Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Fountains in and around Kansas City

Yesterday we took off to down town Kansas City to see the many fountains in and around the City! At Union Station Karen picked up a brochure that had 28 fountains listed! We didn't make it all of them!! That is for another Day!!! I have wonderful pictures of Union Station I want to share with you later. We had a fun day!! Kansas City has more or as many fountains as Rome!!
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This is a fountain in down town Kansas City
One of the first fountain located down town Kansas City

You can see Liberty Memorial when you come out of Union Station. It is a Memorial to World War I veterans I think it is the only Memorial to WWI anywhere

The Fountain you see when coming out of Union Station

At the Plaza

This is our most famous fountain at the Plaza! In fact while we were driving by they were holding a wedding!

This is Neptune a fountain on the Plaza

A Lady playing the harp on the street as people pass by. Kelly is taking most of these picture from her car!

Not a fountain but beautiful hanging baskets that were all over the Country Club Plaza

Over looking Swope Park this is where the Kansas City Zoo is and Star Light Theater and many other Kansas City attractions

This is a sea horse and a with a little boy riding the sea horse at Myer Blvd and Ward Parkway

Another fountain overlooking Swope Park

Overlooking Swope Park


Julie said...

love your pictures!!!!!! I like your new profile picture. You look wonderful!! :) Hope u r feeling better.
I havent blogged in a long time. Just visiting people. Haven't had a chance to sit and write too much.:P

Melli said...

I knEW I should have gone further south on my vacation!!! You know... I don't believe I have EVER seen a Harpist playing in the street before! THAT was quite a find!

Donna said...

Great pictures indeed. I know Kansas City has its problems, but I'll always love KC.

Denise said...

Such beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. I love you.

Mary said...


Such beautiful fountains. I especially like Neptune and the little boy riding the sea horse.

The hanging baskets are lovely. Such a pretty color. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the tour.

You look beautiful in your new profile picture.

Blessings for a great week.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

GREAT pictures!! Have you lost weight? I see you picture on your side bar and you look like you have...If SO...wonderful!! Glad that you got to get out and have fun..Sandy

Sandi said...

Memories I was there about 10 years ago visiting a family friend. I have some memories of funny stories at union station

Lazy Daisy said...

Beautiful pictures....they look cool in this hot weather. Congrats on your weight loss. Miss you.

Baba's Babies Are Special said...

Wow... I love water and fountains...Thanks for sharing KC with us!!!Your side picture really shows the weight you have lost.. great job.

I had my second eye surgery for cataracts today.It is amazing how I can see without glasses!!!

Take care and give the girls my best..hugs, Baba

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog tonight....Love it when I have time to do blog hopping...I always enjoy finding new blogs!
This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

Chocolate and Coffee said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Love your new look on your blog. Blessings!

Sharon said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful wowwwwww.... I felt as though I was taking a ride with you all in the care and the basket of flowers beautiful... Glad you all had a good time, I did!! :)

Have a beautiful weekend my friend :)

PEA said...

Such beautiful fountains! I love visiting places like this and seeing that harpist playing on the street would have thrilled me no end!! When Steve and I go on trips and I take pictures from the car while he's driving, he calls it "drive by shooting"! lol xoxo