Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello on Friday!!!

Hello on a Friday Afternoon! Last Friday I clonked my hand against something and I thought at the time " Oh, I hope I didn't hurt it again!"By Saturday evening my hand was all swollen and hurting. I still enjoyed the Fourth and the fireworks!! By Monday my hand was still swollen so off to the Dr.'s office!

They did a ex-ray and it wasn't broken just full of arthritis which was stirred up when I hit it.

I am so excited we have two wonderful events coming up!! The first one, my missionary daughter who lives in Mexico is on her way up for a visit!! She hasn't been up here for a year! I can hardly wait to see her!! She stopped on her way up in San Antonio for a Joyce Myers conference. She has been looking forward to this for a long time. She said the first session was good!

The other event, is the event for this year!! My granddaughter Sarah will be getting married in August! Kelly is the Maid of Honor and she is hosting the shower at Sarah's Dad's church the last of July. She is hosting the Bachelorette Party, too! Kelly's friend Joan is making her beautiful mints for the shower! They are so pretty but wow, they taste good, too!!
I know I haven't been on for a while!! Wal-Mart pharmacy called me last week and said that the medicine that Nancy takes that really holds her lupus at bay,some thing had happened to the pricing. I called her insurance and her medicine had been reclassified and it now cost us $700.00 a month to pick it up at the store.!
Of course we can't afford this SO I have been working on getting this for her.
Medicare Part B doesn't pay for it either unless she has had a transplant. She hasn't.
But I called the Co that puts out this medicine and they took all my information and they called me yesterday and we found out she qualifies to apply!!
No, kidding we have to really jump through the hoops to get this but we are willing. So I am so happy to know we can apply and then we will pray she can gets this medicine she needs so much for free. I would love for you all to pray that Nancy will qualify for her medicine.
The Doctor called me late Sunday evening and called in another medicine for her but it isn't as effective as the one we need!! So, I have been on the phone to SS, Drug Co's. etc. this week!!


Denise said...

I love you sweetie. I will be praying that things will work out so Nancy can get her medicine.

Mary said...


Sounds like you are in for an exciting summer with your daughter coming and your granddaughter's wedding. Enjoy!

I will be praying that all goes well with Nancy's medicine. I'm sure she will qualify.


Donna said...

I'm praying she will qualify. I'll bet she will!

Barbara H. said...

Ouch -- hope your hand feels better soon!

I'm so glad your daughter is coming up!

I'm so sorry about the change with the medication and insurance. I will pray Nancy qualifies.

Renie Burghardt said...

Ouch on your boo boo, Grams! That must have hurt. Glad it wasn't broken. I'm glad your Missionary daughter is coming to see you, and you have a wedding to look forward to and all.

I will pray that Nancy can get the medicine she needs. Enjoy the weekend!



Oh, I almost forgot. You look so nice in the new picture you put up.

Love Bears All Things said...

Praying you can find the help you need for her medicine. I know there are many options. We had to do some of this with Daddy and Mother for some of theirs before they went home.
Sorry about your hand. I know how a fall or injury can trigger old Authur to complain.
Have a happy visit with your Daughter. I know how much you must miss her. I've not seen my son and his family in two years.
The wedding and showers are fun things to look forward to. I read somewhere once that we should always have at least three things or events on our calendar to look forward to. It sure helps when life gets difficult.
Love you,
Mama Bear

Hootin' Anni said...

How exciting....I do so love weddings!

And, that's a bummer about your hand...I am sure it's NOT the best thing that's happened in your life...ohhhh, the pain.

And it's way cool to have your daughter come visit you.

Have a glorious's always good to see you blogging.

Joyce said...

Thanks for stopping by. My Mom was born and raised in Paoli and you spelled Shoals right.

Denise said...

hey Grams..... just wanted to come by and say hello..... Been a while since I came by to say hello.. Summertime seals our time does it not...... but just wanted to say hello and I will pray about Nancy.. She is on my prayer list......