Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Posting Out at Karen's!

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I am out at Karen's house this evening posting on her computer!! What a joy this is to be able to see what is going on!! When I post with the Wii it is on our TV screen and it is hard to see the little letters even when I press the button to make them bigger!!
Today we took Nancy to the Doctor and she doesn't have to return to this Dr. until the first of June!! When we left the Dr's we stopped at Culver's for Butter Burgers!!! Oh, my they are so good!! Nancy just loves them and so do I!! She loved it that people left little comments for her saying something about her toy dog she got for Valentine Day! Maybe when everything is back to normal when we get laptop home we can post a picture of Nancy and her Dog.

Karen met us at Culver's and we all went to the hospital to see my friend Cinda who had to go to the ER on Saturday night! Her feet had swollen up as big as balloons and she was in intense pain! They are still very swollen and she is in a lot of pain but they are finding out what is wrong. Nancy had given Karen $5.00 of her money to buy flowers for Cinda! Cinda loves Nancy and for the past 2 years Cinda has sent her a Cheer Up card every week with out missing one week!!! She always writes a little note for me too!! She is so good this way!! Karen got Cinda a sack of goodies!! She loved it!! Please keep Cinda in your prayers! Thanks!!

I guess every one knows I am missing them!! I have visited a few of you all tonight but now blogger is not publishing my comments so I am going home!!!
Sandy over at Flip Flop Floozie has the funniest post ever!! I just laughed and laughed!! If you get time go read this!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday's Post! What a week!

It feels like I have been gone for weeks instead of a few days! I have missed every one so much.This is what has been going on around here for the past few days!

On Thursday evening I washed up a whole bunch of dishes and then I saw a bunch of bowls full of food that I needed to throw away. Now I know you can't put a lot in the garbage disposal....... But I must have had a senior moment because I put noodles and more pasta noodles and some other stuff right on down! When Kelly got home from work at 9:00 and went to her room..... OH my what a mess she found on the floor! Water everywhere!! and noodles! Kelly cleaned this all up but we didn't wash any more dishes. On Saturday Kelly rented a shampoo deal from Wal-Mart and cleaned her rugs. She came up stairs and run a little water and it backed up again! She said it is time for Plan B and I called the plumber on a Saturday!! He came and roti rooted the lines and didn't charge for it being a Saturday!!

Every thing was great except we couldn't find our Kitten, really Karen's kitten! Jey, Sofia, and the great grand kids were here too! So we all were in the hunt for the cat!! I will say I kept telling every one that I thought the kitty had climbed in the couch and was under the seat where I sit. Both Jey and Kelly had run their figures under the seat going Kitty Kitty and she didn't try to get them! So they looked up and down the street and in the house! We all had been praying and trying to make Karen feel better and I prayed one more time and Jey was sitting on the floor by me and he said Grandma does that deal work on your end of the couch and can we lift up your chair and I said, Yes! He lifted up the chair and He said THERE'S the kitty laying there asleep!! He yelled out the door for Karen and Kelly who were out looking for her and Karen was overjoyed to have not lost her cat!! The rest of us were too!!
We had pizza and when Jey and Sofia went home so did the Wii and I didn't have internet!! He brought it back last night!!

You all know that I have fell behind on giving out awards and doing Meme!! I am not sure when we will get the laptop back but you can't copy and paste with a Wii so I will have to do all that when I have the laptop again!
They are calling for snow again the evening!! NO kidding! But it warms up and melts the next day!! If the key board holds up I will go out now and visit you all! But if I have to point and click the Wii stick and type in one letter at a time, I will just be reading your post!! It is just too hard for me to point and click each letter!!!

Ok, Nancy is in here watching me write to my blogging friends and she is wanting me to tell every one that our neighbor Dave sent one of his boys over here a week ago Sunday with a huge plush Valentine toy doggie that is red and white for her! She loves it and was so happy to get this from them!! The boys picked it out for her. It is sitting on her bed!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kelly hooked up the Key board! New Post on Wednesday!

