Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 Doctors appointment this week!! Not a good report at one appoitment

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I haven't posted since last Sunday!! This has been the week we have a bunch of Dr's appointments. I had my 3 month check up for my blood sugars on Tuesday. My blood sugars were up just a little but the bad news happened when I complained about my leg/knee hurting so bad.

Most of you know I fell in 2003 and shattered my knee and I have a plate, six screws, and filler in it. I also did bad things to my back at that time too.

OK, this is what happened now! Kelly has been out at her friends home in the country house/dog sitting since June 4th. I wanted to be helpful while she was gone and I grabbed the vacuum cleaner on Friday and lifted it up and over cords and tubing for Nancy's oxygen and I must have strained my leg above my knee.
So I asked the Dr. to Please take a ex-ray of upper leg and could he take one of my knee too, it hurts so bad all the time. Well, he did but it looks like I just strained my leg, but he did put a cortisone shot in my knee. Ouch!

This has really helped!! First time in 5 years I don't have pain in my knee!!!
Now for the bad news. One of my arteries showed up in the ex- ray and it was clogged. The Doctor said that if one artery is clogged like this more will be in different parts of your body. This can effect your heart, brain, legs, etc ! You all know how bad this could be.
I do take strong cholesterol medicine and my readings for the last 6 months have been good. I take Nancy to see the same Doctor in the morning and I will be asking him what more to do. I had lost 3 pounds which is better then gaining 3 pounds!!

Yesterday, was Nancy's turned to go see her psychiatrist over at Lee's Summit and she had a good report. Just continue on her meds. We don't have to go see him until December!!!
Next week we go back to her Dr. that sent us over to Kansas University Medical Center. We have to go back over to KU in July. As soon as her B cells replenished their selves we don't have to go back over to KU!! I would love prayer that this would happen for Nancy! For me to do all I can to get my arteries unclogged. I am eating oatmeal a lot, to help. Thanks for all your prayers and Thanks to Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook for asking for prayer for me! I appreciate you all!
I just was over at Flip Flop Flooize and she asked for prayer for me too!! Bloggers are the Best!


Barbara H. said...

I am sorry to hear about the clogged arteries -- but glad they caught it before it did cause something serious.

I am sorry about straining your knee!! But glad it is feeling better.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Thanks for letting me know about this by email. I will keep looking for more updates. Sandy

Sandi said...

Sorry to hear about your knee you will be in my prayers. I will be lifting Nancy up to.

Hootin' Anni said...

Carolyn! I had read Mary's blog telling us you were having problems. My oh my...I do hope soon that things will look brighter for you. You gotta work to improve your health!! And leave the vacuuming to the younger ones. I know, I know...that's more difficult said than done. I would have done the same thing. But TAKE CARE!!! And you and your family will be at the top of my prayers.

Gentle hugs.

Donna said...

I'm praying your next report will be better.

Denise said...

I love you grams, and I am sorry to hear this news. I am lifting you up in my prayers. Please take care.

Mary said...


I am sorry to hear that your arteries are clogged. A good home remedie for clogged arteries is one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water in the morning before you eat anything. Vinegar naturally cleanses the body. Try it. It can't hurt and will help.

I am keeping you and Nancy in my prayers. Email to follow.


Mary Isabella said...

I am so sorry about your health problems. My husband has these type porlems. He has had both sides of his neck done and the left has been done 4 times and they finnaly had to put a stint in it. He also has 4 stints in his heart.I am only so poud to pray for your needs. Have a beautiful weekend...Mary

Julie said...

I hope your knee is feeling better soon. I will keep you and your family in our prayers.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grams,

Oh, sorry about the medical problems. You and Nancy will be in my prayers as well. My doctor has me on Fish Oil and Niacin for keeping the cholestorol low. Oatmeal is good, so is the cider vinegar that Mary suggested.

Have a good weekend.

Love and prayers,


Donetta said...

Hello, I am so glad that the shot helped the discomfort. so sorry to hear of the clog, I trust wisdom will show you the path to follow.
Busy busy with all the appointments. I trust the weather is cooperating for you.

Denise said...

hey girl..... sorry to hear about those arteries... I agree with Mary. I hear that apple cider vinegar is very very good for you..... Can't hurt to try.. I pray that the Dr has an easy way to deal with that.....

I will pray.......


Melli said...

Oh dear... it does sound like you've got some problems. I've been praying for Nancy - about the TEETH - and for you for your patience and grace... but I will certainly add these new concerns into the mix! They really should do an artery scan I think...

Loretta said...

I will pray for you and Nancy. I am happy to hear your knee is better. I agree with Melli, please get a artery scan done. Take care