Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo Hunt Red

Valerie wearing red playing in rain! This is my great- granddaughter

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Blogs I visit that have pretty decorations

Merry Christmas Comment Graphics

We have to get up early in the morning and go to Karen's studio and wait for the plumber! So I will be here later on tomorrow!!

I worked on Christmas Cards all afternoon and got a lot done! Yea!!

Have you all been around to some of the blogs and seen how they have decorated for Christmas!! Wow!! Go over to Hootin'Anni 's and see her beautiful blog!! T'mmy at My Gentle Retreat has gone all out and it looks great!! Karen at Karen Korner has a beautiful new header! Mary at Mary's Writting Nook has decorated her header and side bar and it is so pretty!! She also has some good ideas for sharing your love at the Christmas season!! Melli over at Insanity Prevails has made her blog look adorable!! She just met her new granddaughter today and is just beside her self with JOY!!!
These are a few of the blogs that I have been out to and they look great!! Oh, Yes Denise at Shortybearsplace looks wonderful too!! Keep on praying for her Please.
and Kelly's blog is looking like Christmas too Caregiversdiary One more that is so beautiful is Pea's over at Pea's Corner .

I have probably left out some one's just out of this world pretty blog and I will feel bad about that!!

If you know of some blog that I would enjoy just leave me a note in the comment and I will go out and take a look!! and yes, I love to read them too!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nancy and Christmas Cards

Christmas Glitter Graphics
I haven't been able to go and visit my blogging friends today or evening and I hate that!! I won't do a Thankful Thursday that I sign up for because Kelly needs the computer again tomorrow!! I am thankful that she take working and trying to make a living seriously!! She is writing content for Karen and their web site getting it all ready to go.
Something that is usually a little hard at this time of the year is doing Nancy's Christmas cards!! But by not being able to be on the computer I told her we would do them today!! This made her incredibly happy!!
Nancy tells each and every person we meet that she will send them a Christmas card!! Then she asks for their address. I don't mean she asks in November!! I MEAN she asked for the addresses beginning in March or earlier ! No kidding!!! But since this brings her so much pleasure and she doesn't have a lot going for her in that department I go ahead and do the cards and she can sign her name. She loves stickers so we put them on the cards too!!
I have started signing my name on a lot of the cards and this helps a lot!! This way I don't end up sending two cards!!
We bought the stamps last week so we are good to Go!!
Please pray for my dear friend Denise over at ShortybearsPlaceShe is very ill with her diabetes and needs our prayers. Thanks so much.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For your Awards please scroll down to last post!

Merry Christmas Comment Graphics

I won't be able to get on the computer tomorrow because Kelly has the day off and needs it to work on for the day!! So I am not doing a Wordless Wednesday! I miss all my Wednesday friends. But maybe by next week things will be back to normal what ever that is!!
Nancy was so happy tonight when Karen called and said Charlie Brown Christmas Special was on T V ! Nancy loves Charlie Brown,and all his friends. I am so surprised they still let them tell the Christmas Story on this special!!

Don't forget that I have awards for you blogging buddies on my last post!! Just scroll on down and you will find it there!!
I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Two awards at once!

I just found out that I had two adorable awards from Bridget over at and Miles to Go Before we sleep..... Thank you so much!! My family loves "The Christmas Story" and my grandson Jake wanted a lamp like this!!! I am not going to past these out and have to choose any one but if you are one of my blogging friends that reads my blog( even if you don't leave a comment ) just take these and enjoy!!! You are more then welcome to have both!! All of you are my Blogging buddies!! I know a lot of you love the Christmas Story too, so Please take the Major award!!!

Movie Test of what Your Christmas is Most Like!

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas
For you, it's all about sharing times with family.Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.
What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?

I was over at Regina's and saw this and decided to take the little test and Yes ! Yes! I do like to be with my family at Christmas time! WOW that was a stretch wasn't it! :) This was fun!!

I went to the Doctor today for lab work and go back next week for a visit with the Doctor. Hopefully all will be well!! But the blood work tattles on you!! Then the Doctor knows if you have eaten right for the last three months! My blood pressure was fine this morning so that is a good thing.

Thanks Mary for the Blogging Friends for Ever award. We have so many wonderful blogging friends!!

I need to finish this and go visit the rest on my list right now!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The 12 Questions of Christmas Meme!!

This is Hootin Anni meme that I found over at her blog and it looked like fun so I thought I would give it a try! Here is what she said about it...........

