Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kansas City Zoo!

Nancy and Carrie
Kelly and Nancy
Carolyn Kelly and Karen

This August while my daughter Carrie was visiting from us from Mexico, we went to the Zoo. It turned out to be a very hot August afternoon!! We still had a very good time. My daughters took turns pushing Nancy and me in our wheelchairs. What a job. The most fun was watching Nancy have such a very good time! She loved every minute of our time there!! Nancy is my 49 year old special needs daughter. She had her portable oxygen with her and she was fine. I don't know if I have the picture of Carrie with 2 drinks in her hands at once or not. If I do I will put that on here too!! It was that warm that day!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is a beautiful Saturday morning! Karen and Kelly are the leaders in a Walk/Run group each Saturday morning and Kelly left very early.
I had such good news from my visit to the Dr. this week. I am in Stage IV of Kidney disease, that isn't the good news!! But I was very close to having to go on dialysis. My lab report came back and my creatine had gone back to base range and my GFR was better, too! My potassium level was down to normal!!
Well, I am Praising God for Sure!!!
I do not want to go on dialysis.That is such a life changing deal.
Nancy health is about the same on oxygen 24/7.She is excited about Halloween and sending out cards. She has made Pumpkins and puts stickers on them to pass out at church.
My daughter Carrie, who is a missionary was able to take her grand kids to the Circus last night! I hope she took some pictures of them. She said they had a wonderful time!! I am 73 and I have never been to a real Circus!! My kids went when they were young with the school on fields trips!
Hoping everyone is doing good and enjoying the fall weather!

I broke down and turned on our heat this week when it got down to 28 degree's!! Just to cool around the edges for me!!