Monday, November 5, 2007


Here it is Monday Afternoon! I started this a hour ago and published it and it took away my sidebar!! So I will start all over again! This must mean it is Monday for sure!! LOL!!
Or maybe it is the time change! Might as well blame it! I like the fall time change better then in the spring!
My Chiefs lost yesterday! Bummer! They are still on top of the AFC West, all those teams lost yesterday, too. Not for long, for us to be on top! We always have Chilli on Chiefs Sunday! Not yesterday we had Chicken tenders. You think that did it! Me neither!

I had an E-mail this morning from my cousin's wife and she said her sister in law my cousin Doris is suffering from Parkinson disease. She is now seeing double, how horrible, I would like prayer for her please!

The leaves are finally changing as I write this, the maple trees are yellow and the pin oak leaves are red! It is beautiful!
The picture above is from morning star graphics


Melanie said...

I think next week you'd better go back to the Chili! Or- actually since my team won yesterday maybe you should stick with the chicken tenders. Ha!

I will keep Doris in my prayers. What a terrible disease to suffer from.

Linda said...

Happy Monday to you. Better luck next week with the Chiefs!!!

Will keep you cousin in my prayers. Our leaves have already peaked and are now beginning to fall. Won't be long before there ole hills will be bare.

Hootin'Anni said...

I love the Autumn foliage! Shame down here...only about a couple of days --and only very FEW trees! Then, leaves do fall....but before the 2nd month is over, they're all green again. I don't mind, in fact I like it ---no snow! hehehehe

Ya, KC lost. Bud and I watched it. And the Broncos[which rarely is televised here in TX] lost BIG TIME! I think it was 6 to 44. Geez.

And guess what? KC and Broncos play NEXT SUNDAY!!! Oh dear. :o)

[yes the time change is to blame....I just wish it'd stay REGULAR time year 'round]

Hootin'Anni said...

Oh, so sorry...prayers for your cousin.

Julie said...

Sorry your team lost:( My uncle also has Parkinsons disease. Will pray for your cousin.
Chili sounds really good right now. It is pretty cold here and suppose to snow tomorrow.

Denise said...

I will be praying for your cousin, love you.

Melli said...

*stomps foot* MY Pin Oak does NOT turn red! The leaves turn DEAD and then fall off! They don't get pretty of ANY shade... What's up with THAT???

How sad for Doris... I will certainly send prayers for her!

Regina said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin. I will include you and yours in my prayer time.

We eat chili often during the cold months (we use our crock pot all the time, it's awesome!) and I love getting an extra hour of sleep!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

It has been a quiet Monday for me.I don't keep up with football teams..My little grands have gone back home after staying with us for the week-end..The house gets too quiet with no little feet running to wake me up in the morning.I will see them again at Thanksgiving... Baba

Sandra said...

Being in Arizona I don't see the leaves changing, I truly miss that!

I'll keep your cousin in my prayers.

Jane said...

I am sorry you are having difficulty with my blog. You are not the only person who is. I don't know what to do about it.
Keep trying!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Grams....glad you are getting some fall color your way. I will keep Doris in my prayers.

Mary said...


So sorry to hear about your cousin, Doris. I will definitely keep her in my prayers.