For the holiday season, I've started a meme. "The Twelve Questions of Christmas" If you'd like to participate, I'd be honored to have you join in the fun. If you'd like, you are welcomed to use the meme header graphic!

1. Christmas is wonderful! fill in the blank with ONE WORD]

2. In memories, what was the best part of your Christmases past?
The best part for me was my Mom getting ready for Christmas! When I was really young we always had Christmas on Christmas Eve. My Daddy was Swedish and we had a big dinner on Christmas Eve and then opened our gifts!
When I married the kids Dad he had always celebrated Christmas on Christmas morning and he was horrified that we would do all this the night before!!! So I began always opening gifts in the morning! Then when we had kids we would open our gifts always in the morning!
After my Daddy passed away in 1962 my Mom came to my home for Christmas and she always made homemade noodles, Corn pudding, and all kinds of candy! Fudge, divinity, peanut clusters
I can't remember everything she made but she had platters full of candy and homemade sugar Cookies and decorated them too!! She was called Grandma Cookie!!!

3. Was Santa ever good to you? [describe how and what]

When I was a teenager my folks gave me a new watch ! My Daddy was so proud of it because it was a bulova and over 50 years ago this was a big deal!! One year Karen and Kelly made up a wonderful memory book with pictures of long ago and I burst out crying when I opened it and they felt bad but I was crying for joy!

4. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both?

For over 50 years we have opened our gifts on Christmas morning!! But the kids used go to their Dad's for Christmas Eve and one year they said we want our Mom here too!! So for many years I went along and it went just fine!! We opened gifts from them on Christmas Eve!

5. Is there something you make each and every year? [craft or recipe]

I always make Pumpkin Bread every year!! I used to make many loaves and we gave it as gifts and had it for guests, too!! I would wrap it up in clear paper and stick a sprig of Holly in it!! and that is what my kids remember the most!!

6. What is your favorite five[5] Christmas songs/hymns?

Oh Come all Ye Faithful, Silent Night Oh Holy Night Oh I just love them all!!

7. Is there a new tradition for Christmas since your childhood days?

Some years in the late afternoon Bill and his family and the girls would go bowling! Now days we watch the DVD that anyone got in there stocking!!

8. Describe one of your Christmas trips. [whether it's across town or across country]

Oh My!! When I was young and lived in New Mexico my Daddy was SO homesick for Iowa that we went back there for Christmas!! My sister went with us and helped with the driving.This is when towns were just beginning to put up lights over over there business districts and it was a big deal to drive through and see the beautiful lights!! I remember one other thing!!! My brother Ray would leave up his tree for a while after Christmas and that year I talked my sister in law into taking it down the day after Christmas and my brother was flabbergasted when he came home from work and it was gone!!

9. Do you have a special Christmas outfit to wear for the day?
Yes I do, I have a sweat shirt my daughter Carrie gave me a long time ago and I wear it on Christmas Day!! I hope it still fits!

10. Have YOU or any of your family members sat on Santa's lap?
I think all the kids have and they were good when they were on his lap!

11. What is/or will be on your Christmas tree this year?
I always have a lot of Candy Canes on there for everyone and we have to always go out and get more before Christmas Day!!

12. Do you/or have you decorated your yard for Christmas?
No, I take that back last year Karen and Kelly put lights on the porch and down the steps! It was pretty!
There you have it!!! If you would like to do this Christmas meme go on over to Anni's and get the code and you can have as much fun as I did remembering Christmas's in the Past!! I guess you can tell I love Christmas!! I love that we celebrate our Savior's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Jesus!! Don't you love it! Please don't let HIM get lost in the hustle and hubbub of this time of the year!! It is so easy to do!

From Anni and Mary

Thank you AnniThank you Mary

Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook has so graciously given all her reader the Spirit of Christmas award! Thank you so much Mary!!

Here is what she has written about it

Christmas is a time of giving and a time of joy and friendship. It is the one time each year when we stop and take a moment to reflect on the birth of Jesus. In the Spirit of Christmas and giving, I would like to present my friends and readers this Spirit of Christmas button. Everyone is welcome to take a copy. All I ask is that you continue to show the Spirit of Christmas and reach out to those who are in need of a kind word.