Kelly hooked up the key board before leaving for work!! Some times it works and then again it doesn't! I will try to get a post finished while it is working. Lets see Nancy went over to KU Med Center on Friday and all went real good. She did have a bladder infection which I had to get a prescription filled for her. We are all feeling better at last!!
It is has been So cold and it snows about every third day or so! Snow is in the forcast for tomorrow. I think we are all ready for Spring to come!

The Girls took the Wii up to Jey's and Sofia on Sunday afternoon and I guess they all had one fun afternoon and evening! In fact Karen didn't know if she could pry the Wii away from Jey! Little Valerie was a cutie playing with it! They said there is a land you go to that it is pretty and safe and no enemy's are there and the little ones can just have a big time! I just reread this and I thought someday we have a land to go to where it is pretty and safe and no enemies to watch out for and a loving Savior to care for us and all our dear loved ones who are already there! Wow! Any way when I read that, that is what came to my mind!!

Today is our friend Sandy's Birthday over at Flip Flop Flooize's! I can't put up a pretty card for her on this post but I would if I could! If you get a minute go over and wish her a Happy Birthday!!
I have a prayer request for my friend Cinda who's Mom was one of my dear friends. Cinda has infection in her feet and is suffering something terrible. Mary's daughter Michelle had surgery yesterday and Mary has an update on her blog at Mary's Writing Nook. Thank you for praying!

Karen took Kelly's laptop in yesterday to have it fixed! I can hardly wait to have it back! But on the other hand I have read a couple of books while I have been with out a computer! The Wii is wonderful for letting me get things posted and I can read the blogs if I zoom in and scan down and sometimes you don't catch all that has been writen but you get enough to get the idea of what is going on!!
I sure am addicted to blogging for sure!! I have missed every one!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good News!

Kelly's laptop is going to the fix it place on Tuesday!! After church tomorrow the Wii is going up to the grandkids and great-grandkids house for a afternoon of fun with a grandson who is/was a nintendo-holic! I didn't blog today, because I have to have Kelly here to hook up the USB hub so I can use the key board!!! We are to get snow in the afternoon so I can't post my stuff for Monday. So, I won't be going out to Karen's house. I will catch up a little later. Love and Hugs Grams

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Post Using the Key board! Thanks to every one of you who gave me an award!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have a key board to type on for comments or new posts! If you have given me an award Hope,Mary, KarenH. Glo and Chuck Thanks!!! or a pretty valentine I can't post these until I can get out to Karen's house over the weekend to be able to use a real computer!! But on this Thankful Thursday I sure am thankful to be able to get on the net and visit my friends! I am thankful we are all starting to feel better!! I am Thankful Nancy didn't get this junk! Nancy has to go to KU Med Center tomorrow for her check up! We don't have to go over there but every three months!! This is so much better then once a month!!! Nancy just got home from the beauty shop! She got a hair cut and boy does she look a lot better! She got valentines in the mail and this made her so happy today!

I read the best post over at Sandy's the other day about Summer time back in the 50's and early 60's! It really was like that back then on a hot lazy summer day! If you have time go on over to Flip Flop Flooize's and read this! You can find her on my side bar. I am not able to copy and paste on a wii!! Oh and Hope has a wonderful post about her kitchen in her home that is really old! You will really enjoy seeing her pictures of how they fixed it up to make it look so beautiful!! Hope's blog in Second Time Around. Kelly has fixed a wonderful dinner for us before she goes in to work tonight so I must go and eat it!!!! Yum!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Totally awesome news for Grams and blogland.... she's BACK!!!!!

hey guess what we did for MOM aka Grams... We parted out an old mac of mine and were able to get a keyboard, usb hub and extra cabling so she can sit on the couch and blog... now if we can just keep the kitten from chewing and chasing the cords!!

Kelly and Karen

Thank You Kids! This is going to be so much better!!! I will be able to post and go and leave commets! Yea! I did read a lot of blogs today and enjoyed them all! It about made me nuts not to be able to comment and tell you how much I liked your post!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is Not Grams blogging...

