Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday and it is HOT!!

As you can see I have been having a really good time going out and getting icon/buttons for my side bar. I love the Fourth of July and since it is next Saturday I thought it was time to get my side bar ready for the big Day!!
We don't go far away on the fourth, we don't even leave town ! Just enjoy what they have going on....Picnics, visiting with family and friends and watching the fire works displays!
Not a lot going on here today and that is good! Nancy and I are feeling good and this is a good deal!! It is very Hot here but we are blessed with the AC.


Denise said...

I love your icons sweetie, stay cool.

Carolyn said...

Its hot hot hot here too. I'm glad David decided to go to Emporia instead of changing tires. He'll do that later tonight.

I know I have been MIA for awhile, Grams. But this past month has given me alot of time to think about what is truly important. I think that got lost somewhere in the hustle and bustle of my life and everything I felt like I "had" to do.

Anyway...I'm back. New blog URL (I'm using it with this comment, so if you don't mind changing your link, so you get to the right one the first time, it'll be less confusing for you) - I know, I know, stop changing URLs. Part of the process of the what lies ahead for me.

I know you have had some hospital time, and glad you are back home. You are in my prayers, and I have missed you dearly. No more going MIA, if I can help it:) OK? :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grams,

Yep, another hotter than heck day here as well! Forecast calls for cooler weather to start tomorrow. Only upper 80s instead of upper 90s. Yay!

I love your icons. Can I borrow one to put on my blog? Let me know. If not, it's okay.

We'll be at the cabin on the Current River for the 4th of July weekend. It's only 15 miles from home, so not too much travelling.

You and Nancy stay cool. Have a lovely Sunday.



Mary said...


It's been hot here too and thank goodness for ACs. I wonder what we ever did without them.

Your July 4th decor is awesome. I love being in the US on the 4th. Everything looks so pretty. We have Canada Day July 1st but don't go all out the way you do in the States.

Try to keep cool and enjoy the weekend.

Hootin' Anni said...

I see I missed a birthday! Well, darn...hope the celebration was stupendous.

And yes, the 4th of July. It seems like just yesterday I was wishing everyone a happy new year. Now look where we're at...already.

Hope all is well with you sweet Grams!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

You have been busy and the side bar looks lively. I'm happy to hear that you and Nancy are feeling well. Enjoy just being well, happy and peaceful in the cool house. That is enough for now.
Mama Bear

Denise said...

You just go and get as many icons as you want! It's your blog you can do what you want!

I too love the 4th and I think maybe this year I will have a cook out.... We finally have a cool spell here and I am so glad.... Yesterday 106 and today 88 .. that is better!

PEA said...

We just finished having a 2 week heat wave and if it wasn't for the AC I don't think I would have survived! lol We're not used to temps in the 90's here!! I hope your week is a wonderful one, dear Carolyn. xoxo