Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello to everyone!! Here it is the first day of fall!!! Love it!! What a hot summer we had here in Western Missouri! But not has bad as what all of you went through down in OK. and TX! I sure hope the rains come soon for all of you.

I had a wonderful visit from my daughter Carrie in August just in time for my Birthday!! We were able to take Nancy to the Zoo and she loved every minute of it!! Both of us had to be pushed in wheelchairs. The Zoo had ran out of the carts you can ride so the girls had to push us! It was really hot that day, too!!
Nancy health has gone down hill, and she is hanging in there. On Oxygen 24/7. I would really appreciate prayer for her.


Love Bears All Things said...

So-0 good to see a post from you. I will certainly say a prayer for you both. Don't be a stranger.
Mama Bear

PEA said...

Hi Carolyn, so good to read a post from you:-) We had a very hot summer over here in Northern Ontario as well but nothing like they had in parts of the States. Don't know if I'd survive temps in the 100's! lol Glad to hear that you had a visit from your daughter, no doubt you enjoyed a fabulous time with her:-)

Poor Nancy, she sure has had a struggle of it. Please know that she is in my prayers. Big hugs xoxo

Mary said...


I'm so sorry that Nancy is having problems. I hope you are both on the mend soon.

It was a hot summer here as well and not much rain, but those in the southern US were much worse off.

Take care and please keep in touch.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Hello sweet Carolyn...I do hope this find you well and your family too!!!

It's been so long, I feel a great need to catch up with your life and see how you all are!!!

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