Friday, November 23, 2007

I knew I couldn't hold out util Saturday!!

The family after a wild game of CLUE!!
Nancy took a nap too!!

I got chilly and full so I took a little nap!!

Kelly made an Apple Spice Cake!

We looked out the window and it was snowing just a little!
I knew I couldn't hold out until Saturday to do a post!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did! We have so much to be Thankful for, our freedom,for the men and women willing to fight for it!! Home and Family!! For God's Great Love!!
We plan on trimming our tree tomorrow afternoon so I am skipping Photo Hunt this week! When Sarah and Jacob were little they always spent Thanksgiving night Friday and Saturday nights with me! We would trim our tree while they were here and this continued until Sarah went to college . After that ,some years it worked out and it was always great when they could be here!
I miss my family that lives in Mexico too!! I love it that Jey and his wife Sofia live about 8 miles from me!! As of now we plan to spend Christmas Eve with Jey, Sofia, the kids, and her family who will be here from Mexico!!


Mary said...


Love the photos. The boys and I LOVE playing Clue. It is one of our favorites. Brandon had a Clue Junior when he was little and by the time he was five, we were playing adult Clue. We also play monopoly (it takes too long) Isolation, Blockus, Sorry and a host of others. They have an entire shelf that's filled with board games.

Thanks for posting. I would have missed you had you waited until Saturday. Thanks also for commenting on my writing. You are a great inspiration and encouragement to me.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Grams,
LOL,LOL,LOL!!!! I just knew it. You are probably like me, very addicted to this. LOL. Well, I am glad you posted though. I have missed your posts. I did see where you snuck in and got the banner from me. But oh well, at least we are in our homes having a good time enjoying the company of good Christian Women online. I love all the pictures you posted. I really like that one of the snow falling. I just love snow. But no ice though. It was cloudy, cold, and a bit windy here for Thanksgiving. The sun did pop out yesterday afternoon around 4:30p.m. We had a great time at our house also. My parents and sister came up and we all ate too much as usual. Later that afternoon, hubby and the girls put our Christmas Tree up and got it all decorated. That's what hubby and the girls usually do on Thanksgiving night or the day after. I unpack the lights and ornaments and have it ready for them to put on the tree. And of course, I tell them where they need to put some decorations. LOL. Well Grams, I'm glad you are back. Stay in and stay warm. It sure is cold here. It is 40 degrees with a windchill of 33 degrees. We are suppose to have rain set in for Sunday and Monday. Well, take care my friend and thanks for sharing the pictures. The spice cake look delicious also. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the cake? I NEED a slice of that right NOW!!! Carolyn, you big tease....that looks scrumptious. :::drooling & slobbering:::

I LOVE Clue. Col. Mustard did it in the kitchen with the knife!!!!

Sandi said...

I just had a feeling you were like me and had to get to the blog. I'm glad to hear you had nice time with family. Our tradition has been to trim the tree the day after Thanksgiving too. However this year it is waiting till Saturday when the kids will be free to join us.

Nan said...

Looks like a great time and that cake looks yummy.

Melli said...

Sounds like y'all had a GREAT time Grams! I LOVE that picture of you all! TOO cute!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Blogging does become addicting doesn't it? I knew you would not hold out for too long!! I am just like that!! What great pictures of a HAPPY FAMILY!! That is great!! Yes we have so much here in this great country to be thankful for!! I did the Photo Hunt..It was hard this week. Have a wonderful and warm is only in the 40's here!! WHEW!! Sandy

smilnsigh said...

It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. So did we. Yes, we are all so lucky and have much to be thankful for.


Mel's Mom said...

Looks like a LOVELY Thanksgiving!

Regina said...

I had an awesome Thanksgiving with my family as I trust so did you! You are a true blogger! I have so much respect for those who can stay away for days and not blog, but I have not accomplished that and frankly I don't want to! It is so much fun!
anyway glad to have you back on the boards!

Blessings, Regina

Regina said...

P.S. Awesome pictures!

Glo said...

Just loved the photo's...and I told you you wouldn't make it until Saturday. hee hee Glad to see you had a wonderful day with family.
We had a great day, ate way to much,rested and then ate more. Now we all feel like the Turkey did STUFFED.
Love You and did miss you while you weren't on.....all 8 hrs. hee hee.

Linda said...

That cake looks so yummy. I made pumpkin pies. We are getting a cold spell here. It was snowing a little yesterday. Snow always gets me in the mood for Christmas.

Julie said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got a little snow too.Not much at all though. Have a great weekend.

Denise said...

I have missed you grams, and I love you so much. The pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you had a great time. Your family looks like a lot fun!!