Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Night!

We are to get snow tomorrow and the next day. It has been so cold!! It was 21 degrees today but felt like 6 degrees!! Brr!! But it is winter and January!!

I talked on the phone to Glo last night and she is still in the North Kansas City hospital. Her heart rate the first of the week was 122 but now it is 46 so the Doctors are still watching her and she still is getting a IV. Thanks for your prayers for her! She sure does appreciate you all.

She was watching the Miss America Pageant last night and she told me Miss Missouri was from her home town! She didn't make the cut but I thought she was pretty. Glo said she watched her grow up. I lived in Glo's home town from June of 1953 to December of 1954. We move there on Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Day. I listened to it on the radio.

My Daddy didn't get us a TV until 1955!! I went next door and watched TV with our neighbors from time to time. I was so happy to get a TV when we did, and my Dad just loved it, I don't remember when Gunsmoke first came on but he loved that show. I was to old for the old Mickey Mouse show but I watched it any way!!!I remember watching Dick Clark and American Bandstand when it was new!!


Denise said...

Thanks for the update on Glo. She is in my prayers, and so are you. I love you.

Shirley said...

Hi Grams,
Hope you're doing well. I liked your post....strolling down memory lane....those were the good ol' days indeed. I remember when we didn't have a TV and we listened to shows on the, we must be getting old!


Denise said...

Thanks for the update on Glo.... I will continue to pray....... Bless her heart.... God is watching... American Band Stand..... Now there is a memory...... I would go to my room and turn my record player up to the full volume and dance like they did on TV...... Mom and Dad was not very happy about that........ But me and my brother leaned to do the mashed potato on the living room throw rug! hahahhah

Sandi said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on Glo.
Hugs to you

Flip Flop Floozie said...

We didn't get a TV either till I was older but I remember the Mickey Mouse club and of course rushing home every day to see Dick Clark's bandstand..
I sent Gloria a card. thanks for letting us know how she is doing...Gosh I was so hoping she would be home by now.
I know you guys are getting that awful cold weather. My parents in Tuscola, Ill. have had snow yesterday and expecting more tonight.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hope you and Nancy are doing well. Praise for your friend's improvement.
Take care, stay warm. Spring is coming. I have Daffadil shoots coming up.
Mama Bear

Nancy said...

Glad that Glo is doing better now.

I am back to reading blogs. I have had bursitis first in a shoulder, then a knee, and now I have phlebitis in the other leg!

We lived in the country, and I remember getting our first TV, too. A neighbor man climbed the mountain and put up the antenna and hooked people up as they bought TVs. Then after a storm, different ones took turns walking the line to remove branches or make repairs. It was about a mile up that steep hill or maybe even more than a mile. I just remember what a long, hard walk it was! LOL

I also remember watching American Bandstand with Dick Clark, too! That was a MUST every day after school!

Great post, Grams! Hope you and Nancy have been doing well.

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

Hi again Grams!

I have 3 awards waiting for you ovewr at my blog! Please drop by and grab them. I am passing them on to all my readers, and you and your blog are so deserving of them!

Hope you are staying in and warm!

((( HUGS )))

Hootin' Anni said...

Her heart rate is 46 bpm?!!! Whoa...I hope they get it back up to a more normal rate soon.

She, as with you and your family my dear Carolyn, remain in my thoughts! Take care of yourself.

Oh yes...I remember my Dad watching Gunsmoke faithfully. He was the 'king of the house' so he had control over what was on to watch. I also remember, tho I was usually busy playing something or reading...I remember him watching Lawrence Welk Show too. One and a two-a....LOL

Happy week to you.

Joyce said...

I remember when we got our first TV and my Dad loved Gun Smoke also. I wiil pray for your friend. I have had some of the same problems and now I am doing better.

Love and Hugs,
Joyce from Creation In Progress

Denise said...

Just wondering about Glo..... and you.... How are you doing?