Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi on Friday Afternoon!

I know it isn't fall yet!! But our weather has been so nice and cool you would think it is September not August!! I think fall is my favorite time of the year.

I haven't been out visiting very much this week. I had a phone call from one of Nancy's Doctors office and they needed me to call Medicare. Yikes!! Who knew this was going to consume days!! Well, two of them!! I was on the phone from 9:30 until 1:00!! The day before, for a long time too!! All I can say is ....... The government wants to take over Health Care!! Well, YIKES again! I had to call her secondary insurance also.
Not much news with my ear next to the phone!! OK, I will stop ranting on and on!!
Yesterday was the last day for my visiting nurse. I am doing better and I don't need her to come by anymore!
I hope everyone is feeling good out there! Hope to get out and do some visiting today and tomorrow!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Please join us in wishing Grams a very, very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom I love you. - Karen

Love you Momma, Happy Birthday! -Kelly

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Few Wedding Pictures!!

Here are a few picture from Sarah and Kyle's wedding a couple of weeks ago!

Sarah getting ready

The Bride and Groom's Mothers

My son Bill and Sarah

Sarah and Kyle

It was so hot that day that I stayed in the church!
They drove around the block and came back for
photos. I know there isn't any of me! I had burned
my lip the week before and had a horrible looking
sore on my lip! It was bad enough I had to go to
the wedding looking like that I am not sharing
that picture with the world!

They had a great reception with all kinds of delicious food and a chocolate
fountain with fruit,pretzels, and marshmallows

Sarah was a beautiful bride and Kyle is a really nice guy!
Kyle and Sarah got home Sunday from their Honeymoon
in Hawaii ! She said it was very beautiful there. Sarah
teaches school and she has been really busy this week
getting her classroom ready for the first day of school.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Woman Of Strength

A Women Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape...but a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape.
A strong woman isn't afraid of anything ...but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her ...but a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.
A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future...a woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be God's blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman walks sure footedly...but a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls.
A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face...but a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey...
but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

I got this in the mail from my friend Denise! I liked it so thought I would share it with it you all. Thanks Denise! I need all the poems and Bible verses I can find on strength!! When days are long and hard it is always good to know that HE holds us up!!!
Yesterday we went to Nancy's rheumatologist. She is doing better. She has to have labs every 6 weeks but the good news is we can have them done at our local Doctors office. If this is your first visit here, Nancy is my 47 years old special needs daughter who has Lupus.
I see that my last part of the Women of Strength has underlines on it and I don't know how to make that go away!!
It is raining here again today and it is 73 degrees in August!! We sure have had a cooler summer then what usually happens here in Missouri in August!!
I was over at Joyce's Creation In Progress and she has a cute post that I liked! Please go over and say Hi and see What you can learn from Noah Ark!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"A Time of Strengtherning" and a prayer request

"A Time Of Strengthening"
I want to build you up to be mighty warriors, but you cannot do it on your own. You need My presence, My grace and anointing upon you constantly. And the only way to obtain all that you need is by staying by My side and resting, waiting upon Me whenever you can. Make use of every moment that you can to rest before Me for mighty is the battle ahead, and you must be ready for it. So come before Me so that I can heal your heart from those things that have wounded you. Let Me bring to your memory anything you have suppressed of deep hurts, resentments, or unforgiveness that might hold you back. For you need to be clean vessels so that My power and glory can flow freely through you. Let Me set you free from any doubts or fears with My perfect love.
Once you reach that point you must be in Me as clean vessels, keep your guard up for the enemy will want you back in his clutch. But don't let him back in your thoughts, for the battle is won or lost in your mind. Keep covered with My armor of light and love. Be filled this day with My grace and truth. Reach out to Me so I can fill you to overflowing with My Spirit, which is a mighty force field that the enemy can't cross. The same Spirit that raised My Son from the dead dwells in you. You dwell with Me high above all power and principality. Use the Word against him like I did when I lived here on the earth.

Believe and receive My every promise made to you in My word for it is your sword. Stand behind My faith which protects your heart from the arrows sent from the evil one. Pray unceasingly in the Spirit to stay built up. And rejoice for we have won the battle. You fight from the place of victory. No matter what happens to your flesh, your spirit will soar in Me like the eagle.
And, having done all, stand in Me..for I am your Shield and Fortress

Denise over at Shortybears's Place sent this to me this week and I liked it so much I thought I would post it so I could share it with you all.

