Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Happy Birthday to my Grandson, Jacob!! This picture was taken at Christmas. Jake will be a junior at Central Missouri State U. this fall. He is studying to be a coach.
In the fall Karen and Kelly go down to his school on game day and watch the game and watch Jake standing on the sidelines with the rest of the coaches!! Bill and Becky and Sarah come up from where they live and they have a fun Day!!
I would love to get to go to one of these college games! When he was in High School and Nancy was not so sick we were able to go to his games at his High School from time to time. Karen and Kelly went to almost every one of them.

Today Carrie and some friends are going to the Nelson Art Gallery for the afternoon. Carrie 's Mother in law, Lorita is in the area for a wedding and she was able to see her.

Lorita is leaving Tuesday for Africa for her 10 or 11th missions trip! Lorita is 73 and still going strong!!! She stays for about 3 or 4 months and helps out with the orphans, and all the others kids. She needs prayer for safety while she is travels from one place to the other.

I hope you have a very nice Birthday Jake!! Love you Bunches!!


PEA said...

Happy Birthday to your very handsome grandson Jacob!! Hope his day is a fabulous one. All the best of luck to him with his future career plans:-)

Thank God for people like Lorita who spend their lives helping others. My prayers are with her that she has a safe return to Africa!!

Love ya, Carolyn:-) xoxo

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to dear Jacob. Praying for Lorita to be safe.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Wow!! Happy birthday to Jacob!! I tell you that mother in law must be a very healthy and spry young lady to go off on yet another missionary trip!! i kind of envy her for that!! I have been on one trip and well that is enough for me..OH, I am glad that I went...think everyone should but that was enough for me. Hubby has been on 3 now. Have a great weekend.

Mary said...


I hope Jacob had a wonderful birthday. He is quite a handsome young man.

I will be sure to keep Lorita in my prayers.

Talk to you soon.

Sandi said...

Please wish Jacob a belated Happy Birthday. I said a birthday prayer for him today.
I am behind on blogging and missed his birthday. I like to say a prayer for someone who is posted for their birthday. I don't know them but I sure can ask our Lord to watch over them and keep them close.

Hootin' Anni said...

A belated Happy birthday to Jacob. A very handsome young fellow, and being a coach?-----super!!!