I know Sandy has this award ,too! She is one of the finest Christian women I have met in a long time! She has a heart that beats for God on every beat! It just comes out in all of her writings in her blogs daily! I have learn to love this lady over the months I have been keeping up with her blogs! IF you have her for a friend you certainly have friend indeed! She is a shining example to all of us! She cares for her husband and children and grandchildren with such Love, it is really nice to see in this day and age! I am so happy you are my friend!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Olie Kitty 1992-2007

Nancy lost her friend Olie Kitty tonight. We got this Kitty Cat when she was a tiny kitten. We all thought she was our Cat! But NO she was never really any one's cat, but Nancy's. Nancy loves this Cat with a passion. She sometimes showed more emotions about the Cat then she did with any of us. Nancy worked at the sheltered workshop for almost 19 years and for 15 of these years Olie was Nancy friend and companion. She began sleeping in Nancy room somewhere along the years.If Nancy didn't want to get up and go to work,I would come in and say "Nancy Get up", Olie would jump on me and go meow, meow! Karen and Kelly put a perch in Nancy's window and Olie loved to sit and watch the birds,any loose dog running down the street, cars going by,and even the leaves blowing in the breeze! Olie was a very dear friend we all loved, so much and I know Nancy and all of us will miss her! If any one is new to my blog, Nancy is my special needs daughter. I would appreciate your prayer for Nancy so very much.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Five things I DIG about Jesus meme!!!

I have been tagged by Sandy over at Flip Flop Floozie. Here are the rules....They are simple...

1. Those tagged will share 5 things they DIG about Jesus!!
2. Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers!!

See simple enough.....

My 5 things that I dig about Jesus!!!

1. He is my Savior and He died for me on the cross and I have everlasting life!
2 He is my Rock in the time of trouble and I can lean on Him for everything I need!
3. He is my Comforter and in times of sorrow He is there every step of the way!
4. He is my Redeemer and I get to be in Heaven with Him Forever! Oh Wow!
5. He Forgives me daily for my sins and shortcomings and sometimes its a hourly deal!
and that He still Loves me!

Now my picks are:

Melanie from Happy Happenings
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and anyone else who would like to write what they dig about Jesus!

My Four Favs

I've been tagged by Linda at This and That to participate in the My Four Favs meme. Thanks Linda!

Four Jobs I've Held
Youth Camp Worker
Nurses Aid
House Keeper
Secretary/Treasurer and taking care of Nancy
for the past 45 years!

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again
Friendly Persuasion
Sense and Sensibility
While You Were Sleeping
North by Northwest

Four Places I've Lived
Stratford, Iowa
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Abilene, Texas
Richmond, Missouri

Four TV Show I Watch
Designed to sell
Paula's Home Cooking
Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
I had to change one I can't believe I left out
The Kansas City Chiefs in the Fall!!!

Four Places I've Been on Vacation
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Quito, Ecuador
Guadalajara, Mexico
Branson, Missouri

Four Favorite Foods
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Taco Salad

Four Websites I Visit
Christian News Services
Lupus foundation of America
Grace thru Faith

Four People I'm Tagging
Our Happy Happenings
Jules Journal
yellow roses garden

Have Fun!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Rain Stopped and what A Great Fourth!

Kelly barbequed at noon so that my granddaughter, Sarah, could enjoy part of the fourth before she had to go to work out at Walley's World. Kelly fixed brats and hot dogs, we had potato salad, chips, baked beans and Sarah brought brownies she baked herself! Yum!
In the afternoon we thought it would be nice to see baby Kevin and Valerie, so we went up to Blue Springs (eight miles) from here. Valerie, showed us what a firework did by throwing her hands in the air and jumping up and down. She made whizzing and banging noises. Her favorite ones were the purple ones. Kevin slept the entire time we were there, but we sure did have fun looking at him and ooooooohing and ahhhhhhing over him! Fat as a butterball! And speaking of fat,you may have noticed Grams has a new picture up on the side bar! My family loves this picture!!!! It is two years newer then the old one, but I think I look fatter in this one! Of course I am big, so there you go!!!!

As we drove home from Jey and Sofi's house, we noticed the clouds getting dark and angry looking! By the time we drove into my driveway, it was almost completely dark and beginning to storm. I was able to get in the house without getting too wet, and then it let loose and just poured down rain, thundered and lightning and the wind was blowing very hard! It just kept pouring down rain for ever! We thought there goes the towns fireworks display, but no! It stopped and cleared off in time for everything to go on.

About 6:00pm, Carrie called and said she was about 45 minutes from being here!! She had left Mexico early Monday morning and was on a mission to see her new baby grandson! And she did!! She said it was worth every minute of the long hard drive through the rough weather! She fell in love at first glance!!

Later on, the family all drove down to the park. We could all be together and watch the fireworks display! Oh, my it doesn't get any better then this, except when we can all be together. Sophia's, Mother is here from Mexico, also. She stayed home with baby Kevin. OKAY, I am going to digress, for a minute, my blog isn't about politics, you can read about that other places!! BUT, my grandsons have both married Mexican girls that we love dearly!! I didn't get to see my first great-grandson Mathias until he was 3 years old! They did the right thing and waited for the correct papers to come. Then they got to come to the states! It took that long to get his Mother Ale and his paperwork completed. Sophia has her paper work in order also. So, of course it made me nuts when I couldn't see Mathias for three years and then others do not go by the rules! There it is Grams is being as political as she is going to get! I think! It certainly was a wonderful 4Th! I am so Thankful for living in this great country!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Celebrating!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

Have a safe and happy fourth!

Monday, July 2, 2007

July 2

Karen got her MAC hooked up last night for me to use.I have been using a PC for a long time. So finding my way around is a little hard on a MAC!

Nancy is feeling not so swift today. She has been in bed most of the day.
When she feels bad,it turns into a long day! Please pray for her to start feeling better before the Fourth of July. We will be grilling out, In the late afternoon we go to Webb Park where the Assembly of God church has a large stage show with gospel groups from all over the area,the local dance studio's have their kids perform, etc. and the city tops it off with a Giant fireworks display! Nancy likes some of the fireworks but ever since she was little she has hated the large booms. Some years I had to hold her on my lap in the house looking out the window.

Carrie left for the states this morning, Aaron and John leave for Ecuador on Wednesday. Brandon is going to a Youth Conference in New Albany IN! I heard from Jeremy and Sofia and baby Kevin is doing great! This is a real blessing.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1

This is the day my Mom went to be with the Lord. She was 88 years old at the time. My Mom was born in 1903 and lived from the horse and buggy days to the computer age! She loved the Lord with her whole heart and served Him every day of her life. She taught all her chilren from the time we were tiny the ways of the Lord! I remember sitting at her knees listing to her read Blible stories. This is where I first gave my heart to Jesus.

She taught the ladies Sunday School class for years. She was a woman of God for sure and everybody loved her dearly! She was wonderful with Nancy! It has been 15 years today since she went to Heaven! We miss her so much. There is no better heritage than having parents who teach about God, loving your country, doing what is right even when it is hard! She was a good woman!