Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelly!! And No Sodium Diet means weight loss!!

Happy Birthday to my Dear daughter Kelly! She has been a blessing to all of us in our family and friends!God gave her a servant's heart and a loving spirit she shares with all of us!

I am doing better and on this NO Salt diet and I mean NO Salt, well I guess I get some 2000 mg a day. But when you count them up they go fast!! The wonderful side of this is that I have lost 13 pounds from watching my sodium intake! The other benefits is that I got rid of the fluid on my lungs and can breathe so much better! The other is the swelling in my feet has gone down and this is really a good thing!

This is why I haven't been out visiting much, is if I sit to long at the computer they start to get big as balloons!!

I am going to try to start reading your blogs but not leave comments,and see how that goes! So if you have one of the counter deals that tells you who has been to visit you and you see I have been there and not left a comment you will know what I am doing.

Some of my blogging buddies told me it would be a little easier if I would visit 5 blogs each day and leave a comment and that way in a week or so I could make my rounds. So I am thinking that sounds like a good idea! After the first of the year I will see if I can do this!!

Some of you have asked about my special needs daughter Nancy and how her health is doing. We go to the Kansas City Cancer Center every other week since June for the lupus. Nancy's blood count is going up and this is good.

She really gets into the Christmas spirit because she is like she is between 5-10 years old, so she loves Christmas! She loves to give gifts and we have to hold her back or she would give everyone she knows or would like to know a gift!!But maybe she really has the right Christmas spirit!


Donna said...

Watch your canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Sodium those (and ketchup too) is out of sight! Luckily, Walmart has a store brand of no-salt tomatoes and tomato sauce. I'm their best customer on those items, because at most stores, you have to pay more for salt-free. Not there!

Mary said...


I am so glad you are doing better and kudos on the weight loss. That is terrific.

Happy Birthday to Kelly. I send wishes for a wonderful day.

I imagine Nancy is really excited about Christmas. So are the boys. Brandon came and helped me bake cookies yesterday and he was flying high. They will be like this until after Christmas. No school today, as we are getting a bad storm.

Take care, my friend and enjoy the season.


Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!
Glad you are doing better. I too might try to lower my salt intake as my feet swell up by evening every day.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday dear Kelly, celebrate sweetie. I am so happy that you, and Nancie are doing well. I love you.

Melli said...

WOW!!! Gooooooo you! Maybe I should quit countin' calories and just eliminate my salt! I bet most of those pounds were fluid! I know that has GOT to be better for you! What DO you eat? There is salt in EVERYTHING! You must be living on fresh fruits and vegetables!

I'm glad to hear Nancy's counts are coming back up... that's good! I know this is one of her favorite times of the year!

Renie Burghardt said...

Happy Birthday to your dear, Kelly! May all her birthday wishes come true! But they probably have come true, since you are doing so well, Grams. Thank the Lord!

And Merry Christmas to all of you!

Love and Hugs,


Barbara H. said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly! And I'm so glad you're doing better and were able to keep to the low-salt diet!

Though I do miss your sweet comments, it's time to take care of yourself first.

When I was having trouble with my ankles swelling, I got a little footstool at Target to put under my desk to rest my foot on while on the computer. I couldn't do it too long -- it made my bottom hurt, I guess putting the pressure there. But I could spend a little more time than I could without it.

Denise said...

You just worry about you and I am sooooooooooooooo glad that you are breathing better.......... I love salt and eat far too much... guess I need to cut back!

Happy Birthday to Kelly and a very Merry Christmas to you my friend.......

bj said...

I am stopping by to wish you the merriest and blessed Christmas...
Have a wonderful time with your family...
love, bj

Hootin' Anni said...

Don't worry yourself about not commenting....what's important, and I'll say this repeatedly a thousand's YOU that is important to us. Just keep doing what you're doing to make yourself better.

I'm here to send along my best wishes for you and your sweet family Carolyn. May the season bring joy and comfort to those you love.

Merry Christmas.

Love Bears All Things said...

Its good to see a post from you! Praise for the improvement in your health and Nancy's.
Happy Birthday, Kelli!
Mama Bear

Linda said...

A belated birthday to Kelly! Good to hear Nancy is continuing to improve. God is good!!!!

Anonymous said...

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