I will be so happy to display these on my side bar!! Along with my award from Hootin'Anni for being good this year!! Thank you Anni! Anni is giving this to all her readers too!
You all may have noticed I love Christmas trees!! I have three on my side bar so far!! I must have hit the Italic button and I can't make it stop!! Someone tell me how !!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Karen Kelly Nancy and Sarah

The cat has knocked over the snowman already

Kelly and the tree is almost trimmed

Getting the pesky lights on the tree!

Kelly and Sarah

A new toy for the Cats!!

We were able to get the tree trimmed yesterday! Karen and Sarah came over to my house. Kelly had gone down to the basement the night before and got the Christmas tree and brought it up and put it up so it would be ready to go! Karen found a new toy for the Cats and they love it !! It has a little red ball that goes round in a circle that just makes the Kitty's go nuts!!We had a good time trimming the tree!! I sat and watched and they trimmed!! It turned out just fine! Looks beautiful,but I say that every year!! The girls took off for Target and took Nancy with them and she had a real good time! When they came home Kelly made a pot of Chilli and we watched the MU KU game!! If you haven't heard MU won! MU played for the Big 12 championship game next Saturday! I am for MU all the way!!
It is cold here today but it is November!! We are spoiled because of all the lovely weather all fall! I hope you all have a nice Sunday!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I knew I couldn't hold out util Saturday!!

The family after a wild game of CLUE!!
Nancy took a nap too!!

I got chilly and full so I took a little nap!!

Kelly made an Apple Spice Cake!

We looked out the window and it was snowing just a little!
I knew I couldn't hold out until Saturday to do a post!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did! We have so much to be Thankful for, our freedom,for the men and women willing to fight for it!! Home and Family!! For God's Great Love!!
We plan on trimming our tree tomorrow afternoon so I am skipping Photo Hunt this week! When Sarah and Jacob were little they always spent Thanksgiving night Friday and Saturday nights with me! We would trim our tree while they were here and this continued until Sarah went to college . After that ,some years it worked out and it was always great when they could be here!
I miss my family that lives in Mexico too!! I love it that Jey and his wife Sofia live about 8 miles from me!! As of now we plan to spend Christmas Eve with Jey, Sofia, the kids, and her family who will be here from Mexico!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish each one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your day with family and friends.

We will be going down to my son Bill's and be with his family. I haven't seen Jacob all fall, he is in his second year of college about 30 miles east of me. This year he has been busy helping the coaching staff with everything under the sun!! Karen, Kelly, and his sister Sarah have gone to a few of his football games. The games they have attended,the weather was so hot they all come home sunburned! Nancy has to be so careful about getting in the sun, that we just stayed home! I think I have wondered from the subject again!! I will be happy to see them all!! Sarah is finishing up student teaching in a couple of weeks. She will graduate in December from Missouri State with a degree in Elementary Education. We will all we traveling down to Springfield for that happy occasion! More about this later!

Saturday night will be the BIG game of the year around here!! The Missouri Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks will be playing for the big 12 north champion ship game! KU is is #3 in the nation and MU is # 5! Around here people are in a frenzy over this! They will play at Arrowhead statium where our Kansas City Chiefs play on Sundays in the fall. We are having a small party and watch the game together. I live in Missouri but have friends who are KU fans! On our news they have shown a family's where the Dad has graduated from MU and the Mom graduated from KU!! With a picture on the wall that says Border War, with a Missouri Tiger on one side and the other side has the KU Jayhawk! Two of Nancy's Doctors are KU graduates! One of them is a real fananic about his Kansas Jayhawks!!

I have decided to take a little bloggy break! I will be back for Photo Hunt on Saturday! If I don't break down and come back sooner!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Denise!

Tomorrow is Denise 's Birthday over at Shortybearsplace !

Please go over and wish Denise a very Happy Birthday!!! She is one lovely blogger!! She has a heart for God! She has many medical problems and we are all praying she will soon be well! She does love Bears for sure! Happy Happy Birthday Denise!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Girly glitter graphics

We had a nice outing on Saturday! Karen came by and took all of us to Old Time Pottery! Nancy was able to do some Christmas shopping which made her so happy!! I was able to use my walker instead of the wheelchair and go where I wanted to!! At Wal-Mart you walk in and grab a cart to ride and away you go! But they have a lot of rules here about using one so Karen and Kelly put my walker and a wheel chair for Nancy in the back of the truck and we were off! This was sure fun! I got tired but had a good day!!
Karen, Kelly, and Sarah stopped by Old Navy and found some good bargins!! Then over to Best Buy. Nancy and I set in the truck and rested!! We had a nice day and it was great to get out and about!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Hunt I Love.....

