Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nancy is in ICU

Hi, I wanted to give my blogging friends an update on what has been going on at our house. Nancy got sick on Tuesday night and I called the Doctor at mid-night. I had to take her into the office the next morning and she had a temp. of 103.6 she could not urinate and she thew up black bile while she was there. Also her blood pressure was 78/40.
The Doctor thought she was Septic and she was and he sent us to the hospital. At first she was in a room upstairs but real soon she needed to be in ICU but there where no beds available. The hospital is packed.
Nancy had to be in the post op. room the first night and then over to another place in that room and then into ICU. It could have gone either way but Praise God she began to make urine on Wednesday!!
Today, her blood pressure is normal she has no fever she is really making urine. She does have to have a blood transfusion this morning. Karen is with her this morning. I have been staying 12 to 14 hours a day and the girls said I had to rest this morning. I will go back up at noon.
This is from her tooth that they didn't want to take out because of the lupus. Please pray that the Doctors and us will have wisdom and know what to do about her teeth. Taking them out will cause major problems with her lupus, but this one tooth will have to come out.
One of her Dr's said it was amazing that she had recovered so quickly. She didn't call it a miracle but amazing.Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out to see the Fall Foliage!!

Karen throwing leaves on us

Nancy Grams and Kelly

Nancy and Grams at the Buckner cemetery
The trees were just beautiful there

Karen had gluten free cup cakes

Nancy had an Eclair

Kelly and I had Pumpkin cheesecake and
we all had a taste of a pumpkin bar

Grams at the Leawood City Park

Nancy at the same park

Yesterday we took off and went over to the Blue and Gray park at Lone Jack. Not really in Lone Jack but out in the country somewhere!!! I could not find it in a million years. Nancy wanted to go there because in the winter we were over there, and there were so many different birds.
Of course that day was the coldest day of the year with snow on the ground and the birds flying here and there,that day they showed up really good!
Then we took off for Liberty Mo and the bakery "Just Desserts" He is the baker who made the beautiful cake for my 70th Birthday party a year ago. I have posted the pictures of our desserts . His shop was so quaint, it is a block off the square and the trees around there were beautiful.
We drove around the Campus of William Jewel a 4 year liberal arts college that is really old and the architecture is so beautiful.
Then Karen took us to a park she sometimes has her lunch at when she is over at her work. It is the Leawood City Park and what a neat park. We had a fun day and I haven't seen the trees this spectator for years!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here it is Wednesday already!! I spent most of yesterday helping my special needs daughter,Nancy to get all of her Halloween card ready get in the mail over the weekend. She loves to send cards!! She signs her name and puts stickers on her cards and I address them. She has return address stickers from the American Heart Association. She is so proud of them!!

Lots of flu in our community. My friend called me on Monday to tell me that she had a lab appointment and the Doctors office called and said for her not to come that the office was full of people with the flu.
An 11 year old boy at our elementary school passed away over the weekend. They haven't said on the news if it was from the H1 N1 virus or not. It is so sad.When I get finished blogging I have to call the health dept in Jackson County. The lady I talked to last week said to call today and see if she knew where Nancy could get a shot. Nancy has had her regular flu shot but needs the H1 N1 shot. She told me what they are giving out now has a live virus and would be harmful to Nancy, that we should wait until the shot was available. Nancy has lupus and her immune system is weak. The Pulmonary Specialist said we should get her the shot.
We have enjoyed beautiful weather for a few days but I think they said this is all to change this evening with a cold front and storms moving our way.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hosanna - HIllsong 2006

Just saw this cool video on Karen's Facbook page, she said they sang it at church today....

Quite a powerful song!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Carrie and Marcello!

Here is a picture of my daughter Carrie and her grandson Marcello. This was taken the first of the week when Carrie was babysitting just Marcello. He is almost 17 months old. He has a big brother,Kevin who is 2 and a sister Valerie who was 4 in August.

I am hoping to get some pictures of other kids soon. Marcello is really laid back and a good baby!!
Marcello has a cousin Mathias who is 8 years old. Mathias lives down there too. I am missing these Greatgrand Kids like crazy!!

It is warm and beautiful in Guadalajara!!It was another dark and gray day here!! They think we may have some sunshine by the first of the week!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I got such a kick out of my Faerie picture that Pea had posted for her Birthday Party that I had to share it with you all!! I laughed out loud and Kelly laughed harder then me!! Thanks, Pea for going to so much work to make us all smile!!

It is still chilly here 45 degrees this afternoon! It is suppose to be for this time of the year in the high 60's.

My granddaughter Sarah gave us the wedding pictures in frames for us! Beautiful frames and pictures!! She has a beautiful new home, her groom built just for her! Kelly was down there over the weekend and said it is really nice. I am wanting to go down there and see it too!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to Mary and Pea! Happy Birthday too!!

Happy Thanksgiving to Mary at Mary's Writing Nook and to Pea at Pea's Corner!! October the 12th is the Canadian Thanksgiving!It is also Mary's Birthday on the 12th!! So Happy Birthday to Mary!!
Pea's Birthday is on the 13th so a Happy Birthday to her, too!!!
It was down to 28 degrees this morning! Brr!I haven't turned on the furnace this fall. But more mornings like this and it is coming on!!
Kelly drove down to Sarah's yesterday afternoon and spent the night with them. Kelly's cats are used to sleeping in bed with her and in the night one of them pounced on my leg and thought it was a tree!! I had to get up and put her in the other room and I shut the door!!! Poor Kitty had to find another place to sleep!!

Karen has gone to CSMU to watch Jake run up and down the side lines at their football game! He is studying to be a coach!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love Fall!

It is a beautiful fall day! 63 degrees! Nancy went to her pulmonary specialist yesterday and she is doing good. She had her flu shot,too. We have 5 specialist so we have appointments next month but with different Doctors. She also has lab work.
I am feeling better,I had that junk Karen and Kelly had last week.
Carrie and Aaron, John and Ale and Jey all left on Monday morning after the paper work they needed came in the mail. I heard from Carrie yesterday late afternoon and it was 102 degrees!! The AC had gone out of Aaron's car and they stopped at Wal-Mart and got some kind of something to help the AC. It started working again!
I am missing them. Carrie tried to get fall cleaning done for Kelly before she left! Kelly told her she was going to keep her here!!
Our leaves are changing and it looks pretty, I know by next week they will be in there full glory! Love it!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love this weather!!

It has been so cool here and it has felt like fall!! I am loving this!!

But seems like in the fall sickness comes around and Kelly has a viral infection. Karen is much better so I am sure Thankful for this.

Carrie and Aaron are here for another day, I always hate to see them leave!

She has painted my bathroom, painted the railing on my front porch, painted the trim around the front door, and the deal that the steps are on.

She also cleaned Nancy's room! All of her dresser drawers the closet everything in her room!! We had 3 bags full for the Goodwill!! Nancy woke up the next morning and said " I love my room"! You never know how she will take something like this, so I was happy she took getting rid of a bunch of stuff so well!!

When our company has gone I will try to get out and visit! I have found that Facebook is easier for me with Nancy. But I love blogging, too!!