Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home from the Doctor!

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Thank you so much for all the prayers for Nancy!! We went to the pulmonary specialist today for her check up and to find out the results from the Pulmonary Function test she took on Monday.

The results are in: AND she is doing better then 6 months ago!! I was so happy!!

The only thing was that I didn't eat enough before we went and I ran errands with Kelly and walked more then usual and I had a insulin reaction at the Dr's office and this time it was a bad one!! The nurse gave me a cookie and Kelly got some stuff for me but I had gone to far and I was in cold sweats and very clammy and my clothes were wet! We stopped at Mc Donald's and had lunch but when I got home I was chilling and sick and sooo weak. I slept the rest of the afternoon. I am feeling much better !!!

Ok, we go back to the pulmonary specialist in Oct. Next week we go see her Dr of Rheumatology over at KU Med Center. In May she has her blood drawn because her thyroid was out of whack. She also goes to the Special Needs Dentist in May. The last of May we see her Dr. of Gastroenterology for her stomach problems. In June we go see the the Psychiatric for her other problems and our local Dr for her diabetic condition!! I am telling you all this so you can put her on your prayer list!!!! Thanks!!

So, if I don't get to your blog as often as I would like to you know why!!!! She is a lot of care!! So again I am saying a Big Thank You for your love, support, and Prayers!!!


Denise said...

Nancy will remain in my prayers, may God keep a close watch on her. I am sorry you had a bad reaction, I know how scary that is. My diabetes flipped, I am now type 1. Please take care, I love you.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow... You sure did have a reaction .. you need to carry a snack with you at all times...Bless Nancy's heart, she has plenty of doctors to keep up with and to keep you busy and on the go..Don't neglect yourself as you care for others..Love ya, Baba

Sandi said...

remembering you and nancy in my prayers.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I agree with need to take extra good care of yourself for Nancy's sake!!
Thanks for writing to let me know how you are doing!!
Take care and rest when you can today.

Melli said...

See? That list of Dr. appointments is a NIGHTMARE!!! It makes me shudder just thinkin' about it! UGH!

When I went to pick up Luz on Tuesday, Hector was having that SAME reaction -- AND he had been outside playing with Luz! He was all sweaty and clammy and I thought "Oy! What if he PASSED OUT with her???" You diabetics HAVE GOT to TAKE CARE of yourselves!!! Especially when you are responsible for taking care of someone else! Scary scary scary! I'm sorry... lecture done! I love you... Be good.

Donetta said...

Grams you must pack a snack in your bag I do not want that to happen to you again. My goodness you sweet thing.
Do not do like I do...:) remember to take care of you! I know it can be all consuming going here ad there for doc appointments. Is there any way to schedule it to pace it better?
Dash has his balance test coming up .Both kids are home sick today I'll take them in to make sure it is not strep throat.
Be embraced and rest well. I'll fondly pray and think of all of you.

Linda said...

Oh my do need to keep a snack with you. Just think what could have happened if Kelly wasn't there with you. Glad to hear Nancy's results was good, but I feel for both of you with all those appointments ahead of you. Please take care of yourself.

Julie said...

I am so glad to hear of a good report!!
Was wondering if you all felt the earthquake we had this morning???

Hootin' Anni said...

First off....Carolyn, dear Carolyn,-------EAT!!! I always carry water and snacks in the car for just that purpose. It's come in handy many-a-times.

Then........I'm so very happy to hear the results for Nancy. That news really made my day.

It's a blessing I tellya, a blessing!!!

Happy Friday...
I'm sneaking around blogland for a bit before I take Bud out for his birthday dinner.

Loretta said...

Hello, I am over from Karen's blog and wanted to say Hi. It sounds like you have been one busy woman. My husband is a diabetic so I know how hard it is. Take care.


Mary said...


We diabetics can have a low reading at any time. Though I take the pill, the dr. has told me to always carry a candy in my pocket. I don't always do that but I should. It's a good idea. Put some candy in your purse if you carry one. That way you always have it handy.

I will pray for Nancy. What a round of drs. appointments you have coming up. That is difficult.

Be sure to take care of YOU!! I will also keep you in my prayers.


Denise said...

Good morning and thanks for coming by my blog and well wishes for Dad... He is much better........ Sounds like you have your hands so full also..... I have not been coming here long so I do not know who Nancy is but I will remember her in prayer and of course you...
God is able... and He is always watching........


bj said...

So glad she is better. That is wonderful news.
Now, take care of YOURSELF so you can take care of her!
hugs, bj

Melanie said...

That is good news about Nancy's results. I'll continue to pray for her.

Don't forget to take care of yourself too- you are so kind and giving, but remember you have needs too!!