Grams wants you to know that I (karen) am blogging for her. She wants you to know that she would love to come visit each of you at your blogs... She is reading them, but it takes her way too long to type in the comments one letter at a time.

We are working on finding a place to get Kelly's computer fixed!!

Love Grams

Monday, February 11, 2008

Posting With A Wii

Oh my, I just figured out how to post using Karen`s new Wii! This is not easy! You have to point and click each letter. Whew!
What a job! I will need a wire less key board. We don`t know if that will work. I can not get Kelly`s computer to take a charge tonight. But Praise God I am online !! I have no idea what this will look like!! Okay, I looked and it wasn`t too bad for the first time and this thingy I`am using is for a lot younged folks then me!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meme Monday # 3

This is Sunday evening and I am out at Karen's house in her computer room giving out awards!! Remember back in Oct when Kelly had trouble with her computer with the charge. She bought a new cord which cost a lot of money! It has worked till now but something has gone wrong! SO it will be harder for me to post. Some days it works and then others it doesn't!!

I was given a lot of nice awards this week and I want to Thank Anni, Chuck. and Barbara H. for my awards! Karen is telling me she will build me a page to put my awards on and I think that would be great!! But she works with computer buliding script all day so I am like the shoe makers child! :) I know I will have one of these one of these days!!

This really cool award was given to me by Hootin Anni over at Hootin' Anni's Thank you for thinking of me Anni!! I think this is pretty cute!! I will pass this on to all my blog friends!! Please take this and be a blog yumminess!! You all are the greatest!!

Chuck aka Rhonda gave me a lot of awards this week !!! My Goodness I was really overwhelmed by her kindness! I will give this award to every one on my blog roll! Your all Cool Cats!!!

Chuck aka Rhonda over at Foster Me Up has given me this neat award!! Thank you very much Chuck!! What a nice award! I will pass this out to :

1. Nan @ On My Porch

2. BJ @ Sweet Nothings

3. Mama Bear @ Bears In Exile

4. Barb@ Baba 's Blog

5. Karen @ Karen's Korner

Chuck aka Rhonda over at Foster Me Up passed this cute award on to me! Thanks Chuck!!

Since I think every one on my side bar are toadally awesome!!!! I will pass this on to every body on my side bar!!

This award was given to me by Chuck aka Rhonda over at Foster Me Up Thank you Chuck for this lovely award! I will pass this out to

5.Momma @ Momma's Place
For More Information on MemeMonday Go Here

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hootin' Anni!! An Easter Giveaway at Mary's

Today is my dear friend Anni's Birthday!! Best wishes to you Anni and I hope you have a wonderful Day!! Please take a minute and ran by and tell her Happy Birthday!You will find her at Hootin' Anni's and she is a delight for sure!! I wish you many many more Happy Birthday's!!

Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook is having an Easter giveaway. Be sure and go over and leave a comment and tell her about your best Easter ever!! You can read the rules over there! Mary has a lovely blog and her posts are always interesting!

I may be able to get out and about tomorrow!! It is suppose to be pretty! Yea!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Time Of Day Are You? Prayer For Carson

You are breakfasty, like a pile of pancakes on a Sunday morning that have just the right amount of syrup, so every bite is sweet perfection and not a soppy mess. You are a glass of orange juice that's cool, refreshing, and not overly pulpy. You are the time of day that's just right for turning the pages of a newspaper, flipping through channels, or clicking around online to get a sense of how the world changed during the night. You don't want to stumble sleepily through life, so you make a real effort to wake your brain up and get it thinking. You feel inspired to accomplish things (whether it's checking something off your to-do list or changing the world), but there's plenty of time for making things happen later in the day. First, pancakes.

I found this over at Julie's Jules Journal It looked like fun so I thought why not!! This says I am a morning person! Well for years and years I was but now I am more a night person!! I go to bed around 9:00 or 10:00 pm but I don't go to sleep for hours! This is my down time!! One thing is right I do love pancakes! This reminds me of when Kelly was a little girl and she called pancakes pattycakes! I thought that was so cute!

