Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Post!

When I read Sandy's comment today I realized I am so behind on my blogging!! Did you know she has a new blog and with a new name!!Here you go Ramblings of a middle-age goddess.

On Saturday it will be my daughter Carrie who is a missionary in Mexico birthday. It will also be my great-great son Marcelo 2nd birthday! Born on his grandma Carrie's Birthday! Happy Birthday! This month was also Sarah, John and Sofia, Birthday too!!

Marcelo is doing so much better after being so sick. He had a high fever and it went into convulsions and he ended up in the ER. But he is getting along fine now.
It is Summer at last, but I did enjoy the cool spring and didn't complain about the weather to much, just all the rain!!
Karen will be going to Hatti soon for a missions trip with some of her friends from church. She knows it will be really hot down there!!
Since I wrote a post the last time Bill has improved and is feeling so much better and back to work part time.Thanks for your prayers!


Denise said...

Birthday blessings to everyone, and praise God that everyone is feeling better. I love you.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

You have a lot of birthdays..I see you have some spam on here. I hate it when people do this.
Thanks for stopping by. Is Carrie your oldest?
Glad to hear that Bill is better too..

Connie Barris said...


I have something for you at my place...