I love to ....... be with my family!!
Grams Nancy and Karen

Mathias my great grand son who lives in Mexico!

Sarah Nancy Kelly Jake and Karen Last Thanksgiving

Jake, Sarah ,Kelly, and Karen

Valerie,Grams,when Kevin was a new born and his Grandma Carrie

These are pictures of my family! I love to be with my family! This is not all of the family but I didn't think I had better put any more pictures on here!!
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Friday's Feast

Feast One Hundred & Sixty Nine
November 16th, 2007 Category: The Feasts, 2007

Appetizer What was your first “real” job?
I think my first job was at the State Baptist Church Camp as one of the kitchen dining room servers ! It was at Hollister Hill which is next to Branson! This is before Branson was what it is now!

Soup Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?
I am not very creative at all! I was good at dreaming up stuff for the kids to play at, like turning their bicycles upside down and making hats out of newspapers! Then take a wax paper roll and color it and presto you are a pirate with a spy glass!

Salad Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when....
I have got in the car and forgot to put my dentures in and about flipped out!! Back in the house I go and take care of that little oversight!!

Main Course What values did your parents instill in you?
My parents took me to Sunday School and Church from the time I was a baby and taught me all about God and His Love! They also taught me about love for your country, doing the right thing, and working hard!

Dessert Name 3 fads from your teenage years.

White buck shoes starched petticoats and poodle skirts

For more information on Friday's Feast Go Here

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thankful Thursday!!

I am so Thankful for my home!! I was able to buy a house 17 years ago ! I was so excited when the loan went through (with much prayer) and the girls and I were able to move from the apartment we had lived in for 11 years!! To tell you the truth I had almost lost hope that we would ever get to move. I try never to take my home for granted!

I am so Thankful for our water!! We are not in a drought!! I think we need to join in the prayers with our friends in the Southeast who are suffering from the lack of water. We need to join their prayers for rain.
I pay dearly for our water. Like out the Wazoo!! The city has put some kind of crazy sewer tax on our water bills and mine runs about 65.00 a month. Some times more and some times less!! But Praise God I have the money to pay for it!!

I am so Thankful for family and friends and blogging friends who lift my family up in prayer daily. Nancy has to go to the Doctor's office for a shot tomorrow morning. I am posting this early because I will be gone. I am so Thankful she is not worse! She isn't any better! But being not any worse and being stable is Good! If you are new to my blog Nancy is my 45 year old special needs daughter who has Lupus really bad.

I am Thankful for a Savior who loves me unconditional and forgives me daily. I am so glad He is my friend!! He loves you, too!! He is just waiting for you to invite Him in to your heart today!!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Kelly and her Love for having her picture with Santa!! For more information on Wordless Wednesday Go Here I think I have use the one picture for Photo Hunt for happy but I am using them again!!

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Siani's over at Siani's Pot-Pourri who tagged me with a meme, in which I have to reveal eight random facts about myself. Yes, there are rules but Grams is not going to tag any one!! If you want to do this just grab it and play along and come back and tell me and I will go over to your blog and read what you have said about yourself!!

1. You all found out when I did a Friday 's Feast that I love to watch the PBR on Verus on Saturday nights! My favourite bull rider is Justin McBride and he is the World Champion this year!! I like Chris Shivers, too!

2. I love Football! The kids Dad played football in High School and won a couple of scholarships . But sadly he was not encouraged to continue on with his education and went to work and then was drafted into the Koren War. Bill played football and now his son Jake is studying to be a coach at college!!

3. On Sunday afternoons you will find us watching the Chiefs playing football out at Arrowhead! We usually have a pot of Chili for Sunday!

4. I had infant pneumonia when I was really little and it left me kinda sickly!! My Mom had arthritis real bad which led us to move to the South West when I was about 8!! I am getting ready to write a bunch of stories about our move from Iowa to the South West over at Traveling Grams real soon. How that for self promotion!!!

5. I wanted to be a missionary when I was young! I didn't follow through with this but my daughter did and my son is a pastor!! I read a lot of missionary books to them!! In fact I read a ton of books to my kids when they were growing up!! They all love to read.

6. I was thin when I was in High School and then gained weight and lost it and gained it back and weighed the same for about 25 years and after I fell and had to use insulin I gained a whole bunch of weight!!

