Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning!!

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Thank you all so much for your prayers!! My hand is much better! I am able to use it again!! Praise God!
It is time to get out all the yearly receipts for my missionary daughters mission organization! For a while a I wondered how that was going to go!! But I am able to use the computer better and I can do this!!

I had a checkup last week and my stents were all opened and working! My kidneys are still needing baby-ed and so I am trying to eat right and drink plenty of fluids! I just wish I like water better!!
Thank you for all your kind comments!!They mean so much when you are feeling not up to what you would like to be feeling!! But Praise God Iam so much better then I was!!!


Denise said...

Praise God for this great news, I love you my dear friend.

Barbara H. said...

Great news!

Sandi said...

So good to hear you are doing so much better. Love ya.

Linda said...

Praise the Lord! That makes me very happy!

With my "no Splenda or Nutra Sweet" resolution this year, I also am drinking even more water than I had been. I miss the diet pop treat - especially as I drive by Sonic!

I have developed my own healthy drink you might try. It's a bit tart, but it really is refreshing and different:

The juice of 1 medium - large lemon
1 bottle of water
2 packets of Pure Via (stevia)

Drink enough water out of bottle to allow you to pour in the juice of your lemon. Add lemon juice & stevia, put on the lid and shake it up.

I also add 3 tsp. of benefiber to make it a filling in-between meal snack for myself since I can't do the K2O pink lemonade anymore. It'll keep your throat clear too if you want to sing around the house! I have at least one of these a day.

I'm "wore slick" from my night of Dillard's inventory - so I'm headed to bed. But, I'm so glad I checked your blog first and got the praise report! I'm glad some of my prayers are getting quick responses!

I know God hears them all and will answer me in His due time! I just wish His timing was the same as mine. I'm sure He's just checking my fruit by putting the squeeze on me like I do that lemon! HA!

I love ya heeps,
Linda A.
(your fave!)

Love Bears All Things said...

Great ti hear you're still improving. Have you tried the water add ins. I don't like them full strength, they're too sweet but half of one is okay. I like the peach tea best. Mostly I just like plain water.
Mama Bear

Denise said...

So glad you are getting better and I will pray for those kidneys. I will be expecting a good report........

Blessings girl and have a great Wednesday.........

Donetta said...

So glad your better. It is wonderful when comments reach us reminding us of the Love that is for us.
I am so glad to see you home so to speak. YOur in my thought.

Glo said...

Was at my sisters and thought I'd say Hi...Glad u are feeling better. Miss being on blog. Still having some problems but feeling much better.
Love and God bless,

Glo said...
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PEA said...

How wonderful to hear that you can now use your hand and that your stents are all opened...prayers DO work:-) Just continue to take care of YOU and remember that we're always here for you!! xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is just awesome news. I've kept you in my thoughts, and I've read your post a couple of days ago in Google Reader, but this is the first time I've had a chance to stop by and say 'howdy'!!!

Keep up the good work and you're on your way to recovering. Love that news. Always.

Mary said...


Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I'm so glad you are feeling much better. I've been concerned for you.

Glad your checkup showed your stents are all working well and that you are doing good in that area. I don't like water either. Try some green tea for a change. It is delicious, but you still have to drink lots of water.

Take care. I loved hearing from you.


Linda said...

Thanks so much for your visit. So glad you are feeling better. Hope to hear good reports on your kidneys. Now I'm having kidney problems. I'm having an ultrasound the end of the month and will be seeing an urologist Feb. 3. Please keep me in your thought and prayers.

Nancy said...

Yes, God IS good, isn't He? I am so glad you are feeling better now.

((( HUGS )))