Monday, October 6, 2008

Yea! Nancy did her MRI!!!

Today was the day Nancy had her MRI!! I have the best news,she did it with out any problems!! She is so proud of herself!! You know what, we are proud of her too!! Yea,Nancy!

I really didn't know if she could do it or not! We didn't tell her any thing negative about it and kept telling her she would be able to do it!!

Nancy's Dad called yesterday afternoon and he told her," All you do is lay there and listen to a lot of noise"! She thought she had to breathe into a tube, like some of her tests that are so difficult. Karen was able to be in the room with her to tell her to lay still. She said Nancy did pretty good!

Nancy doesn't have clausterfobia so that really helps in a big way!! I flipped out when I tried to have one and they scrapped my arms until they bled which we didn't tell Nancy! It gives me the creeps to even think about it!

I had to have an open MRI and then I thought the lid was way way to close to my face! We have to wait on the Dr. and see what he says to do for her gall stones.

Thanks for your prayers for Nancy! What a Blessing you all are to my family!!

Thank you Anni, for the lovely treat! I will proudly put it on my side bar! Anni dearly loves Halloween and makes these great treats for all her readers! Nancy loves Halloween almost as much as Anni!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good afternoon Carolyn, what great news about Nancy and her MRI...I am so glad that it is done and she did well during the procedure..give her a hug from me..let us know the results later.

Your Halloween treat from Hootin'Anni is cute.. she is so talented..Enjoy your night.
Hugs, Baba

Melli said...

Oh Grams! That is WONDERFUL! WELLLL DONE NANCY!!! I'm like you Grams! I can NOT do it - and I couldn't EVEN do the open MRI - like you, the top was just waaaaaaaay to close to my face - I couldn't DO it! I had to end up having an open UPRIGHT MRI - which they say is not nearly as effective ... but it was the best they were getting out of me! I was able to sit up and it closed in from the sides - but straight ahead in front of me was all open. They had a tv on for me to watch - couldn't HEAR it at all - LOL! But it kept my eyes busy anyway! I am just SO PROUD of Nancy!!! WOW!

Denise said...

Congrats sweetie.

Sandi said...

AMEN. I am so glad for you and Nancy God answered our prayers the way He did. We have an awesome God who nothing is to hard for Him. I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief. Now we continue to pray for the results.

Linda said...

What wonderful news!!! Now lets pray you get good news from the doctor. Nancy was very brave to go through that test so well. Bravo!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grams,

How great that Nancy did so well on the MRI! Good for her. I have never had an MRI but know friends that have, and none of them took it well. Yay, for Nancy!

Hugs and blessings.


Hootin' Anni said...

I am so happy to hear that Nancy came through the MRI with 'flying colors'!!!

That is terrific!!! Wish I could be there to give her a hug...but I'll send her a 'hug' virtually. Way to Go Nancy...high 5!!!!

This news really made my day.

Kathy said...

Yeah Nancy! I'm so glad she did it and it is now behind her. She must be so proud for herself.

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn:-)

I am soooo very proud of Nancy as well...what a trooper she is!! I'm claustrophobic so I don't think they'd ever be able to get me in one of those machines. Just the thought of it puts me in a panic! lol

Congratulations on your Halloween treat from Anni...she gives such sweet ones, doesn't she:-) xoxo

Love Bears All Things said...

Yea, Yea!!! I'm so proud of you, Nancy. I know you all are happy that it is done.
Mama Bear

Love Bears All Things said...

I forgot to thank you for mentioning my team. We thought they looked so good at first on Saturday. All I could say was WOW!, then it went down hill from there. It is always a roller coaster ride with them but exciting none the less.
Mama Bear

Denise said...

good for her....... I hate those things! I have had to have three in this past year and will have another one this month........ They give me a Valium and a cloth to cover my eyes! YUCK !!!!!! So you tell Nancy that we are PROUD of her!!!!!!!

bless your heart Grams .. I pray that God give you supernatural strength and grace!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Well you never know what a person can do until they do it!! I am so glad that it all went I told you I DO NOT like those closed MRI's..OH..they make me nervous just thinking about them.
Hope your day is going great..Mine is..Sandy