Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back from KU! Prayer for the GRE!

We went over to Kansas University Medical Center with Nancy yesterday to see her Dr. over there. He had the same good news about Nancy lungs that her other Dr. had already told us. He said that Nancy's lungs have stabilized!! This is sure good news. Nancy's lupus attacked her lungs back in 2004 and we have been working on getting this under control since then!! He said she could exercise by walking up and down the hall way or on Kelly's tread mill but not on an incline. Very slow at first. Their is scar tissue on her lungs which still making her out of breath.
She did have a bladder infection which we are getting medicine filled for her.

The next big thing will be her trip to the dentist in May. She has so much infection in her teeth.
Thanks for all your prayer for her!! It would be great for prayers that the lupus stops attacking her other organs! Lupus attacks it good cells. It thinks it is protecting them!

I won't be able to get out to many blogs today. I have worked in the computer room on Carrie's stuff all afternoon!! Tomorrow! I hope!!

Kelly has a prayer request. She is going to take her GRE test next week to be able to go back to college and get a Master degree in Library Science. Please pray she can retain what she is studying and that she will score well on her GRE! Thanks!! I know your prayer will be a really big help!!


Prairierose said...

That is such great news. So glad you guys got such a good report. Keeping all of you in my prayers

Melli said...

YES! Praise Him!!! That is wOnderful news about Nancy! But oops ... NOW she has to start exercising! LOL! I HOPE she ENJOYS it!!! (I'll pray for THAT too!) And will certainly include Kelly and her endeavors in my prayers!

Mary said...


Just to let you know, Karen has posted.

I am so glad the news was good for Nancy. That is wonderful! She will probably enjoy walking a little.

Keeping Kelly in my prayers that she will score BIG on that exam.

Love and blessings,

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What would be we do without our kids? Even though they have their own problems just like we do, it would be a lonely world without them in it!!
Thanks for your kind comments. i am going to get better. new medication I just started so lets hope it does the trick. Sandy

Julie said...

Am so glad you got another good report!!!
I've been so busy here at the house I haven't been able to get online much either. Busy life.:)
As always you are all in our prayers!!! Julie

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my goodness...first, it's great to see you at my blog today. Then.......... What awesome news. The medication and prayers work wonders don't they?!! I'm so happy to hear this. It's just great...stupendous news. That really made my day Grams.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hey, i know what you mean about having our children young. They do tire you out. Plus I'm used to a quieter house and lifestyle. Its good to visit but good to get back to my place, too.
I have lifted up both Nancy and Kelley. I always go ahead and say a little prayer whenever anyone requests it, otherwise I might forget.
My son by love is ending his engineer job at the end of the month and going to school full time. He will teach middle school or high school math such as Calcalus and Trig. I didn't take either of those. I majored in Home Economics. They will have to tighten their wallets and pursestrings to live on one income.
Thanks for your visit.
Mama Bear

Denise said...

My prayers will never stop for your sweet family. I am lifting you, Nancy, Kelly, Linda, Paul all up in my prayers. I love you sweetie.

Ashley Ladd said...

I'll say prayers for Nancy and Kelly. We have prayer meetings at work at least twice a day as prayer really helps.

Deborah said...

Awesome news! Continue to keep your family in my prayers.

Blessings to you!