Monday, July 30, 2007


I haven't been able to blog for a day or two!! Karen, Kelly, and my grand daughter Sarah were all able to go to church on Sunday. After church they took off off to see an exhibit at the Nelson Art Gallery! Since it is almost on the Country Club Plaza, that was their next stop! Our Country Club Plaza is suppose to be famous!! For the Christmas Lights every year on display,

Meanwhile back at my house the lights went out for almost an hour! But the house never had time to get heated up, thanks Goodness! All these outages caused my Internet to go haywire and I didn't have any Internet until late Sunday afternoon!

Then there was Nancy!! She had one of her difficult days! They aren't easy by any means,so when Karen called and found out things were hard she came on over.

Sarah called she had just bought a new Jeep on Saturday and wanted Kelly and Nancy to go for a spin around our town. This was a real big help for me!! It helped Nancy to calm down and things went better the rest of the evening. Thank you, Sarah!!

Kelly got up early this morning and went to a town near here and got the cutest hair cut!! She looks really good!!
This was my day to go get a perm!! It is a little short but it will grow out before you know it!!
I do work for my daughter Carrie's missionary organization so I had a ton of stuff to catch up on this afternoon.

But now I am ready to GO out and read my favorite Blogs!! I look forward to this everyday!

And I wrote something in my blog today! There are members of my family who read my post every day who don't like for Grams to post cute little icons!!! They want a real post! Nancy is doing much better today! Any of you who have added Nancy to your prayer list, a great big Thank You!


Denise said...

I praise God that Nancy is doing better, I continue to pray for you both. I love you my friend.

talktokld said...

Much better post... Mom!! :)

Love you!! Karen

Julie said...

Glad Nancy is doing better. We are still painting but taking the evening off since we have other things to get done. At least we haven't had any rain. Yeah!!:)

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness- no internet? I'm glad that is all fixed, I know I would go crazy if I had to go without the internet for too long!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Glad to have you stop by as usual. HOpe that Nancy is doing better today!! I have been so busy..meeting myself coming and going it seems..take care. Sandy

Melli said...

LOL! I laugh because EVERYone expects us to post witty and wonderful things EVERYday! Some days we just don't have a bloomin' thing to say! Right? Glad ya got internet back and ... life goes on! I hope Nancy has a better day today!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

So glad that all of you are well. You are missed when we don't hear from you....Enquiring Minds want to know! lol!