Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Nancy and Kevin's Birthday Pictures!

Grams and baby Marcello and Nancy
Grams and three of Her Great- grand kids!!!

Sofia, Kevin, Valerie, Jeremy, and Baby Marcello

Girly Comments & Graphics

Tomorrow June 25th will be Nancy's 46th Birthday!! So Happy Birthday Dear Nancy!!! We have to go see her hematologists tomorrow morning. This is the only time they could work her in and she is having a fit about this!! We are having a party for her in the evening with chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream!! This is what she wanted!!

Kelly just took her down to the beauty shop for a hair cut and she was excited about that!!! You can tell by her picture above that she is in need of one

Kevin's Birthday Cake

Kevin had a big time at his party on Sunday!! He is so sweet and cute!!!


Denise said...

Such cute pictures, love you.

Donetta said...

Bliss...Your just in bliss:)

Donna said...

What cute kids! Makes me wish I were a great-grandma (except that none of my grands is wise enough to make a good parent yet).

Denise said...

I hope Nancy has a wonderful birthday. Wish I could be there to celebrate with her. Please give her a great big birthday hug for me. I love you both.

Mary said...


Please give Nancy a hug and tell her I send Happy Birthday wishes her way.

The photos are great. I love seeing all of these babies with their great-grandma.

I do hope Nancy's appointment tomorrow is a good one.

Love and blessings,

Julie said...

Happy birthday Nancy!!!! Hope you have a great birthday.
Loved all the pictures of your family.

Hootin' Anni said...

Weird...blogger comments told me I had a duplicate action just now....Hmmmm, gremlins.

Okay, so before this I did type that you have a gorgeous family and that you looked so proud! Wonderful photos.

And a belated happy birthday to Kevin.

Hootin' Anni said...


And I forgot to add the 2nd time around a happy birthday wish to Karen too.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I wish that I had known today was Nancy's birthday!! I would have sent her a card!! I know how much she loves them...Tell her happy birthday. I have been praying for both of you..Hopefully you are both doing well.
Blessings, Sandy

Glo said...

A "BIG" Happy Birthday to Nancy. You look like your in heaven with all the grand kids. They are so cute. Loved all the pictures.

Went back to the doctor today. More pills,rest and wait. Hope this works. I'm so tired of feeling bad.

Love & {{Hugs}}

Sandi said...

I'm back from my mission trip and catching up. I just had to stop and say Happy Birthday to Nancy.
Happy Birthday Sweety.