Friday, April 24, 2009

Over at Karen's !!

Hi Again!! Here it is Friday evening and I am over at Karen's and we are going to grill out tonight! It is so much cooler at her house then at mine. I haven't turned on our AC yet....It is suppose to get cooler this coming week so I am trying to hold off.
I have some good news about baby Katie! She was moved from Intensive Care Unit to the regular nursery! Isn't that wonderful!! Please keep your prayers going for her. Thanks so much!!

Tomorrow is garage sale Saturday for the entire town. I don't need anything!! I can remember when I had to go out and find clothes for Kelly and all kinds of stuff to make it through but I am so blessed now not to have to do this!! It helped us a lot and I loved to go out and find bargains.

I am really enjoying our Monday night Bible study! I sure didn't know the book of Esther was so full of wonderful verses that Beth Moore brings to life for right now!! We have home work and I have fell down on keeping up! Kelly does better then I do at this! I have met so many nice ladies in the short time I have been going! We also have a great teacher, Joan!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello on Saturday Afternoon!!

Hello Hello!!!
I am over at Karen's house for the first time for a long time!! My computer geek daughter, Karen said that Kelly's computer is fried! It will be cheaper to buy a new one! Some time in May I hope to get a new one for me!!
I am missing everyone and our daily chats! They seems like real live chats!!

Since I have been gone I have started going to a Monday night Bible study with Kelly. The study in on Esther, It's tough being a woman. The study is taught by Beth Moore on DVD. Our leader is Joan and she is one of Kelly's co-workers at the library. There are around 45 to 50 women in the group! I have enjoyed every minute of this.

Baby Katie is still in the hospital,she is hanging in there but still needs your prayers.

Nancy and me were able to go to church on Easter Sunday!! This was so neat to get out and visit with every one!! We went out to dinner after church and it was so delicious!! We then went on a ride over at Lake Jacomo and looked at the Buffalo. Nancy loves to do this. Well I must stop this post and keep going. I sure hope to get back to a computer sooner then this last time!!!