7. My beauty shop lady just called and she said she had been at the Manor cuting hair this morning and she could come by here and cut my hair at my house if I wanted her to and I said Yes!!!!!! So it will have to be 7 facts for me!!! Whooo Hooooo! I get my hair done!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Bill !

Today is my son Bill's 48th Birthday!! What a day it was when he was born!! It had been so beautiful all fall, warm balmy days!! Bill's Dad had not changed the storms windows. Back then you put up the storm windows in the fall and in the spring you took them down again and stored them in the shed until fall. My Daddy came over and helped Bill's Dad get them up so it would be warm and cozy for the new baby!

The day he was born we had a terrible ice storm and it was a mess out on the roads!! What a beganing he had!!

I am so glad you are my son and I am proud of all you have become!! Happy Birthday to a dear Son! I love you!!

Well, I did something wrong and made this post not quite right!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Be A Blessing This Year for Christmas!

I am going to post this tonight because I won't be able to use the computer in the morning!! Here is where you can go to find out more about all of this wonderful Christmas Spirit Giving Sharon at Sit With Me Awhile or at Mary's Writing Nook

I think I am to late for Shoe Boxes for Franklin Graham. I want you to know last year my daughter who is a missionary in Mexico was sent 600 shoe boxes from his organization to give out. One of the rules, you couldn't give them to your church members. This was fine! They went out to the poorer part of Guadalajara and gave these out! The children and parents were overwhelmed with joy!! They told the plan to salvation also. Carrie called me up after she got home crying and saying Oh,Mama if only you could have seen their faces! This truly was a moving experience for her. So when you give to Franklin Graham it is going for a beautiful gift for a child.

Also, a church near here made blankets for Carrie church at their Vacation Bible School! The kind made with flannel and you cut loops. This was greeted with almost a riot! The parents went nuts wanting one! We had a lot of them but not enough. These blankets were passed out to even a poorer district. This made me cry when she told me about it because of all the warm blankets we have and take for granted. That is something to work on all year for next Christmas!

Now for what we well try to get done for our project.... I am thinking something that Nancy and I could do, is send Christmas cards to a recovering soldiers. This is something we would be able to do together. She could choose a card and then I can write it for her.

Ok, I just read where this has all CHANGED! I just copied and pasted what the update is about. Here it is from Kathleen Marie at "The Open Window"
Update from Walter Reed Hospital
Walter Reed Army Medical Center officials want to remind people that packages, letters, and cards addressed to 'Any Wounded Soldier' or 'A Recovering American Soldier' will be destroyed. Walter Reed cannot accept these packages in support of the decision by then Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Transportation Policy in 2001. This decision was made to ensure the safety and well being of patients and staff at medical centers throughout the Department of Defense. In addition, the U.S. Postal Service is no longer accepting "Any Service Member" or "A Recovering American Soldier" letters or packages.

But there are alternatives to blessing our soldiers! The American Red Cross will accept small gifts but - not cards - through them as they don't have the man power to distribute them all. They request CD's, dvds, candy, phone cards and small packages for the wounded serviceman in transition. You can mail your small package to:
American Red Cross
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20307-5001 You may also want to check with your local Veterans Hospital and see if there is a need there. Most likely there is. For more info visit National Veterans Foundation or visit their state by state listing or call 888-777-4443. You may also visit the America Supports You and the USO websites for other ideas.

I think Kelly will be baking and she will make some goodies for our neighbors!! When I was able, I always did this!

Veterans's Day!

The picture of above was taken in 1945 right after World War Two. The little girl is Grams sitting between her parents trying to be good! My sister Margaret was a Wave.My brother Don was in the Navy and brother Ray was in the army!!
My Mom had a little flag in our front room window with three little stars for each of her kids who served during the war! I can remember rationing cards and how hard it was to buy gasoline, sugar, and evaporated milk for my niece. Nylon stockings were impossible to find!! I remember being in Boone IA when I was little and it was on trading day. My folks were farmers. My Mom took eggs into town and traded the eggs for money! My sister-in-law Dorothy heard the good news: Nylons at JC Penny's !! She grabed my hand and away we went running so fast across the street to stand in line and she did get a new pair of Nylons!!
All of the people in the picture have gone on now and they are missed!! Thank you for serving our Country with such pride and honor!! Thanks to all our troops who are still serving our Country!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Be a Blessing This Christmas and Let Your Light Shine