This morning I got this E-mail from my son- in- law's Mother, Lorita. I have known Elise and Shawn for years, and feel so bad he is suffering from this illness. Please pray for him. Thanks

Dear Friends,

I received this e-mail from my dear friend, Elise in Missouri, who's son, Shawn, who (I think) is about 35 yrs. of age now, he is suffering from AIDS and Hepatitis C thru bad blood. Only God has brought him through these many years. He was infected around 15 or 16, and God has spared him from death many times. Will you join with us in prayer that God will touch him and give him a word of wisdom as to what to do. It has been getting worse for him these last months.

"Dear Father, you created us in your image, and you know every part of our body and there is nothing you cannot do, we call upon you to send your Holy Spirit into Shawn's spirit and soul and body and touch him with your mighty power, he loves you so much. Lord, you have been so good to us to give us your Son, Jesus Christ, he willingly laid down his life for our salvation, and also for our healing. May your power raise him up and restore him to live as you planned from the beginning, that he might serve you and be used to see lives changed. We ask you for this healing in your Son, Jesus Christ name. Amen and Amen!" Below is the email from Elise.

Shawn is hurting so bad he can't get any sleep. His leg cramps get worse and worse. I don't know what he's going to do as the tonic water with quinine doesn't help anymore. After you go awhile with no sleep you feel like you can't survive.

Please tell all your friends to pray for Shawn with AIDS and Hept. C that he got thru bad blood transfusions....because of the Hemophilia.

I remember how devastated Shawn and his family were when they found out what happened after he received the bad blood transfusion.
My heart goes out to them .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shower pictures!

I have posted some of the picture of my granddaughter Sarah's shower two weeks ago. I have had a time trying to post these pictures!! Blogger has not wanted to post any pictures. I have read on other peoples blogs how blogger wouldn't work but I had never had it happen to me. But today it did!! So these pictures are not in the order I would have liked them to be. I have pictures of the rehearsal and of the wedding. The wedding was last Saturday afternoon and when I can I will post pictures of the wedding!! It was so beautiful.
After the shower Sarah put on the hat and glasses Kelly gave her to have at the bachelorette party. Since we live 60 miles away Kelly stayed and they had it after the shower.
Kelly was writing down the list of gifts and who gave them to the bride to be!!
This gift was from her Aunt Carrie to put wedding pictures into and enjoy for a long time
Sarah is short and tiny so someone gave her a step stool so she can get into her cupboards in her new kitchen in her new house that Kyle built for her!!!
She got a lot of lovely gifts!
This is when we were playing games!! Sarah had to answer questions about the groom and if she didn't know the answer she had to add another piece of bubble gum! She missed a few and you can see by the next picture she had a mouthful!!
Kelly giving her one more piece of bubble gum!!!
This is Karen's BBQ apron she sewed little items on and we had to remember what she had sewed on there. She wore this for a long time but I still couldn't remember everything!!
The cake!! It was pretty but not what Karen and Kelly ordered! It was suppose to have daisy's for the flowers. When they picked up the cake it was to late to change it!! Someone picked up a cake with daisys I am sure!!
This is all the pictures I could get loaded!! When I can, I will get the rest of the pictures posted!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Blessed!

By Dorothea Barwick

When the heat comes on to warm my skin,and there's peace and contentment abiding within

When I have plenty of time to meditate and prayer see the rainbow before it fades away
When I have nourishment to drink and to eat,and clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
When my mate tells me that I am loved,and I send thanks to God's in His heaven above
When I have enough money for my bills to pay,and from the doctor's office I could stay away
When a son or daughter runs to my side,with a happy expression and arms open wide
When the dishes are done and the night descends,and there's no one to whom I must make amends
And even when the day starts out wrong with heavy heart and no joyful song
And when my body fights against aches and pains,and there's only storm clouds bringing more rain
When the road of life gets rocky and steep,and my feet slip and slide 'til I fall and weep
When the night turns cold and the fire goes out,and the enemy tries to get me to doubt
When death and sorrow have taken their toll and I need comfort way down in my soul
How do I know?
Because these are the times when God's nearest to me,when I put aside pride and from temptation flee.
When the peace of His presence fills me inside,and He wipes away all of the tears I have cried.
When I know in my heart without fear or doubt that God will restore my joy and my shout

~ A Note from the Author ~
How we praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ.
If today it seems like life is just one battle or disappointment after another to endure, just remember YOU ARE STILL SO BLESSED!

I received this lovely poem in an E-mail from Denise over at Shorty Bear's Place this morning.

I just love pink roses and what a beautiful poem this is about how blessed we are!!!

Thanks Denise!!