Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day after the Fourth!

I have a minute before every one comes over to my house this afternoon. Nancy's pleurisy is a little better, she is using her oxygen each night and this should help a lot.She also is using her device for breathing into every day. It hurts so she doesn't like doing it much!
She sat in the car last night while we were at the park watching the fireworks. She did fine. She has never liked hearing the big booms of the fireworks. Even when she was just little I had to sit in the house with her on my lap and we watched them out the window together. She got a little better about this as she grew older and would love to do sparklers and parachutes! She likes the picnicking part the best and who can blame her for that!!!
Carrie drove in just after the last big boom of the grand finale!! We were all so tickled to see her!!
We went over to Jeremy (Jey) and Sofia house,they have moved down to our town and she got to see her new grandson!! Oh, how sweet that was! She thought the other two grandkids has grown up so much since Christmas!!!


Barbara H. said...

I am so glad that Nancy's been doing better and hope she continues to.

Forgive me for not answering your e-mails -- we just moved my mil from ID here to SC and into an assisted living facility. I had many concerns but the Lord has been marvelously gracious and she seems to be doing well, though I know the adjustments will be on-going.

Denise said...

I am so happy that Nancy is feeling better. I love you.

Mary said...


I'm glad that Nancy is feeling better and was able to sit in the car while the fireworks were going off.

How wonderful that your daughter got to see her new grandson. That was a most precious moment, I'm sure.

It was nice to catch up on all of your news. Take care and enjoy your time with your daughter.


Denise said...

I have not gone back and read much about Nancy, but I am so glad that she is better...... and enjoyed some of the fireworks......... We had a very quiet day yesterday but did get out and see friends and family tonight...........

blessing girl friend and I pray a wonderful Sunday for you and family

Sandi said...

Glad to hear Nancy is doing a little better I'll keep praying.

It is good to have a fun time with family and food isn't it.

Hootin' Anni said...

That's great news that Karen is getting better. And tell her she's not the only one that doesn't like the loud 'booms'. Sometimes they're so loud and unexpected while I'm watching TV at 10 or 11 at night on the 4th they make me nearly pee my britches!! [I know, I know, you'd think at my age I'd be learning it happens on the 4th...but it never fails!]

Glad to know your daughter made it in to see her new grandson. How wonderful is that.

Enjoy the time together. Happy Sunday.

Glo said...

So glad your having a wonderful weekend. We did a family and frinds get together Friday night and then to grand daughter ballgames at Adair park up off I- 70. A very full,but happy weekend.

I'm so glad Nancy was able to set and watch the fire works. Enjoy your special weekend with your family. Your very blessed my friend.

Love and hugs,

Melli said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear that Nancy is feeling some better! I don't blame her not liking that blow thing with the balls... I had to use that after 2 abdominal surgeries I had -- and it DOES hurt! I guess it also DOES help... *sigh* LOL! Glad you guys got to enjoy the 4th - everyone should get to!

Renie Burghardt said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th of July, with your family. What could be better than that? And thank the Good Lord Nancy is doing better and enjoyed the fireworks from the car.

Take care and God bless!



Glo said...

I just know you had a great fourth.

How's Nancy doing? Tell her Glo says Hi. It's hot here today,so I know it hot where you are. I guess we have something else to talk about besides rain. Had to water my flowers for the first time last night.

Love & Hugs to all,

PEA said...

Wonderful to hear that Nancy is doing a bit better...may she continue that way!! My prayers continue.

I can well imagine how thrilled you were to see Carrie again:-) She, in turn, must have been thrilled to see her new grandson!! Hope you're all having a great time visiting with each other. xoxo

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Nice to hear from you!! So much is going on lately so I understand about not being able to post as much!! Boy, do i know!! I need to blog and am not sure if that will happen today or not. Been painting our bedroom today and keeping the two grands. Hope all is well with you. Sandy

Melanie said...

I hope you're having tons of fun with your family.

I'm glad to hear that Nancy is doing better.

Chuck said...

Hi, Grams. I hope you had a very nice and safe 4th. Nice to see you again.

Nancy said...

I just found your blog through a comment you left on Pea's blog. I've been reading some of your older posts. I take it that Nancy is your daughter? I felt compelled to check out your blog as I, too, have lupus, but mine is in remission at the time. I can see you are taking such wonderful care of your Nancy. (My name is also Nancy.)

Loved the birthday post of your little great grandson!!! His cake display was just too cute!!! Looks like a great young family! I can remember those days!