Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Pets!

This is a picture of Molly! Yes, when she was a puppy she chewed on our chairs. Kelly bought the stuff you put on there so puppies won't do this but, she loved the taste of it! Didn't stop her!!



When I saw Kelly had posted our pets on her Facebook page I wanted these for my blog! These are the most recent pictures of our pets!

Zeke is in Kelly's dresser drawer while trying to take a nap. Kelly thought he was so cute she started taking pictures and he woke up!
Myrtle is our youngest pet kitty and she is adorable! She loves to play with Zeke but he acts like Garfield and doesn't always want to play!!


Sharon said...

AWWWWWW how adorable.. I just wuv those faces!! I have a 152lb black lab and he is mommies girl for sure.
This is a great share thank youuu!!

Have a beautiful day my friend :)

Chocolate and Coffee said...

Soooooooooooooo adorable! I love my little people with fur! They love us unconditionally and are so much fun!! Blessings and hugs!

Donetta said...

Oh they are sooo cute!
Thank you Care' for you sweet kindness. Love you lots. I hope when I grow up I can be just like you:)

Mary said...


Love all your pets. Since I'm a dog person, I especially love the photo of Molly.

Dakota has chewed on the baseboard in the kitchen until he's actually chewed part of it off. I'm going to wait until he's through the chewing stage to replace it. Puppies have a tendency to chew and he also loves bitter apple. lol

Hope all is well with you. Say hi to Nancy for me.


Julie said...

what adorable pets. I love the last picture of the kitty. Too cute. Thanks for sharing :)

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your pets, they are all very cute.

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwww, I so love the photos Grams! Such a wonderful group of fur babies.

Love Bears All Things said...

Yes, I'm home. I'll do a post about the beach when I have pictures to post. Still have that problem with uploading. It was a busy and fun time but I was happy to get back to my home where I can have some quiet, me time.
I didn't know you had two cats. Glad you posted them. My son has a dog named Molly.
Have a good weekend,
Mama Bear

Jane said...

Your pets are adorable! We love our pets and treat them like children!!
Grams, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your prayers. Knowing I have friends praying for me is what keeps me going. You are a blessing to me.

Joyce said...

Your Molly makes me want a dog, but we are not at home enough to have one. So we have 3 mother cats and 2 kittens. Yours are so adorable.

Love and Hugs,

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I like your new look..Pretty!! I love changing my blog!!
I am so sorry that I have not been here in SUCH A LONG TIME!! We were in your part of the world just this past week and I thought about it. We have friends in O'Fallon, Mo and in O'Fallon, Ill. So went to see each of them. It had been years for the first couple. We were neighbors back in Illinois.
Just got home yesterday (Friday)...
You have some sweet pets. I love kitties so I am very predjuice when it comes to them. Have a wonderful Weekend, Carolyn,

Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing your pets. They add so much joy to a home.

Marlene said...

Loved the pictures of the furr friends. I hope all manimals are that happy.

Donetta said...

Good Morning Care'oh lynn :)

Yes he is oh so good all the time. Even if/when the battle is raging.
My husband and I unloaded and dug in most of the haul and I am just a rag doll this morning hopping the Tylenol takes effect soon.
I hope that the garden soil will do well . I watched a lecture on U TUBE by a botanist and I think that I may have made a mistake adding all that mulch to the earth due to critters
pressing forward :)

PEA said...

They're all so precious, Carolyn! I'm still feeding the stray kitties and I so wish I could keep them in the house but E won't hear of it, he's such a spoil sport! lol I grew up always having pets so have found it very hard not being able to have any throughout married life. Give all your pets a big hug from me:-) xoxo