Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love this weather!!

It has been so cool here and it has felt like fall!! I am loving this!!

But seems like in the fall sickness comes around and Kelly has a viral infection. Karen is much better so I am sure Thankful for this.

Carrie and Aaron are here for another day, I always hate to see them leave!

She has painted my bathroom, painted the railing on my front porch, painted the trim around the front door, and the deal that the steps are on.

She also cleaned Nancy's room! All of her dresser drawers the closet everything in her room!! We had 3 bags full for the Goodwill!! Nancy woke up the next morning and said " I love my room"! You never know how she will take something like this, so I was happy she took getting rid of a bunch of stuff so well!!

When our company has gone I will try to get out and visit! I have found that Facebook is easier for me with Nancy. But I love blogging, too!!


Denise said...

Praying for all of you, and loving you sweetie.

Denise said...

You know, I think I am looking forward to the fall.. It has been a hard summer........

Hootin' Anni said...

A lot of people use Facebook...but, not me. LOL I do hope that you continue to blog tho when you have time.

I love this time of year also. [but our "Fall" doesn't come 'til everyone else is having blankets of snow]

I'm happy to see you post...and update us on what's been happenin' in your life. Sounds like a home makeover!!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a beautiful family you have with hearts of Gold!! It's been cool here for a couple of days and now the humidity is back for the weekend~~~yippeeee
Praying that all sickness be removed from this family.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Linda A. said...

If Carrie is still in OG and has a "hankerin' to clean" still - send her over to my parents' house!!! Boy will she be happy and me too!!! She can clean till her little heart's content! HA!

It's actually cool in Austin too. Well, it's 68 degrees, but compared to 105 degrees - that's cool. And, about as "cool" as I like it! OK - maybe down to 50 - but that's ROCK bottom!!!

No Mizzou football this weekend - bummer. I'll have to find something else to do to entertain myself. It's suppose to be raining here most of the weekend. We need it - but I don't like to be out IN the rain. Must find something fun to do inside...

Love and miss you ALL heeps and heeps!

(Your favorite - NON-Facebook - person! Well, I'm sure I'm your favorite person period! I mean seriously, would you put just ANYONE as "next of kin"??? I think NOT!)

Linda A. said...

Testing out my new little photo icon. So me!!! Yo love those happy little flowers!!!

*Still your fave...

Nezzy said...

How nice to get things fixed up. You are blessed with good family.

I too am an Non-facebook person. Hope ya keep on bloggin'.

Have a wonderful weekend full of blessings!!!

Nezzy said...
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Mary said...


How is Nancy doing? I know she wasn't feeling well. I do hope Karen and Kelly are feeling better soon. I've had this mess for a couple of weeks now and it isn't pleasant.

It was beautiful this morning but later this afternoon, the thunder heads moved in, the wind picked up and the skies opened.

I enjoy fall, though our colour isn't coming on very quickly this year, nor is it the brilliant shades I love. More yellows and browns. I like the reds, yellows and oranges.

Things have settled down a little here, thank goodness. Dwight is feeling pretty good but still tires easily.

Glad that your house got a bit of a sprucing up.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Joyce said...

I am glad you enjoy fall. I am enjoying the color. I am on Facebook too. I have taken it off my computer since I had 2 different virues. I go to the library for it now. It gets me out of the house. If you would like to be my friend search for Joyce Poisel

Love and Hugs,

Marlene said...

Hi Grams, thanx for visiting my blog. I am on FACEBOOK too but I don't get much involved in it. Keep blogging and enjoy this Fall weather.