I was just over at Linda's blog This and That and she had some bad news. Linda said,
I received some horrible news this evening from my daughter who is pregnant.
Carson, her first born, fell off a slide today and is now in intensive care. The CAT scan showed a dark spot on his brain which the doctor said may be internal bleeding. They are awaiting an MRI. He has a concussion and is very lethargic.
She asked for prayer from all of us and to pray for Carson and her daughter Nicole. She was leaving for her daughters home she said at first light! All of will be in prayer for her precious grandson and their family and for Nicole as she gives birth. Thanks

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thankful My Blogging Friends are OK!!

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I think we all are just about ready for Spring! When I saw on TV the terrible tornado's that hit in the South, I thought about Karen and Mama Bear! Then I heard that there was warnings where Denise and Lib live! I am sure that there are more of you all who were taking cover last night. Sandy made it home okay but she had a layover and was a day or so getting home from IL.

I want to thank all the kind people who passed out awards and gave me some too!! I will past these out on Meme Monday!

We are all starting to feel like ourselves again! Thank you for your prayers!! Nancy is still doing good! This is a real blessing! Oh, I was over at Tammy's and she found out that Blogger knows that Spell Check is out of order and are working like crazy to get it fixed! I for one will be very happy for that!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meme Monday # 2

I found this great idea over at Livin With Me! Melanie has a good idea I think, so we don't get so far behind on our meme and our award giving out to other bloggers. Here is what she said about this :

Meme Monday #2
Welcome to Meme Monday #2. The idea behind Meme Monday is that we save up all of our tags and awards throughout the week and then post them each Monday. Then you come here, to my blog, and sign Mr. Linky to let us know you’ve done your post. This way we won’t fall behind on our memes and awards and we’ll be able to check out the posts that everyone else has done

Ok, I will do this meme that Melanie gave me

Here’s the rules for the tag she gave me.
(1) Link to the person that tagged you. (2) Post the rules on your blog. (3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (4) Tag two random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (5) Let each random person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their site.

And so- here’s my six things. 1. I have never bit my nails.2. I don't like garlic in Chilli. 3.I love olive's Black or Green! 4. I can't stand the taste of nutmeg in most things we fix. 5. I have saved all on my drivers license since I got my first one in the early 70's except for one!! This year I had to turn it in and I had make a copy before I left home!! 6. I didn't learn how to drive until I was in my early 30's!! and that my blogging friends is Post all on its own!!
I will pass this on to any one who wants to do this!! I think every one has done this one!! If you do this one Please tell me and I will come over and read it! Next week I will try and and do another one I was given a while back by Mary.

This is a lovely vintage Valentine I received from Anni over at Hootin'Anni Thank you so much for this delightful Valentine! I want to share this with every one on my blog roll!! Or if you read my blog. Please take this and be my Blog Buddy and Be My Valentine!

We are starting to feel a little better and so far Nancy is okay!! She takes cell-cept for her lupus and she has had a shot for the flu ! But this is some new strain this year! Can someone tell me how to tell Blogger that their Spell Check doesn't work???

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nancy is a helper for sure!!

myspace comments
Get Well Soon Comments
This is how I feel today!! I am the little bear in bed and Nancy is the little bear taking care of me!! She just fixed me a big glass of pineapple, orange, banana juice with Sprite and lots of Ice!! It was so good going down!! So far she hasn't come down with this type of flu like stuff. Praise God!! I have been so sick and now I am tired of being sick!! I have heard this stuff lingers for about 3 weeks! I sure hope not!! Thanks for your prayers for all of us. Karen was able to work this week. Kelly worked yesterday afternoon and today but she still feels bad.

Have I told every one that Jey and Sofia are having a new baby in June! It is another little boy!! Valerie is 2 and will be 3 in August and Baby Kevin will be a year old in June! She will have her hands full indeed!! If I have posted about this before just put it down to a senior moment! Or a proud Great- Grandma! Sofia isn't feeling good either so please remember her in prayer! Thanks!
I can't get my spell check to work on here!! That is not a good thing!!!