Sunday, August 16, 2009

"A Time of Strengtherning" and a prayer request

"A Time Of Strengthening"
I want to build you up to be mighty warriors, but you cannot do it on your own. You need My presence, My grace and anointing upon you constantly. And the only way to obtain all that you need is by staying by My side and resting, waiting upon Me whenever you can. Make use of every moment that you can to rest before Me for mighty is the battle ahead, and you must be ready for it. So come before Me so that I can heal your heart from those things that have wounded you. Let Me bring to your memory anything you have suppressed of deep hurts, resentments, or unforgiveness that might hold you back. For you need to be clean vessels so that My power and glory can flow freely through you. Let Me set you free from any doubts or fears with My perfect love.
Once you reach that point you must be in Me as clean vessels, keep your guard up for the enemy will want you back in his clutch. But don't let him back in your thoughts, for the battle is won or lost in your mind. Keep covered with My armor of light and love. Be filled this day with My grace and truth. Reach out to Me so I can fill you to overflowing with My Spirit, which is a mighty force field that the enemy can't cross. The same Spirit that raised My Son from the dead dwells in you. You dwell with Me high above all power and principality. Use the Word against him like I did when I lived here on the earth.

Believe and receive My every promise made to you in My word for it is your sword. Stand behind My faith which protects your heart from the arrows sent from the evil one. Pray unceasingly in the Spirit to stay built up. And rejoice for we have won the battle. You fight from the place of victory. No matter what happens to your flesh, your spirit will soar in Me like the eagle.
And, having done all, stand in Me..for I am your Shield and Fortress

Denise over at Shortybears's Place sent this to me this week and I liked it so much I thought I would post it so I could share it with you all.

This morning I got this E-mail from my son- in- law's Mother, Lorita. I have known Elise and Shawn for years, and feel so bad he is suffering from this illness. Please pray for him. Thanks

Dear Friends,

I received this e-mail from my dear friend, Elise in Missouri, who's son, Shawn, who (I think) is about 35 yrs. of age now, he is suffering from AIDS and Hepatitis C thru bad blood. Only God has brought him through these many years. He was infected around 15 or 16, and God has spared him from death many times. Will you join with us in prayer that God will touch him and give him a word of wisdom as to what to do. It has been getting worse for him these last months.

"Dear Father, you created us in your image, and you know every part of our body and there is nothing you cannot do, we call upon you to send your Holy Spirit into Shawn's spirit and soul and body and touch him with your mighty power, he loves you so much. Lord, you have been so good to us to give us your Son, Jesus Christ, he willingly laid down his life for our salvation, and also for our healing. May your power raise him up and restore him to live as you planned from the beginning, that he might serve you and be used to see lives changed. We ask you for this healing in your Son, Jesus Christ name. Amen and Amen!" Below is the email from Elise.

Shawn is hurting so bad he can't get any sleep. His leg cramps get worse and worse. I don't know what he's going to do as the tonic water with quinine doesn't help anymore. After you go awhile with no sleep you feel like you can't survive.

Please tell all your friends to pray for Shawn with AIDS and Hept. C that he got thru bad blood transfusions....because of the Hemophilia.

I remember how devastated Shawn and his family were when they found out what happened after he received the bad blood transfusion.
My heart goes out to them .


Love Bears All Things said...

I just caught up on these last few posts. Can't imagine how I missed them.
Bless you my friend and the family friend who is ill. Congrats to the Bride and Groom.
Mama Bear

Mary said...


How heartbreaking that a young man caught Aids and Hep C from a bad blood transfusion. It happened here as well and many fought for compensation for it.

I will pray for Shawn and his family.


Renie Burghardt said...

A Time for Stregthening is beautiful, Grams. Thank you for sharing it. I will say prayers for Shawn.

Take care!

Hugs and blessings,


Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Will be praying.

Donetta said...

Hi Care" :)
love ya! I will think of them with compassionate prayers.

Carolyn said...

Oh Grams, how sad. Yes, I will include him in my daily prayers. I have found that praying for others, esp. ones worse off than I am, makes me realize how fortunate and blessed I am, and that God's healing hand has touched me time and time again this summer. Thank you for letting us know about him.

Denise said...

That is so heart breaking, lifting Shawn and his family up in my prayers. I love you.

Hootin' Anni said...

So, so is just so unfair sometimes.

Hope you're doing well my dear Grams!!

I had a wild and crazy fun time this morning in our yard and just blogged about it.

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn, please know that my prayers have been added to those of the others. Such a sad story and my heart goes out to Shawn and his family. xoxo

Denise said...

I am trying to get caught up here girl and I have missed so much..... I too will pray for Shawn and his family......So much heartache in this world..... I love the Women of Strength ...... it is beautiful and I think I will copy that!