Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday and it is HOT!!

As you can see I have been having a really good time going out and getting icon/buttons for my side bar. I love the Fourth of July and since it is next Saturday I thought it was time to get my side bar ready for the big Day!!
We don't go far away on the fourth, we don't even leave town ! Just enjoy what they have going on....Picnics, visiting with family and friends and watching the fire works displays!
Not a lot going on here today and that is good! Nancy and I are feeling good and this is a good deal!! It is very Hot here but we are blessed with the AC.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dear Nancy!!

b-day glitters

Happy Birthday to Dear Nancy!!!!
Today is my special needs daughter's 47th birthday! She woke up early and is ready for the day to began!!
She already has Birthday Cards and this morning there were Birthday E-mails that are so cute for her.
Kelly will bake her a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. She wants vanilla ice cream.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kayaking At the Niangua River! Hiking at the State Park! Not me!! Karen and Kelly!!!

Karen, Kelly, my grand-daughter Sarah and her friend Chantel all went to Southern Missouri this past weekend on a hiking - kayaking fun trip!!! I have shared some of the pictures of them having a good time! The kayaking trip was on the little Niangua River. Last year we went down to Ha Ha Tonka State Park and the girls liked it so much they went back! They hiked through some of it and it wasn't so hot the two days they were there. Last year, when Nancy and I went, it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year!!
Kelly ready for the day on the river
Karen getting ready for the Kayak trip

Sarah getting ready go into the river


Karen Chantel and Sarah

Sarah and Kelly



Chantel and Sarah

Sarah looking out at the beautiful valley

Kelly at the castle

Chantel at the castle

My grand daughter Sarah on the hiking trail

Chantel looking at the rocks

Lunch time!

Part of the springs

Kelly under the rock

Kelly hanging on a tiny branch with a drop off that was straight down! Yikes!

Karen at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Friday, June 19, 2009

Union Station in Kansas City

While we were out looking at the fountains on Saturday we stopped by Union Station. It has been remodeled for millions of dollars not to long ago. It now has Science City in the basement part that draws school kids and adults alike. There were at least three weddings going on while we were there.
Union Station is always having some new exhibit or other. The architecture is just beautiful! I have shared some picture of what it looks like in side. click on pictures to enlarge

The front door!!

The ceiling

Karen said we should have lunch at the Harvey Restaurant which is inside Union Station. This restaurant was made into a movie in 1947 with Judy Garland "The Harvey Girls "


Looking over the menu at the Harvey Restaurant The food was delicious! No they didn't take out the calories.

Nancy at the Harvey Restaurant. She had a great time.

Some of the beautiful architecture at Union Station

The Big Clock where people met one another!

One of the trains that used to run from Union Station

The tracks for the trains. Years ago there were many more tracks when trains were the main transportation for everyone.

Nancy and I waited for Karen and Kelly in front of the exit while they toured down stairs

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Fountains in and around Kansas City

Yesterday we took off to down town Kansas City to see the many fountains in and around the City! At Union Station Karen picked up a brochure that had 28 fountains listed! We didn't make it all of them!! That is for another Day!!! I have wonderful pictures of Union Station I want to share with you later. We had a fun day!! Kansas City has more or as many fountains as Rome!!
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This is a fountain in down town Kansas City
One of the first fountain located down town Kansas City

You can see Liberty Memorial when you come out of Union Station. It is a Memorial to World War I veterans I think it is the only Memorial to WWI anywhere

The Fountain you see when coming out of Union Station

At the Plaza

This is our most famous fountain at the Plaza! In fact while we were driving by they were holding a wedding!

This is Neptune a fountain on the Plaza

A Lady playing the harp on the street as people pass by. Kelly is taking most of these picture from her car!

Not a fountain but beautiful hanging baskets that were all over the Country Club Plaza

Over looking Swope Park this is where the Kansas City Zoo is and Star Light Theater and many other Kansas City attractions

This is a sea horse and a with a little boy riding the sea horse at Myer Blvd and Ward Parkway

Another fountain overlooking Swope Park

Overlooking Swope Park

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Morning On Thursday!

Here it is Thursday morning! We have had stormy weather for several days! It is sultry and warm today.
My nurse was suppose to come this morning but so far she hasn't made it. She is watching my blood pressure and blood sugars very closely! This is a good!

Nancy had a Pulmonary Function Test on Monday. She hates these so I didn't tell her until almost time to go so she would not worry about it over the weekend! She said, " I hate this!!" She was able to do all of them but one.
She saw her phyciatrist on Tuesday and he prescribed a new medicine for her. It will help her not to get stuck on one thing and unable to move on.
This would be great if it works.

We stopped at Culver's on Tuesday! No butter burgers this time but we did have ice cream! Oh my goodness they know how to make the best ice cream treats!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday and we will BBQ

Hello on Friday afternoon! Kelly worked this morning but she drove the riding mower over to Karen's house to get her lawn mowed. We priced little trailers that you can drive your riding lawn mower up on to and hook up to your car or truck. Who would know how expensive these small ones cost!!! Eye opener for this Grandma!!!! So Kelly drives the mower over to Karen's!!
I think Kelly said we will grill out at Karen's this evening. Sounds good to me!! and the best thing is I HAVE my own computer and I don't have to post from Karen's house!! She doesn't mind at all, but is is easier from your own computer and home!!
The nurse was here on Wednesday but she wanted to check my blood pressure this morning so she stopped by for a few minutes. It was a little high 180/80. But after she left and I put my medicine away I discovered I had forgotten to take my meds last night at bedtime! oops!!
I better watch this closer! I am so careful with Nancy's meds!
Well, I hear a lawn mower driving in the drive way so Kelly is home and will be thirsty hot and tired!
I haven't updated about the weight lost for a long time. Karen has now lost 132 pounds!! Kelly
has lost 72 pounds and when my missionary daughter saw Karen's picture she was blown away with her success and gave up gluten and sugar and in two months has lost 32 pounds!
I lost between 15 or 17 pounds depending on who's scales I am on..... I like Kelly's the best! LOL! Hers are right and agree with our Dr's!