Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pictures of the Party!

Just click on these pictures to make them larger!

I had a wonderful party!!!!!
Sarah and Kelly

Jackie and Grams

Grams and Glo

I got to meet Glo and her husband Mike! They are really nice people!! I so enjoyed meeting them!!! We plan a get together again! Mike is going to do a cookout!!

The Cake and the mints

Karen has lost 91 pounds

Mary and Torri

The beautiful mints that Joan made for my party!!
They tasted good too!!!

Grams and Glo!! Is she a sweetheart!!! What a treat to meet Mike and Glo!!

Nancy and Cinda

My cousin Betty holding Valerie and Betty's daughter Mary

Becky Sarah Lilly Bill and Jake

Grams, Jey, Sofia ,and and the great-grand kids

Karen and Jackie

Glo Grams Karen and Valerie

Grams and the beautiful cake mints and roses!!!

Grams and Glo

Pictures of Grams when she was young!

The table was beautiful

Thanks Karen and Kelly for a wonderful party!! Thanks to every one who came and helped me enjoy a wonderful 70th Birthday!!!


livedigital said...

MOM.. yeah.. I've lost the weight, but what is THAT picture doing in the middle of your birthday blog?!?!?!


Denise said...

Everything looked so lovely sweetie. I love the beautiful cake. Your family are all so precious. Congrats to Karen for the major weight loss, she looks very nice. You looked so happy, I am glad you and Glo got to meet. You deserved to enjoy this day, I love you.

Barbara H. said...

Everything looks so lovely!

You look like you'd be a fun person to get to know.

Sandi said...

I'm glad you had a great time. The cake looks beautiful.

Linda said...

You did have a wonderful party!! The cake is beautiful and what a treat to have homemade mints. What a special gift getting to meet a fellow blogger. I'm sure you two bonded in many ways. I also enjoyed the pictures of the younger Grams. You have a lovely family.

Happy "70th" Birthday Grams!!!!

{hugs} Linda

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Grams!
Thanks for the heads up on all your birthday photos. You looks super! And I can tell by all the photos that it was a day to remember.

Meeting Glo and Mike, having the beautiful cake, the grandkids and the great grandkids....and I LOVE the photo you shared of all the pictures when you were little/younger! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

excellent post I will read it in the future ,This is really beautifully. I want you all the best

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey what a fun time it looks like you all had. So glad that you and Glo got to fun!! You are so fortunate to have such sweet kids to do this for you.
Congrats on karen's weight loss..wish that i could do that.

Melli said...

Oh WOWWWWWWW! Looks like you guys had a FABULOUS time! You and Glo both look SO happy to have met each other! I LOVE meeting blog friends! And how GREAT that you got to meet her at your birthday party! That just makes it SOOOO special! And your CAKE - gorgeous! The FLOWERS - gorgeous! The MINTS! How sweet! Carolyn - you were WELL celebrated! HAPPY HAPPY 70th!!!

Mary said...


I am so glad you got to meet Glo and Mike and what a beautiful birthday party the girls put on for you.

The photos of you as a girl are delightful and the table is gorgeous.

Hubby and I met Carole and Steve and it was a wonderful time. It was like old-home week. We felt like we had known each other for years. How wonderful that we could both meet blogging friends on the same weekend. Photos to come.

Karen, congratulations on losing all that weight. You are looking great. What will power that must have taken.

Take care and many blessings to you and all of your loved ones.


Lazy Daisy said...

Happy 70th Grams....sorry I missed your party but it looks like you were properly celebrated! How wonderful to be the center of attention and we all know you are the center of the family. You glow girl....many more birthday's to come.

Renie Burghardt said...

Beautiful pictures, Grams. What a great birthday celebration, with family and friends, and a luscious cake and mints. And we got to see you and Glo!

May you celebrate many, many more wonderful birthdays, Carolyn.

Hugs and Blessings,


Love Bears All Things said...

Whoops! How did I miss this? Happy Birthday! I see the comment from Karen over there. She wasn't ready for us to see the new Karen.
Mama Bear

Glo said...
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Glo said...

Ya know I always have my mouth open... Can't wait til we get together again.

Love & God bless

If you saw the news last night. The Johnny Kincaid that is missing is Mike's brother. We're not sure what happened.We do know a lot of the truth is not being told. Please just pray for him and a safe return. I won't be on for a day or two,because all this.


You look fabulous for 70! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GRAMS!

Blessings and many hugs!

Jane said...

YUM! The cake was delicious. What a lovely party and, may I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Grams, you do NOT look 70. That's awesome. I know you had a wonderful day.