I found this over at my friend Mary's blog and I am posting this so we can all join in and share our Christmas Spirit with others.
Sharon at Sit With Me Awhile and Mary at Mary's Writing Nook would like to encourage the women and men in our blogging community to start a sweet tradition.We would like to get everyone involved-even the children.
We want to be a blessing in His name this year.We would like you to come up with an idea that will enable you to reach out to someone in need during this Christmas season. If you are already involved in some type of Christmas giving tradition, we would like to hear about that too.Here are some ideas:
*Collect food for a food bank
*Shoeboxes by Franklin Graham
*Angel Tree-they provide gifts for children with parents in jail
Collect donations for a local charity
*Bake cookies for a nursing home
*Decorate a room at a nursing home for Christmas
*Let your children make Christmas cards for soldiers in Iraq
*Send a care package to a soldier

We want your ideas.On November 12th, we will ask you to post your ideas and link back here so that others can get some ideas.We will give you a month to complete your adventure in giving.If you have children or grandchildren- please get them involved. We have been given so much-let’s show them how great it feels to be a blessing during this time of the year
*Bake cookies for a nursing home
*Decorate a room at a nursing home for Christmas
*Let your children make Christmas cards for soldiers in Iraq
*Send a care package to a soldier

If you have children or grandchildren- please get them involved. We have been given so much-let’s show them how great it feels to be a blessing during this time of the year.If you have children involved -maybe you could interview them and let the post be about their responses. And , if you can take pictures we would love to see them..Once your post is up come back here and we will have another Mr linky up so that we can all share in the joy.
Our final post will be on the 10th of December. After you have your post up come back and add your post to Mr Linky.
Lets be a blessing in His name this year. Please be thinking-spread the word and come back here on November 12th to join with us. Let’s choose to reach out in the name of our Lord and be a blessing and a light.
Please feel free to grab the button that I have created for us. It is a pleasure to join arms and work together with you in His name!
I just took off the card sending deal off because this has all changed! Go up to the new post and read what is going on.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Photo Hunt Flexible

This is my grandaughter Sarah being very Flexible!!
For more information on Photo Hunt Go Here

The Bloggers With Integrity Award

I have received another lovely award from Cindy over at Notes in the Keys of Life
Thank you so much for this award!! I am so humbled to receive this!! I received this award in the category of: The Spirit of Giving!

Here is what she read about the award over at Mama Pajama: If you go over there go to her left side bar and click on awards and it takes you where this originated from.

After looking, reading and watching many many Blogs and bloggers I decided to issue some recognition to those fellow bloggers I feel maintain integrity in the Blogs. All these bloggers incorporate within their wonderful sites, an integrity not always seen. They share terrific stories, topics, discussions and images. All Well worth a look."

I'm now passing the award on to five other bloggers, in the five specified categories

For Creativity: Anni at Hootin'Anni 's
You all know I think that Anni is really really creative!! She can write, do photo's, computer stuff, with one hand tied behind her!

For Staying True to Their Beliefs: Denise at Shortybears Place
Denise has a very strong belief in God and shares her heart daily. If you need a lift go over there!!

For Keeping It Real: Daisy at Lazy Daisy Log
Daisy has a wonderful blog and no one keeps it as real as she does!!

For Social Conscience: Mary at Mary at Mary's Writing Nook
Mary has interesting post about a various issues and they hold your interest all the way through!!

For the Spirit of Giving: Debbie at Chocolate and Coffee
Debbie has a very giving heart and shared her heart on her post that uplift and inspire daily!!

The Color Of Friendship Award

Thank You Mary at Mary's Writing Nook for this lovely award! This is so kind of you to think of me with this award. I am so humbled by all the awards I have been given and thank you so much!! I just found out that Bridget at and miles to Go Before we Sleep has given me this award also! Thanks very much!! This is from Donetta,too!
Thank you!! Donetta is at A Life Uncommon I am feeling a little overwhelmed!
Bloggers are the Best Friends!!

Rachel at Heart of Rachel
I like what Mary said so much that I am going to use this on this post!!!
I have so many special friends here that I find it's hard to choose. So, if you are on my blogroll and would like this award, I am presenting it to you. I visit your blogs almost daily and you visit mine and I consider you all online friends that are cherished. Enjoy! I to find this so hard to choose that I really liked what Mary said about this!!