Thursday, July 2, 2009

Almost The Fourth!!

Here it is two days before the Fourth of July! Tell me what you plan for your day. Do you go out of town or stay home and celebrate? We stay home.
When my Mother was alive we would go over and get her and bring her to our home for the Fourth. She just made the fourth so much fun because she would light a fire cracker and then not throw it for a couple of seconds yelling OH OH OH!!! Of course we were all screaming Mom/Grandma throw the firecracker!!!
She always made a Cherry pie and brought a batch of her oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies.
Nancy has always been scarred of the fireworks except of smoke bombs and sparklers! So from the time she was little she sat on my lap and many times I watched them from the window because she hated the noise so much. Now days she sits in the car at the park and watches them.
The Assembly of God church is sponsoring a city wide deal with a moon walk and booths and a big patriotic concert before the town shoots off the big fire works display!


Mary said...


It sounds like you are planning a nice day for the 4th. Canada Day was yesterday and hubby and I just stayed home. We aren't into the noise and crowds. We had planned to go for a drive, but the rainy weather put a damper on that.

Happy 4th of July, my friend. I hope everyone enjoys the fireworks.


Donetta said...

We may stay home and have a family movie night.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grams,

What nice memories of your Mom. Nancy isn't the only one who doesn't like the noise of fireworks!

We'll be going to our cabin on the Current River, (a couple of friends and I) and my younger son, who will be here, will give us rides on the river in the jetski. And we'll cook out, of course. But all this planning might be in vain, because rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for the 4th. So we shall see.

Happy Independence Day!



Denise said...

I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend sweetie. Eddie and I are going on a picnic, swimming, and just enjoying each others company. I love you.

Denise said...

We always stay at home and have a cook out.... This year we are going over to cousins on Friday night and stay home on Saturday and have family over on Sunday for hamburgers and swim! We can see the fireworks from our yard so we do not have to leave the house....
Happy 4th girl !

Hootin' Anni said...

Have a super happy 4th, dear Grams

Love Bears All Things said...

Thank you for your comments about my pantry. When we were shopping for a house, one of my requirements was a large utility room/laundry. Something besides a closet which was what we had in Memphis. I wanted a place to put Smokey's litter that was out of the way. I love the pantry. I don't know what we would do without it as the kitchen is small with a minimum of cabinets.

We are going over to Daughter's house for an early dinner tomorrow. We'll grill hamburgers. We usually spend the evening at home and just catch one of the televised celebrations. I like the one in DC. I'm hoping there are no fires caused by neighborhood fireworks since it is so dry here.
Enjoy the weekend.
Mama Bear

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn and gang -

I just want you to know I am praying about Nancy's meds still and put it on the PLW prayer list this week. I told Cinda today too and she is praying for Nancy's med situation also.

Tomorrow I plan on walking early since it's suppose to be 105 degrees here in Austin on the 4th of July!!! Then, I'm going to relax, eat some watermelon sometime during the day because it's just not 4th of July without it.

Then, tomorrow night, our executive pastor told me of a road here in Austin where you can drive, park, and watch 3 major fireworks displays at once: Downtown Austin, the Austin Country Club's, and Cedar Park! So, I think I'm going to do that.

Have fun at OG and don't get any chigger bites!!!

Love ya heeps -
(Your Fave!)
. said...

Happy 4th Mom!! you've been hacked by me to give you a new header!!


PEA said...

Happy 4th of July to you and yours, dear Carolyn:-) I do hope you are having a simply wonderful day celebrating!! I so enjoyed reading your memories of your mom with the firecrackers...too funny! hehe Wish I could cross the border to go celebrate with you:-) xoxo

Barbara H. said...

Happy Independence Day to you! We stay home. Most of the celebrations and fireworks here are in the week leading up to the 4th rather than they day. We didn't get to anything except an outdoor Army band concert last night -- no fireworks, though.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hope you had a grand 4th. Family is the most important part. I posted a bunch of pictures of what we did.
Take care Carolyn..I hope that you are feeling great..Have you heard from the other Carolyn????


Donetta said...

Your beautiful, beautiful your beautiful it's true.
just had to tell you.

Sandi said...

Finally gettting out and catching up. We went to Canada over the
4th as a child. Then it became more of stay at home. This year I went back to WV.

HOpe all is well with you and your family.