Friday, July 27, 2007


Nancy with Donnie Edwards and Tony Richardson June 2005

The Chiefs have arrived at training Camp. Yea!! That means they are getting ready for a new season!! I LOVE the Chiefs!! Our family watches the Chiefs together and we really get into the game!! I always call my son Bill on game day and say, Do you have the Chiefs on, Honey! and he always says, of course, Mom! Then we discuss what going on during the game and what he thinks about it.

I know a lot of you don't care for sports and that is ok too!! We just happened to love football over here at my house!! My dear friend Jackie sometimes makes me bonkers when I tell her something real important that is going on with the Chiefs and she has NO idea on earth what I am talking about!! She did know (because her son in law John told her)that Donnie Edwards was coming back to the Chiefs!! I know she will lol as she reads this!!

I had written Donnie when he was here before, for my special needs daughter Nancy. He wrote back and this began the nicest friendship with a very nice football player!

So much has been written about all the bad sport figures lately. We all hear about some of the movie stars and the messes they get into all the time. As if that all we want to know!! That another blog for some other time!

So it is really great to write about someone who is a real role model for sure!

Donnie came to our house in 2005 when Nancy was going through all her chemo. He called me, and Yes, I almost passed out, and he said he would be coming back to the KC area for a golf tournament. He said he would like to come and see Nancy and bring her gifts and I said, the 25th is her Birthday!

He brought his wife and Tony Richardson with him. At the time Donnie played for the San Diego Chargers. He brought all kinds of gifts for Nancy and she just loved this!!

I think the two sweetest things about this was; No reporter and no TV camera were going! No one knew, he did this from his heart!
The other thing he did that I thought was so nice was he pulled out his billfold and he had Nancy's picture in it! What he said was, "Look Nancy, I have your Picture in my billfold and I can tell all of my friends I know Nancy!!
Nancy had pictures in her purse she took out for every body to see of Donnie!

You should have seen her when we got the pictures back we took while they here. When we made the rounds to all the Dr.s she had a whole bunch to show to all of them!!

I don't think the pictures are on this computer but we will have to find them so Kelly can put them on here for all of you to see!!
This was a really special day for Nancy. I think we all loved it as much as Nancy!!


Denise said...

That was so nice of Donnie to do that for dear Nancy. I know that made her happy. I love the tennessee vols, I never miss a game. Go Vols!!

the night owl said...

That is a wonderful story about Nancy and Donnie.....Wow... and on her birthday...Football is the only sport I like, but I am not hooked on any team .Have a good week-end. Baba

Melli said...

That is SO cool! And I LOVE hearing these kinds of stories about our athletes too! Because they are not ALL bad! MOST of them are not -- but the BAD ones seem to get the most coverage! (just another reason why I dislike the media so much...)

We are not big football fans at my house... anymore! But back in the DAY, I was a HUGE Redskins fan! I mean HUUUUUGE! And I would get SO upset if they lost! I would slam doors - and if they didn't slam loud enough I'd open them up and SLAM them again! ROFL! But when my twins came along I was never able to watch a game straight through without oh say about 1700 interruptions! So I kind of lost my passion for the sport... then the kids got into t-ball, baseball, and soccer ... and football just got lost completely! NOW I don't even KNOW any of the Redskins anymore! Just not the same! But I sure do appreciate the enthusiasm of a TRUE fan! I hope your Chiefs do WELL this year!

Connie Barris said...

You are such a good momma....

Momma's that watch the means a lot.. even when you like it!

My son loves for me to watch the "games" with him or watch and talk about it with him.. he's 11...


ps.. Go Gators..

Denise said...

I love that picture, thanks for sharing.

Connie Barris said...

Your daughter just melts my heart. she is so precious... so filled with love...I know you are so very proud of her..

I just love her... and you

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Wow- what a wonderful and thoughtful event! I loved reading this!

Lazy Daisy said...

Ok, I'm a big pile of Goo after reading this. What a special memory and gift to Nancy. Thanks for sharing good news about athletes.

Melanie said...

What a great story! You've made me get all misty eyed! It's great to see that some of those big tough lookin' football have big hearts.

We love football here at our house too. We're Vikings fans- I just checked my football schedule that hangs on my fridge and on September 23rd our teams will be playing each other!