Monday, October 22, 2007


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I am posting tonight because I have access to the computer!! Kelly has a photography shop on line and she is always busy taking pictures and has to down load them on to the computer and get them ready to sell on line and trust me that is a Big job!!

So when I don't come over and visit sometimes it because she is really busy doing her job!! She works at the library and does the photo shop and take care of most of the house work!! I try to keep up with the dishes for her and fold clothes. It is lot for her with all the Dr's. appointments it gets a little harry over here ( is that even a popular word these days) but you know what I mean....... She can't always post as often as she would like to. We had a busy day here.... Kelly put together my new bookcase I got for my bedroom but, wow!! It was so much bigger then I thought that we took down the mirror that as hung on the hall wall for years and put our new book case there.

It looks really good, too! We have books everywhere and this will be so great to get them all picked up from all over the house and put in one place!! Kelly brought up a beautiful lamp from her room and a candle holder that I thought was a lamp in Photo Hunt one Saturday. It made it look really nice but I had to promise her I would give them back after I get my own things to put on the top shelf!!


Anonymous said...

hi grams,
i understand abt the picture business cause i will be going in the same business in january.

have a wonderful tuesday

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot im gonna add you to my blog roll cause i love to read your posts .. you can add me on yous if you want too

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello!! Sounds like you are in line for the computer!! Sounds like last week here with all the bloggers and my two computers!! smile!! Sandy

Mary said...


I love that graphic. You always have something special when I visit. It made me smile. I had sad news tonight (I have a post on my blog about it )and the smile was really needed. :-)

Denise said...

That graphic really made me smile, love you grams.

Hootin'Anni said...

A big o' Texas Howdy to you dear friend!!!

I thought of you [in fact I left you a little 'note' inside my blog for today] about your beloved Chiefs!! Whooo hoo!!! They won for you.

A new bookshelf? Cool. Both hubby and I are avid book readers. This room I'm in now is wall to wall books. Well almost. Except for the closet. Come to think of it, there are some hidden in there too. Once we buy a book, and it's really, really good....we keep 'em. [bad habit maybe -- I can't help but think what the kids have to go through when the two of us are gone, and they have to 'get rid' of all we collect. Poor kids!]

I gotta go catch up on what else I've missed on your blog...see ya down on the Monday post.

Melanie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new bookshelf. I need to do something for all of my boxes of books. I'm gonna need a pretty big bookshelf to get things organized.

PEA said...

Having a new bookshelf will certainly help keep all the books in one place...I remember when I got mine, it was so exciting to place all the books in order:-) Kelly sounds like such a warm and caring person and very busy also!! xoxo

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