Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!

Here it is the first day of Spring!! I am so ready for it to be warmer! We had a very cold snowy winter!!
Nancy is feeling better! We all had the stuff, that went around in February but we are better except for today. I seem to have some sinus deal and all stuffed up!!

In fact Nancy and I have been able to go to church the last two weeks in a row! We have a wonderful pastor who really has a heart for God! Karen and Kelly said he had a wonderful sermon this morning.

I know some of you know that Sandy who had a blog called( Flipped Flop Floozie) fell this past week and broke her ankle and sprained her other one! We were so sorry to hear this, her husband Mike had just had a few weeks ago a double knee replacement!!! Sandy's Dad was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer, too.
I know she would really appreciate your prayers!!
I noticed Mary hasn't written a blog for a few weeks so I am wondering if she is OK?

I read Shortybears blog and I know she had been SO sick and prayers are going up for her.
Hope this finds my blogging friends doing great and in good health!
I haven't been able to blog for a while because some how my blogging site has gone over into Karen stuff and she went out and fixed it today and here I am typing away!!


Renie Burghardt said...

We didn't have that much snow here, but it was bitterly cold for too long, and I'm so ready for Spring. Today was 77F and sunny. Felt so good.

Glad Nancy and you are doing better. Hope your sniffles don't last too long, Carolyn.

So many people have stopped blogging. I'm one of them. I see Mary on facebook, so hopefully, she is Ok. Sorry to hear about Sandy. Do you ever hear from Glo? Wonder how she is. Hopefully, she is doing well.

Happy Spring, Carolyn!



HOOTIN' ANNI said...


My goodness, my goodness...this is just too eerie. I know you've been absent from the blog world, but just TWO days ago, I was wondering how you and your family were....that's uncanny!!

I loved seeing your name in my comment section! You don't know how happy that made me feel. You're a treasure, and you HAVE BEEN MISSED!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to visit.

Monday's link:
Spring in my Corner of the World

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